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  1. thunder38

    345th engineers

    Thanks all I do is work and lost the site for sometime. I have a pic of him with a motorcycle somewhere he was in motorpool. I wish could find out more. 345th is short on info
  2. thunder38

    345th engineers

    My Dad Stephen F. Baker was in 345th engineers. He lived in Springfield,Mass. He was in the Rome Arno ,North appennines campaign, He was in the motor pool, and went to mine and demolition school in Naples in 1944. any info ,pictures , would be appreciated. I have a picture of him at the beach on the balcony of the red cross club overlooking the prominade with some war buddies. I wonder where that was located. I also have a picture of him with a jeep (lizzie) was painted on hood.The ID numbers on the hood last four I could make out was 5206 any pics of 345th would be appreciated as I might spot him in pics.One of hid buddies was " Bull Nelson" wrote on back of picture Bob Baker email (removed for privacy sake by M1 - too many spammers can get a hold of your email - Our policy is for members to get in touch with you via private messages on our forum. They simply click your username to get in touch with you. If non-forum members need to get in touch with you, they can write to me and I will put you in touch.)