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    Glenn Miller's plane

    Glenn Miller's plane?
  2. Walt's Daughter

    159th Combat Engineers Bn WWII

    Advice? Try pursuing my research section first. It will get you guidelines on how to proceed. And of course, search this forum and the main site for other posts (as suggested by Randy). :-) And if you haven't done so already, first obtain his discharge papers, then look into obtaining the service records for the unit from NARA in Maryland. Let me know if you have any questions.
  3. Oldest WWII veteran passes at 112 Richard was with the 188th Aviation Engineer Bn - God bless and RIP!
  4. My first attempt at "video creation software! Merry Christmas! Happy New Year!
  5. A little poem by moi. Wishing everyone here a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Thank you for being a member of my forum and enriching this site for others. Marion aka M1
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    358th Engineers, Company "C"

    Thank you for sharing this with the gang. I hope someone is interested and will buy and share with us.
  7. Walt's Daughter

    540th unit records for you? Inquire within...

    I have a taker for these. :-) Mailing the docs today. However you can access the records from the main site at http://www.6thcorpscombatengineers.com/540th.htm
  8. Hey! When I hired a researcher years ago to acquire the unit records of the 540th, I also wound up with some duplication. I've put these aside and am offering them to anyone who would like to have them. There are not dupes of every page of course, but when my researcher copied them in Maryland, we somehow wound up with extra copies of many of the pages. The only thing I ask is that you pay for postage. If you are interested, please post here and I will be happy to share with you.
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    292nd Engineer Combat Battalion (New Member)

    Rest in peace. Thanks for sharing his obit.
  10. You'll love this pic I just saw on FB. Reminded of this post.
  11. Walt's Daughter

    527th Engineer Light Pontoon CO

    Thanks for posting that wonderful info. I will have to take more time to go through it all.
  12. Walt's Daughter

    527th Engineer Light Pontoon CO

    Received this email from Peggy. Below that I will list my findings as I discover more info. Here is an excerpt from a book found at OSU's online books - page 327 from The Ardennes: Battle of the Bulge ...defending Bastogne, which by this time were cut off from the rest of the corps. The outposts of the corps at Recogne (held by the 7th Tank Destroyer Group) and at Vaux-lez-Rosieres (defended by a scratch force from the 28th Division, reinforced by the 527th Engineer Light Pontoon Company) thus far had escaped the attention of an enemy moving west, not southwest. General Middleton was concerned about his open left flank and as his engineers came back ordered a barrier line formed along the Semois River. On the VIII Corps right, in the area south of Bastogne, reinforcements from the Third Army were concentrating under the command of the III Corps. The VIII Corps tactical air command post, which had been moved to Florenville on the 21st, continued to receive rumors and half-true reports of German forces turning southwest against its front, but it was fairly clear that the main threat was past. To meet the German forces scouting and probing along the corps sector General Middleton organized a counter-reconnaissance screen. Behind this were collected stragglers and strays, many of whom had crossed the French border and got as far as Sedan. What was left of the corps artillery, mainly the 402d Field Artillery Group, assembled for tactical control and re-equipment. Other field artillery battalions, as well as tank destroyer battalions, engineer regiments, and the like, were arriving to reinforce the corps and help make good its losses. New infantry formations were on the way to restore the striking power of the corps and the Third Army commander already was planning the employmenton the offensive-of a revitalized VIII Corps. There remained one more battle to be fought by the residue of General Cota's command, gathered around the outpost position at Vaux-lezRosieres on the Bastogne-Neufchateau road. During the night of 21 December some two hundred survivors of the 110th Infantry fight at Wiltz reached the 28th Division command post. Those who could be provided with clothes and weapons were put back into the line. Cota had in addition the engineer light pontoon company, retained as riflemen over the protests of the corps engineer, a few howitzers sited as single pieces around the village perimeter, and a platoon of self-propelled 76-mm. tank destroyers from the 602d Tank Destroyer Battalion, which had just come up from the Third Army. While the stragglers were being organized, about 0800 on the 22d, German shells commenced to burst over the perimeter. Enemy riflemen opened fire and an incautious light tank poked its nose into range of an American tank destroyer, which destroyed it. One prisoner was taken before this first flurry ended, a rifleman from the 5th Parachute Division. The 5th Parachute Division, it will be recalled, had the mission of extending westward the cordon which the Seventh Army was to erect to forestall American counterattack against the south flank of the Fifth Panzer Army. The terminus of this extension was intended as the line Sibret-Vaux-lez-Rosieres-Martelange, at which point the 5th Parachute Division would go over to the defense. Colonel Heilmann's troops had taken Martelange, the eastern anchor for this projected line, late on the 21st while small detachments reconnoitered to the west; it was one of...
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    527 Light Pontoon Company, photos from Bud Pendergast

