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    250th Engineer Combat Bn

    Here is a link to a video that a group of middle school students did about Mickey. It's very sweet.
  2. Liberatedbythe250th

    250th Engineer Combat Bn

    I work with CANDLES Holocaust Museum and Education Center in Terre Haute, Indiana. One of our survivors, Mr. Michael Kor, was 18 years old when he was liberated by the 250th. It was Lt. Col. Andrew Nehf, from Terre Haute, who was in command of the 250th. Because Lt. Col. Nehf made the profound choice to help Mickey Kor come to the United States, his life was forever changed. Mickey is now 88. He survived being taken to the Riga Ghetto and was one of 4,000 men who survived the selections made to liquidate that very ghetto when the massacres in the Rumbula Forest took place. He survived another smaller massacre of 500 people in the ghetto, was eventually taken by transport to Stuthoff and then survived Stuthoff - of which 50% of the prisoners did not. From there he was in three other camps performing forced labor. I truly regard him as the luckiest man on Earth. By his memory, his liberation was in April of 1945 near Magdeburg, after escaping a death march from Buchenwald. He was hiding in an abandoned structure, heard voices, and didn't recognize the language - he just knew it wasn't German, so he came out with his hands up. It was the soldiers of the 250th. They cleaned him up, gave him clean clothing, and as Mickey says it, his first taste of freedom, a cold bottle of Coca-Cola. http://www.tribstar.com/local/x2112905496/Holocaust-survivor-celebrates-85th-birthday Although the article does say that Mickey is 85, he is actually 88. The museum has discovered a transport list to Stuthoff that lists his birth year as 1925. He says he can be 85 if he wants, since the Nazis stole time from him. :-) I would like to establish locations for the 250th in late March and April of 1945 in order to "link" them with Mickey in as accurate way as possible. The article I've linked gives information about Lt. Col. Nehf's daughter, Chris Chesley, now living in Chicago. The museum does have photos of Mickey with Lt. Col. Nehf from circa 1945.