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  1. Weird!!!
  2. Excellent. Welcome to the forum. Great photograph and so nice that you have names of most of them. I hope others will spot this and see a name of a relative. Forums are a wonderful place for people to share and for others to discover. I have to run, as I have an appointment in a few minutes, but I look forward to talking with you.
  3. Farewell sir. Rest in peace. I did not know this about the man.
  4. I read about this too. Thanks for posting it here for all to see. RIP, sir!
  5. Also make sure to type "258th" into the Search engine at the upper right of our forum. It will pull up about 6 different topics on this unit. :-)
  6. Here's a letter I received from this gentleman: Hi: My father (Dominic Zampelli) was in the 258th Engineer Battalion in Europe during WWII. I would like to find out more information about his battalion and their activities during the war. I've had a difficult time finding anything on the internet. Do you have any information about them or a link where i might find more information? Thank you so much, Dean Zampelli
  7. Tom, glad that Randy could assist you. Yes, so many of us could kick ourselves for not recording or writing down all that was shared, or asking more. I was only twelve when my father passed and took a real passion in his history, but alas I was too young. I thought my dad would be with me forever...
  8. Welcome Matthieu. So pleased to make your acquaintance. So glad you joined. Looking forward to hearing more from you. Thank you for taking an interest in our veterans and the history of WWII. Smiles, M1
  9. Ah, just let my hubby know about this. He is very knowledgeable regarding the Battle of Britain and WWII aircraft. He is thrilled. So am I.
  10. Yes. welcome aboard. Sorry for the delay in reply. Happy to have your here, but as normal (sigh), I am way behind in my forum posts and email! Presently, I do not have any info on this camp, but will look for you.
  11. We are looking forward to meeting you. Can't wait!
  12. Here's the reunion info you will need for Oct 2017 Event has been finalized and you can now book your hotel room either by phone or via online registration. Yeah! When: Thursday, Oct 12 through Saturday, Oct 14, 2017 Where: The Crowne Plaza Hotel - Cherry Hill, NJ Map Phone Registration: 1-877-227-6963 You can now register online too! https://aws.passkey.com/e/49054337 Please state that you are with the "Seahorse Sweethearts" to get our group rate. Deadline - Monday, Sept 11, 2017 Price: $99.00 per night for either one room with (1) King or one room with (2) Queens Group registration fee - none Nearest airport - Philadelphia International Map There are several in-house restaurants/bars. Free parking and Free internet. For further information, please click on the Crowne Plaza Hotel link above.
  13. I'm so pleased to have included a "fictitious" Tuskegee Airmen in The Story of Q. I can't remember if I posted this fact elsewhere on the forum, but one of the characters in the book, is a WWII veteran who happens to be Rachael's neighbor, across the street. One day she discovers his history, as he walks her through his office, filled with planes and men in uniform. She is enthralled as she hears his personal story and finds out more about Mr H and the role he played so long ago.
  14. Just doing my job, sir. Just doin' my job! A simple conduit in the line... So many great people (members) have joined our little family and it is through them, that all these wonderful occurrences keep happening!
  15. Thanks for reading it. A lot of work into these informational posts, and I'm delighted to hear that some folks are reading them and also finding them helpful. When you begin your research, it can be a daunting task. To be be honest, it's almost like learning a new language. LOL! Larry is no longer with us (sigh), but was a valuable and indispensable part of this forum. He was a huge help to me and many others, and his work lives on.
  16. I'm back. The 1280th was NOT under a division. Units such as his (and like my father's), were "bastard" units and served under an ARMY or CORPS. These units were placed where needed and often were attached to other units, such as infantry, as temporary measures. This was something I learned years ago, when I first began exploring my father's history. I was very familiar with the layout of armies, but had no idea at that time, that independent engineer units, even existed. Infantry units had their own (organic) engineer battalions. The 65th Infantry's engineers would have been the 265th Engineer Combat Battalion, not your father's unit. For instance, when the 540th landed on the beaches of southern France, my father's engineer regiment was under the jurisdiction of VI Corps/7th Army. When they were in Italy, it was the 5th Army.
