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  1. mec1945

    Another New Guy Here

    Hello, my name is Nicholas Hopper and I'm here in the Great ol' Pacific Northwest. I've always had a deep interest in World War II, though I did not have any family members that was in the service during WWII. (the closet would have been my Grandfather during the Korean War but he was medically discharged before he went anywhere.) My main interest is the European theatre mainly in the 7th Army and the 4th Inf. Div. My very first WWII uniform I purchased was a complete 7th Army corporal Class A uniform. Since then my collection has grown to encompass all different stuff including a 1945 Willy MB jeep. At the moment I'm trying to dig up information on a gentleman that was in the CBI theatre of operation. Years ago I purchased a huge collection of over 300 + letters from an antique store. These letters were written from the gentleman to his wife. These are all his letters from when he joined the army until he came home. What a collection. So my focus is to learn as much as I can about the person and hopefully try to locate any and all paperwork about this person. I've been reading through a lot of the post and there seems to be a great group of people here with lots of info. I look forward to talking with all of you. Nick Hopper
  2. mec1945

    Happy Birthday Mec1945 and Art's Daughter

    Thanks! It was a great day. Finished putting my WWII jeep body back together. What a great present to me! After 12 years of owning it, it is finally coming together. Here is a link to some of my photos of the work I am doing: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/fbx/?set=a.1660138738788.2078034.1096741238&l=c00a9eefcd It is has been a learning and trying time starting with the body in about 10 pieces and rebuilding it from that. It turned out great!
  3. mec1945

    Nadal Malik Hasan

    Couldn't agree more with Colonel Allen West. I can't believe where I country is going. We can't feel safe in our own country and those in D.C. aren't doing anything about it. Just terrible!!!!
  4. mec1945

    Documentary - No Bridge Too Far

    Thank you so much for letting me be a part of this! I have been practicing my lines off and on this week so that I'm ready to record this weekend. Thanks again M!!!
  5. This is very sad, Papa Art had sent me some really nice emails telling me how he and his wife had met and really uplifted me in my relationship with my wife. I only met him via emails, but I knew he was a very kind person. My heart goes out to his family. Take care Art and God speed.....
  6. Nothing fancy and still working on it but here is our new site for our group: Military Equipment Collectors Living History Group. The neat thing about our group we are not just based around one single unit. We allow anyone in the Pacific Northwest that has their own impression to join. We do mostly displays around the area. We also are looking for people that are military vehicle collectors and just plain history buffs. Anyone interested in military history can join! Here is the site addres: http://meclhg.x10hosting.com/ Also we just got up and running our forum which there is a link on the site. You do not have to be a member of the group to join the forum. It is open to anyone interested in military history. Thanks for checking it out.
  7. Yes I just found out the server has being going up and down all day today. They made some updates and things crashed. Go figure. Just checked at this time and is working but that may change.
  8. mec1945


    Thanks DD for the info. I'll have to check that out.
  9. mec1945

    What I'm Thankful For

    I will second that!! And I raise my glass to all the vets out there for what they have done for us!
  10. Welcome abaord Janet!!!

  11. mec1945

    How to Hide an Aircraft Factory

    Great photo!! The same was done to the Boeing factory in Seattle.
  12. mec1945

    Hi all, I'm pjo

    Glad to have you aboard PJO. Have fun navigating the site. Lots of great info and people here!!
  13. Well today I spent the day around World War II canvas. What a smell!! We are getting ready for our yearly military history display and my buddy picked up a small wall tent (1942) and a large wall tent (1944) - The Large wall tent was for free w/poles Though it has a few rips and holes in it. No big deal. So today we pulled them out and took a look at them. The large wall we hand to put all new guide lines on it and fix the ridge pole as someone cut it in half So we got it all fixed up and decided we needed to put it up. What a job that was!! That tent is about 14' by 15' and 12' tall!!! What a task. Got it up and then just lounged under it. It was great!!! Wish I had my camera with me, I would have taken a pic of it. Just thought I would share. It sure was a blast and was great to be doing something I enjoy instead of being stuck at work.
  14. mec1945

    VI Corp MP

    Thanks for that info Marion, I have been looking for a palce to host my site. I'll check them out.
  15. mec1945

    VI Corp MP

    Funny had to copy and past the link in the web browser to work. Weird... Anyway, great site Larry!
  16. mec1945

    Hello from the son of a 6th corp MP

    Welcome aboard Larry!! Glad to see you made it to the board. Hopefully we can be of service to you here and look forward to any and all update about new info you may find. Please keep us informed and maybe we can help you fill in any gaps. Welcome aboard!!!
  17. mec1945

    Hello! Airborne Engineer here.

    Welcome aboard!! Glad to have you here. I would love to hear whatever you have to say about your experiences.
  18. mec1945

    CIB's being awarded to com engs

    Great work Marion!!!!!
  19. I have always had an interest in World War II combat medics and have been working on putting together a medic impression. So I turned to you our wonderful vets and would like to know if you have any memories you would like to share about a medic you may have known during the war. Anything good or bad, would love to hear what you have to say about them. Thanks!!!
  20. mec1945

    7th Army uniforms

    Hey Steve, The buttons are only allowed for officers per the info I have found. Even today they are allowed for engineer officers. I do plan on adding more to the website some day. I have a closet full of items. What do you have? I would be more than happy to add other collectors items to the site. I started the online museum since I cannot afford a store front approach so this was the next option, a lot cheaper!!!!
  21. mec1945

    7th Army uniforms

    Here are a couple links to some pics of 7th army stuff I have. This is a link to my main page of my 'online' museum. This was my first uniform in my collection that my wifey bought for me when we were dating http://thor.prohosting.com/hopp1945/online...emuseumwwii.htm Second link is to some officer's jackets I have. Top one is 7th Army LT R.R. Reid and I believe the second (the engineer jacket) had a 7th army patch on it at one time but do not have it handy to look at: http://thor.prohosting.com/hopp1945/wwiiof...icersclassa.htm Just thought I would share these with you guys.
  22. mec1945

    Letter Preserving Tips

    Great Link WD. I have a box of about 300 letter I found at an antique store from a gentleman that served in the CBI theater. The letters are from when he left home to when he returned. Without looking I believe they start in1 944 and end in early 1946. Good ideas on what I can do with them now.
  23. mec1945

    Nazi intent for America in WWII

    Maybe if Adolf didn't think to far in advance and more about the stuff at hand, maybe things would have been different. To think that they would occupy the USA
  24. mec1945

    ID this uniform

    Thanks Marne for the info!