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  1. Its been over a year since this post. Has any one heard from Roque? I tried to Google his name and look on the 34th ID Association webpage but no new information is available. Kyle
  2. Parnell-H


    Thanks all for the good words. This my first deployment to Iraq and its much different than the one I used to do to Saudi Arabia and Turkey. I can thank my luck stars I am in the Air Force. The Soldiers and Marines here do all the hard work. They keep us all safe. I can say this isnt the safest place to be though. I have had the opportunity to volunteer at the local theater hospital a handful of times. It is a modern day MASH unit. They patch up everyone and them ship them to Germany or the states for more extensive treatment. The doctors here are great. If they can get the soldier or Marine here alive they have 98% chance of survival. That is an awesome number. I thank all the wounded I see for what they have done. I can say its not always a pretty sight but they need to know they have support. Anything I can do to help I will do. Would also like to thank everyone out there who supports the troops downrange but sending notes or packages. We see lots of support from home. Hope everyone is well and will definetly keep in better touch. Kyle
  3. Parnell-H


    Hello again! Its been a while since I have posted on this site. I have been in Iraq since mid 2007. I hope to return sometime next month. I want to say a big hello to Roque, Marion, Dogdaddy, Joe and SgtLeo! Kyle Thomas
  4. Parnell-H

    WWII Tank Found

    All, This was sent to me from a friend of mine. Its about a WWII era tank found in a lake. Paste the below link into your browser and read the story and see the awesome pictures. http://www.englishrussia.com/?p=299 Enjoy, Kyle
  5. Parnell-H

    I Need a Photo

    Joe, Thanks for offering the bandoleers. My address is Kyle Thomas PSC 9 Box 2498 APO AE 09123 Let me know how much I owe you. Take your time im in no hurry. Four or five will work for me. Thanks again. Kyle
  6. Roque, So very sorry for your loss. Our prayers are with you and your family in your time of sorrow. You have been like family to us over here in Germany. We will never forget Elizabeth and you will always have a friend if you feel you need to talk. God bless! Kyle
  7. Parnell-H

    I Need a Photo

    Joe, I would love a handful of those bandoleers. I need to get as much Garand gear as I can before it gets too hard to find. Thanks, Kyle
  8. Parnell-H

    34th Divn. Assoc.

    Roque, By no means hurry... You need to take care of your wife.. Believe me I can wait.. Please give Elizabeth our best for a speedy recovery. God bless you both!! I will send off for the book this weekend. Thanks so much for putting in a good word for me. Kyle
  9. Parnell-H

    Marion's Collection

    So Marion where do you keep it all? Kyle
  10. Parnell-H

    Dogfaces Who Smiled Through Tears

    Thanks all for the help. I will get ahold of him today!!!! Kyle
  11. Parnell-H

    Major Winters honorary citizen Eindhoven

    That was a very heartfelt gesture!! You hear the emotion in his voice as he was talking. These people overhere will never forget!!!! Kyle
  12. Parnell-H

    34th Divn. Assoc.

    Roque, Did you happen to let the vets see the book I sent you? Did it bring back any memories? Do I need to send you an envelope so you can mail it back? Take Care, Kyle
  13. Parnell-H

    Lest they be Forgotten

    Great site!!! I will be ordering my set soon. Thanks!!!!!!! I also sent the link to the members of my history group.. Kyle
  14. Parnell-H

    Dogfaces Who Smiled Through Tears

    Tried several time to reach Mr. Gordon via e-mail with no success. I used the e-mail that Marion listed. Is that correct? Help! Kyle