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    Vosges mountains - France
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    36th Texas Divsion for the sacrifice they do, to can live in peace in Europe
  1. Hi Marion Thanks you to share it with all, we spent a wonderful moment with Lawson and his group.... Gerome
  2. About the casaulties, there is a mistake. In fact the number of casualties for the 442 is : October 1944 : 117 KIA 16 to 31 october, 639 WIA 16 to 31 october, 18 Injured in Action 16 to 31 october, 40 MIA 16 to 31 october Total : 814 During the lost bn rescue 52 KIA during 26 to 31 october, 268 WIA during 26 to 31 october November 1944 : 44 KIA 217 WIA 8 Injured in Action 3 MIA Total 272. Have a nice day, More later, Gerome
  3. Hello Juerg, Very interesting report !! I was very happy to show you and yours friends these battlefieds, waterhole, belly tanks, hills of Bruyeres...... and introduce you Hideki. We spent a nice day. A bientot, Gerome
  4. Hello, Hey, do you know Andy Murphy fought very near of my home, at few kilometers, and won two medals. It was at Cleury, a litte village in the Vosges Mountains, near Le Tholy. Gerome
  5. Hello All !!! Interesting post !! all these towns and villages are in the Vosges - France, near where I live..... Have a good day, Gerome
  6. Gerome

    Nisei WWII Veterans Stamp Campaign

    Hi, Thanks Marion to help me to communicate this message, Gerome
  7. Gerome

    Photos of our WWII Veteran Forum Members

    Hello, Wonderful pics ! I was in touch with Paul. He was always pleasant with, all veteran who left us, miss a lot. Gerome
  8. Gerome

    VI Corps September 44 photo

    Hello ! Oh thanks a lot, you are very pleasant. You know, here in France, we don't want to forget the sacrifice of your brave soldiers, and we musn't forget all they done for us , for our liberty. If we can help veterans, familly, friends, we will do it. So don't hesitate to ask, to tell what you need if this wonderful forum. Please take care all, Gerome
  9. Gerome

    VI Corps September 44 photo

    Hello my friends, I try to send you some pics of this area............ Mary Ann, could you give me your e-mail address ? Have a good day, Gerome
  10. Gerome

    VI Corps September 44 photo

    ..... sorry......... .. I wasn't at the exact place where your father was, but you will see the church. This village is Archettes, and it touchs the town of Arches. If you want, the moselle river is the border between Arches and Archettes. I let you insert these pics on this wonderful forum. A bientot, Gerome
  11. Gerome

    VI Corps September 44 photo

    Hello Si, très bon français ! Mary Ann, I have just sent you some pics on your e-mail address, from the bridge and the moselle river, where your brave father was. I wasn't
  12. Gerome

    VI Corps September 44 photo

    Mary Ann, Felicitations pour ton français ! A bientot, Gerome
  13. Gerome

    VI Corps September 44 photo

    Hi my friends, Thanks a lot for your help for the pics, I will try to find the exact place where was taken this photo. We are lucky, because we can see the church behind the moselle river. I will send you photo of what I will find. To all, I wish you a great week end, from the vosges mountains, and again thanks a lot to all veterans of what they done for us, for our freedom. Gerome
  14. Gerome

    VI Corps September 44 photo

    Hello, I am sorry, I can't see the photo........... but what is sure, it is Arches is in the Vosges mountains, where I live. And at Arches, you have the river named " La Moselle". Last sunday, we were with 2 americans friends at a commemoration of the crossing moselle River, at Noirgueux, neat Remirement and Arches. The father of my friend was in the 36th - 143rd company G. If you can send me this pic, I could maybe find the exact place where this pics was taken, and I will send you it. I wish you all, a good day, Gerome.
  15. Gerome

    Narrative of Events

    Hello My friends, Thanks a lot for your precious help, A bientot, Gerome