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Walt's Daughter

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    Walt's Daughter got a reaction from Hippygator in My thanks to Marion for her help in finding information about my dad. He s   
    Thank you. All part of a day's work. 
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    Hi:  Was just in the middle of writing an email to you, when I saw you had posted on the forum. Wonderful. What an interesting history! Obviously, I can't wait to read more about your mom and dad. A great war romance!
    The book sounds fascinating. What better way to discover history, than through the eyes of someone who had been in the middle of all of it. I had actually seen a copy of this book on Amazon. And now I get to meet the author. Fascinating. 
    Oh, I have also been to Conneaut, with my husband. One of my WWII veterans, lived there and we attended the re-enactment with him. 
    Well, looks like we have a lot to discuss. I will post what I was going to put in an email, elsewhere on the forum.
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