  17. Hi: Just replied in your post elsewhere on the forum regarding your mother and father, meeting in Austria and the book you wrote. Thanks! As I stated there, I was in the middle of sending you and email, when I saw both posts from you, so thought I would continue here... Hi Cynthia: Thanks for joining and for filling in what you know of your father's history. The documentation you received from the funeral home, would have been the same as from NARA in St Louis, so you already have copies of his DD214's. NARA wasn't the only place to find copies of discharge papers, as it was not unusual for DD214's to be filed at the veteran's local county courthouse. Also the veteran's admin would have copies, so this is probably where the funeral home obtained theirs. And unfortunately, it wasn't that uncommon for mistakes to be found on said paperwork. This kind of thing has been brought to my attention more than once, and I also believe that a mistake or two can be found within my father's papers. When you come to realize that millions of soldiers were being discharged within a few months of each other, you can see why this occurred. The out-flux of men was simply overwhelming. As you've probably already discovered, there's quite a bit of information on the forum regarding the 1280th. I will post more in a few, but have some things I have to tend to this morning, that need my immediate attention. Smiles,
  18. Very cool. Thanks for adding this great page. I always say, if you wait long enough, it will come to fruition.
  19. Aw, shucks! Hope everyone had the chance, though, to read the history behind that poster. Fascinating!
  20. 70th Anniversary of Doolittle's Raiders http://www.nationalmuseum.af.mil/doolittle.asp The final reunion for these guys will be held: http://www.doolittlereunion.com/ Let's hear it for these guys! :pdt12:
  21. Loic says he can only see the links, so is giving me the actual photos to post. Back in a bit folks....
  22. Wishing healing thoughts for Capt John Fallon, a very good friend and mentor, and member of the 36th Engineers. John is going through a rough time, and it looks as though he may wind up in a nursing facility. Oh how that saddens my heart. In my thoughts and prayers, dear John. With love, Marion
  23. These are the things that make life special! My friend Loic Jankowiak, from southern France, wanted to do something special for John, so several of his re-enactor friends took photos of themselves holding messages for John. John was so thrilled that he forwarded the email to several of us, along with his comments about Loic's thoughtfulness. This made my morning. ===================================================================================== My French friend heard about my problem probably from Marian. How bad can problems be with friends like this. -----Original Message----- From: Loïc Jankowiak To: johnfallon36 Sent: Mon, Apr 17, 2017 2:16 pm Subject: Greetings from southern France Dear John, here a little email to know how you doing. I got the bad new that you health is bad but you are still on your computer. I hope you will be better in few days or weeks ! Here few pictures of our gang in Southern France who make the reenactment on the 36th Engineer. I hope you'll fell better after it ! All the best, Loïc.
  24. Several weeks ago, I submitted my DNA to Ancestry.com. Well today I got an email saying the results were in. Cool stuff. Among the data, they also showed me dozen of people I could be related to, who had also taken the test. Well I contacted about 10 of them, and then hoped for the best. So imagine my surprise when I received an answer from one of them, within two hours. I AM IN TEARS right now, but they are happy tears!This is edited for privacy, but here is the letter I just got. Praise be!Hi Marion, Your father Walter was my maternal Grandfather's (Joe Finkowski) cousin. My Great-Grandmother (Angeline Poniedzialek married Francis Finkowski) Angeline's Brother Albert was Walter's father (your Grandfather) I talked to my Mom who gave me this information. She would love to be in contact with you as she remembers Walter& Joe being very close.... This is an answer to my prayers. I'm still in shock!!!! She wrote back again and put me in touch with her mother. I just sent an email to her, so waiting... And to top all this off, we live about two and half hours from each other. Dad, I know you are smiling down!!!!