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  1. NephewOfArthur

    Margraten Cemetery Project

    Good evening! I'm not sure exactly which forum for which this is most appropriate, so I settled on here. A young man from the Netherlands is undertaking a project to research the lives of the World War II Soldiers buried at Margraten Cemetery, Netherlands. My own great-grand-uncle is buried there, so I figure there may be a few others in this forum who may be interested, too. He's looking for photos and stories of the Soldiers to compile. Our local paper did a news story on the project: http://www.mlive.com/business/west-michigan/index.ssf/2015/05/netherlands_cemetery_looking_f.html#incart_river. The story includes a link to the forum where you can submit your stories and photos, plus an e-mail address to contact the research group. If you know of a researcher with or outside this forum who may be interested in such a project, please pass the message along! Kind regards, Doug
  2. NephewOfArthur

    208th Combat Engineers

    Hi, Tony, Unfortunately, no- I tried sending a couple inquiries to folks who may have been children or grandchildren, also from the platoon, but received no replies. Admittedly, since this Spring, most of my research has been put on the "back burner" since the weather got nice and I could finally get outdoors for good chunks of the day (my wife and I run a small hobby farm here in Michigan- lots of work!) I'm not sure where to continue searching, as I've found just about all the information contained within my family resources- but if there are any suggestions for places to try next, I am always eager to continue the search! I hope you and your dad have had a great summer- please send him my regards! Kind regards, Doug
  3. NephewOfArthur

    208th Combat Engineers

    Hi, Marion, Yes- thank you! Sorry for the err! Kind regards, Doug
  4. NephewOfArthur

    208th Combat Engineers

    Hi, Tony, I (unfortunately) never personally knew Art, and I feel enough time has passed that Art's tale would do more to honor his service than stir up unhappy memories here. Most importantly, though, is your father and his feeling about the stories- I absolutely don't want to cause him any discomfort or dig up memories he'd rather not revisit. My e-mail address is (removed for security measures), if your father is willing to share his experiences, but I understand fully and completely support the decision if he chooses to let the memories be. Either way, please express to your father my thanks, both for sharing what he has shared, and for his service (especially now, so close to Memorial Day). He's been in my thoughts this past weekend, and I wish him and you all the best! The pictures are absolutely priceless and should be cherished and saved as such! Kind regards, Doug
  5. NephewOfArthur

    208th Combat Engineers

    Hello, Jean, and thanks for reading! Unfortunately, I don't have the answers to your questions- much of my work lately has been discovery- an appropriate tribute, I hope, to one of the greatest generation. As I learn more, I'll certainly share with the community! Kind regards, Doug
  6. NephewOfArthur

    208th Combat Engineers

    Got it! I'll post these here, then, and they'll be down from the Flickr site soon. Thanks, Marion! Doug
  7. NephewOfArthur

    208th Combat Engineers

    Good morning, Tony, I received Art's documents in the mail a couple days ago and digitized them for upload. I couldn't figure out how to embed an image into the forum, so I uploaded them to flickr- they can be viewed at the album here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/124725250@N02/sets/72157644747236831/. There are condolence letters from Art's CO, the chaplain, and the war department, plus Art's prayer card from his funeral. These are courtesy of my great grand-aunt (Art's sister) and grand-aunt (Art's niece). Again, wish your dad my best! Kind regards, Doug
  8. NephewOfArthur

    208th Combat Engineers

    Hi, Tony! I'm sorry to hear your dad is feeling ill- send him my best wishes for a speedy recovery! If you or your dad are interested in seeing them, my great aunt (Art's niece) has the original papers and letters Art's chain-of-command sent back after his death in Germany, and she offered a copy to me. I don't know if they'd be of any interest to your dad, but let me know if so, and I can forward copies to you as soon as I get them! All the best to your dad!! Kind regards, Doug
  9. NephewOfArthur

    208th Combat Engineers

    Hi, Tony, I have to tell you, I've had more interest from the far corners of my family in Uncle Art's stories and finding your dad than I can ever remember all of them being interested in at the same time. My grandfather, in particular, had very similar things to say about Art that your dad did- that he was an incredibly congenial man who was generally well-liked by just about everyone. I'd love to hear about some of the projects your dad and Art had the chance to work on in the 208th and some of the places they had the opportunity to visit! I've read a few things here and there, and I read through the uploaded battalion journal of the 208th quite thoroughly, but there is nothing like true anecdotes to add the color to the tale that really has meaning! I forwarded what your dad had to say about my Uncle Art to my family. I do not doubt that they are very, truly grateful for his kind thoughts and memories of Art, and as they get a chance to read it and reply, I'll forward those replies to you, too! The pictures you have uploaded already are absolutely fantastic! Do you know if any of the men are Art (except for the picture that is already labeled?) Thanks again! Kind regards, Doug
  10. NephewOfArthur

    New Member- 208th EN from Art Bushon

    Hi, Colin, Thanks for the resource! I should've looked for a research community a long time ago- being here has been very helpful! Thank you, too, for the kind welcome! Kind regards, Doug
  11. NephewOfArthur

    208th Combat Engineers

    Tony, That would be fantastic! I wish I had more detail myself, but all the information I have of him is from my Great-Grandmother (Art's sister), and unfortunately all she knew of his service was that he was killed in quicksand over there. I wish she were around today- I don't believe she had seen any wartime photos of him (or had seen what he looked like at all once he left home). Nonetheless, the pictures and stories mean a lot to my family, and thank you very much for sharing them. Please thank your dad for me, both for his memories and for his service! Kind regards, Doug
  12. Hello, VI Corps Combat Engineers Forum! I am the great-great grandnephew of 208th ECB's Arthur (Art) Bushon. He was a KIA in Europe and had no offspring, so I'm doing what I can to keep his role in our family's history preserved. In the short hour I've been a member, I've already found a couple pictures, which is two more than the "zero" I had before- Thank you! Both my wife and I are army officers- she's an engineer and was stationed in Germany (Mannheim, then Schweinfurt) for awhile, and I'm an FA guy, so our interest goes even farther beyond genealogical. As most of you probably already know, there is a very strong sense of tradition and historical respect in the Europe-based units, and it's humbling to discover my ancestors' role in building that history. I look forward to meeting you all- thanks for all you do! Kind regards, Doug Halleaux
  13. NephewOfArthur

    208th Combat Engineers

    Good morning, Anthony, My Great-great uncle is Arthur (Art) Bushon, the third name listed in your photograph. This is the first photograph I've ever been able to find of him- do you possibly have more? Was your father in Art's platoon? Kind regards, Doug Halleaux