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  1. tiamariawithkaz

    WWII Northern Ireland

    Guys, can you tell me anything about a colored unit. 4192d Quartermaster Service Company. They were in NI Feb44-May44. I believe they were also stationed in Huyton, Liverpool in Oct 44. I have asked for any info from the Quartermaster Museum but they cannot track this unit. They explained that many broke up and reformed with other names etc. Were they part of the 544th QM Service Battalion and was it colored. I get confused they had so many different names but yet seem to be the same units. Ta!!!! Karen
  2. tiamariawithkaz

    WWII Northern Ireland

    WOW GUY'S YOU ARE A WEALTH OF INFO! UNBELIEVEABLE REALLY. Ive been ofline for nearly a week now and i never expected this much info. Ive read through it all, though very quickly as i wanted to post back a reply asap for all you help. I shall reply later again when i get through this amount of info!!!! Thanks from Belfast, Karen
  3. tiamariawithkaz

    WWII Northern Ireland

    Hello, My name is Karen and i am doing research into units who were stationed here in Northern Ireland. Specifically African American soldiers (colored units) as they were called then. Any help would be appreciated.