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    Reading , books about WWII and everything who interst me , WWII history , and I have adopted the grave of 13 american soldiers the Cemetry colleville sur mer I am proud to honour their memory. music nostalgic of the years 40 , and loves of my life my 3 sons and my dog

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  1. Go Normandie

    it is natural fertilizer with a mixture of fiber, cork and sand
  2. Go Normandie

    J-1 and go Normandy... To honor the memory of my 13 soldiers that I flowered the graves
  3. what a remarkable young man ... & he's cute too! when he smiles his face just lights up! What a great example for others! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xm7uZIHmXE0
  4. An inspiration to all !! http://qpolitical.com/when-letterman-read-a-list-of-this-marines-injuries-his-response-left-the-whole-room-silent/
  5. I say thank you for fighting for our freedom. God Bless of you
  6. A gift was given Thursday unlike any other. Catherine Wallace, 90, was given her late husband’s dog tag from World War II. ... http://on.aol.com/video/70-years-later--widow-given-husbands-wwii-dog-tag-found-in-france-518689194
  7. If a Marine won't answer it, you know it's a loaded question!!
  8. Today is the 70th anniversary of the battle of Iwo Jima On the fifth day of battle, one of the most historic events of World War II took place. On February 23rd, the 48-star American flag was raised on Japanese soil for the first time atop Mt. Suribachi. Joe Rosenthal’s photograph of the second, larger flag to be raised that day became an iconic image and the most recognized symbol of WWII American heroism. Thank You For Your Services & Sacrifice.
  9. Well we know who the boss is on the play ground 
  10. Unbroken - Official Trailer

    I went to see the film this Saturday !! Superb film, I think, is among the best films of guerre.Puissant, a moving story, violent ... sometimes I would have wanted to give some shots to crazy Japanese. Love the song love the film even more !!

    kiss of freedom


    I love this pictures !!