    Wow and color too!
  14. My dad's unit worked in the Naples Harbor. Huge undertaking.
  15. Sounds great. Keep me updated and Merry Christmas. Good luck!
  16. Walt's Daughter

    First Sargent Angelo Maggi

    I would start with NARA in St Louis, but don't get your hopes up because of the fire of '73. However, that is not to say you wouldn't be successful. Actually without me retyping everything, I have an extensive Research topic that I encourage every new member to read when they first begin. It gives you detailed instructions on how to proceed.
  17. Enjoyed reading your the page (linked above). Great research. A lot of time and effort went into it and it's very well done. Quickly (more later because I'm in the middle of doing "Christmas stuff"), I am adding documents/links that may shed more light on the subject matter. List of the various types of WWII engineer units and their functions. Naples/Foggia Campaign 5th Army History - Also list which engineer units fought and where http://www.6thcorpscombatengineers.com/docs/5th Army/5th Army History - part one - Activation to Fall of Naples.pdf https://www.fold3.com/image/291745053 Photographic history of the Peninsular Base Section, United States Army : an illustrated history of Peninsular Base Section functions in Italy from 1 January to 1 May 1944 Records of Mediterranean - NARA Engineers in the PBS You may want to perform a search on the main site (search engine on Home Page), to see what else may be of interest to you As far as the truck show in the photo you mentioned, it's my take that they were using whatever means available to them at the time. Not uncommon at all. So I don't find that, that unusual. Heck, they used whatever means necessary to get the job done. It's called being enterprising. As you also stated, they were spread thin. It all makes sense. Not sure if you have seen this yet, nor how helpful it may be. Seems to be an overview. Peninsular Base Section, Italy - at Amazon Hopefully I have not duplicated anything for you, but it may help others who are performing similar research. Of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg, but it's a start... Merry Christmas,
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    Need help piecing my Grandpa's WWII story - 39th Combat Engr

    Morning reports come from St Louis.
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    Twilight for Pearl Harbor Survivors

    With five USS Arizona crew members remaining, it’s ‘twilight’ for Pearl Harbor survivors
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    Need help piecing my Grandpa's WWII story - 39th Combat Engr

    Just to clarify and I hope this helps. Unit reports are gathered at NARA in Maryland. Morning reports are garnered at NARA in St Louis. So I take it your researcher has tried both places? You say your researcher gave you a link? A link to where? Records at NARA have to be copied with a scanner. A researcher has to schedule a date and time at the archives ahead of time, then NARA pulls the appropriate record boxes, then he would scan the info and give you copies. I am confused. Did he actually go to NARA or simply look up info online. Please elaborate. Morning reports are just that, roll call, etc. Unit reports are of four different varieties - daily, weekly and monthly. And they also included after-action reports if the unit was involved in any fighting. Going back and re-reading what you initially wrote, he couldn't have been involved in the North Africa invasion (due to his arrival date), but the men of the 39th did train in North Africa for the invasion of Sicily which took place in July of 1943. Many units, including my father's trained there for this invasion. So that would jive. You aren't going to find much of anything under demolition specialist, just descriptions of what one is and what they do. To garner more info, read the histories I provide on the 39th's page on the main site and the memoirs of the men in the section I talked about a few days ago.
  21. I hired a great guy who was very reasonable. Just got my morning reports within the last year. They were helpful and exciting for me. My dad passed when I was twelve, so every little tidbit is a blessing. I can give you the researcher's name if you wish.
  22. Just for personnel records, you can also check with his county. All returning soldiers were supposed to file a copy of their discharge records with the county in which they resided. Also the local (state) Veteran's Admin would have a copy of his records on file. That is how I retrieved my father's DD's.
  23. The best way to find out is through morning reports.
  24. Walt's Daughter

    Need help piecing my Grandpa's WWII story - 39th Combat Engr

    Thanks for joining. I wish that all my 39th WWII Engineers were still with us, but unfortunately most of them passed within the last ten years, including some high ranking officers. However, as you have seen, we have extensive information on this unit. And there are several personal memoirs on this page, from the 39th. There are also many photos of the unit in our extensive gallery. Sorry to say, but as far as individual history, that is extremely difficult. Even the archived records are unit records (Maryland archives), though they may mention some individuals from time to time. For instance, I have all the unit records from NARA in Maryland, but there are only two instances where he is mentioned (one was due to injury and one when he returned to the unit). However, morning reports from the unit can be found at NARA in St Louis. This is not to be confused with personnel records at NARA. As you know, many of those were burned in the fire of 1973. You need to hire a researcher (or go there yourself), and get the morning reports for the 39th. I received morning reports for the 540th, and gleaned info about my dad, which helped fill in some of the blanks. Very helpful.
  25. You have mentioned a silver star, but I see no indication of it on his DD record, nor see it on any of his jackets. Guess I am confused. I only see campaign stars. If he received a silver star it would be duly noted on his record of service. As far as more research, I would also contact the Eisenhower archives