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  1. The book in the NYC Library is in their archives room and I believe you need to contact them in advance and make an appointment to view the books. Austin Abraham
  2. Winter is when I'll next have time to go through my Dad's pictures and files. I'll be happy to look for anything on William Jennings Bell and Royal Burdette Langsdon. Not sure I'll have anything as most of my Dad's pictures are of the H&S Company but you never know. The 2 volume album on the history of the 342nd in the New York City Library is a treasure for anyone looking for history on the 342nd Engineers in WWII. I was there and spent hours looking through this one-of-a -kind collection by Col. Roe. Many many pictures!
  3. asabraham

    What I Miss on the Forum

    Marion, is there a forum started yet on the Engineers that served in the Communications Zone of the ETO? My father transferred from the 342nd Engineers GS Rgmt to ADSEC...the Advance Section/Communication Zone and was a transportation officer. Thank you! Austin
  4. Peg, My Dad was in the 342nd Engineers General Services Regiemnt...Hqtrs and Supply Company. Formed at Camp Claiborne, LA. If you can let me know your Dad's name, I'll be happy to check my Dad's files to see if your Dad is mentioned or if there are any pictures of your Dad. Austin
  5. I am relatively new to this forum and have started going through my Dad's WWII memorabilia. Lots of letters, pictures and printed material. I'm curious if anyone else has information on the 342nd Engineers General Services Regiment Hqtr & Supply Company, or the Advanced Section/Communications Zone that my Dad served in.