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    These are so obscure, you'd have to have one made, unless you can find one on Ebay, etc. (which is a shot in the dark). I'd contact places such as: https://www.militaryvetspx.com/ https://www.armysurplusworld.com/military-rank-patches https://www.ebay.com/bhp/military-insignia Best of luck. Keep us informed.
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    Wonderful! Wonderful! I feel that we are all one big, happy family here and it's our job to reunite and explore! This is especially true since the numbers are thinning exponentially. I'm delighted that we could help you, and in turn you are helping others.
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    I went through my DUI booklet this morning and do show the elephant insignia for the 363rd Engineer Regiment GS (general Service).According to the book, the insignia was authorized 19 Feb of '36 and approved 27 May of '36.
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    New to the Group!

    Thanks Randy. I have been out of sorts with a severe case of bronchitis and haven't been on the forum much at all. Good to be back. Welcome Deborah. Glad to make your acquaintance and look forward to any discussion/questions that you may have.
  5. John is in hospice care right now. This is the latest news from his son.
  6. Dear 36th'ers: Got the dreaded notification the other day. It's the one you know is coming, but never quite prepared for, nonetheless. It is with heavy heart that I tell you that Captain John Fallon is in critical condition in the hospital and not expected to pull through. I spoke with his son, John Jr, the other night and he kindly asked if I would inform everyone on my list. Certainly. So many things that I would like to write, but know this, John was my first introduction to the 36th Engineers of WWII. At that point, I wasn't sure if my father was with the 36th or 540th, and John helped me sort through a lot of confusing data. Even though we discovered that my dad was in the 540th (the sister battalion to the 36th), he insisted that I come out to a reunion, and well, the rest is history. I wound up not only meeting a ton of wonderful people, but became the official historian of this unit. Lucky girl - I got adopted. To me, attending the reunions every year, was even better than Christmas in my book. Everyone became my extended family and it brought me even closer to my dad (he passed when I was twelve). I so looked forward to every fall, and seeing the gang once again. It was such a joy and real learning experience. I've never met a nicer group of men and women. As many of you know, we've lost the majority of men in the last few years, and John is the last. So difficult to write these words. Breaks my heart and I'm sure that everyone who had the pleasure of meeting John, will feel the same way. I could go on and on, but suffice to say that John holds a special place in my heart, and always will. (photo attached was taken by yours truly in 2006 - my first reunion) Stay rugged, Marion
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    John J. Kudla

    That is absolutely wonderful news. Thank you for sharing your happiness.
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    36th Ike Jacket

    Thank you for your input. It's never too late to add to a post!
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    1346 Combat Engineers

    Oh how cool is this. Thank you for joining and posting this image. I hope someone spots it and is able to give us more information about the gentleman.
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    540th archived records for you?

    Hello everyone: Years ago when I paid a private researcher to obtain copies of the archived records for the 540th, I also wound up with a couple hundred duplicate copies which are laying around the house. So... if anyone is interested, I would be happy to mail these to you under one condition - you pay for the postage. These are various records that you would have to recompile (sort), but I'm most happy to share. Please let me know. First come, first serve.
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    Info on the 1277th - John Priest

    Here's a pic of John and I at my house.
  12. Walt's Daughter

    Info on the 1277th - John Priest

    Excited. Presents were left on my porch this morning from my buddy John Priest, and member of the 1277th Engineers of WWII. He made me a full-sized map, gave me a book called Retracing the Steps of the 1277th, which chronicles his return to Europe to retrace his army steps, and finally a book on the unit, itself. So much to peruse. I will take pics later to share. And oh ya, brought me some homemade honey. How sweet! Love ya John. Here's the link to the blog regarding John's revisit to trace his steps during the war.
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    Info on the 1277th - John Priest

    Homemade honey, honey!
  14. Thank you. Going to take a look right now. Ah, very nice. A lot of work went into that. I will make sure to put a link to it on the main site. Oh I made sure that your URL was a clickable link too. :-)
  15. My buddy Dan is looking for this particular item of interest, so I'm helping him out with this one. Here goes. Thanks! vintage WWII British Mk IV Special T Mic respirator mask
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    Unit Photo Names

    Simple solution - Simply type "257th" into the search box on the forum (upper right hand corner) and it will pull up a wealth of info. Same can be done on the main site. Happy hunting.
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    What the major is up to now

    How cool to follow your career for the last several years. Great to look back, isn't it?
  18. Walt's Daughter

    Unit Photo Names

    Nice! We have info on this unit too, on the main site and on the forum. I hope you were able to find the posts, etc. Can you post the actual photo? Thanks!
  19. These are wonderful photos from this unit. Precious history and I'm so appreciative of all your efforts. I know the family members of the men will be delighted to find these. Who knows, maybe we will wind up identifying many of the men and places. BTW, loved the photo of the trolley car with Join the Marines! LOL!
  20. We can post them within our Engineer Gallery too.
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    John J. Kudla

    Happy to help!
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    It's really a comprehensive compilation, isn't it?
  23. Completely revamped August 2015 Resources at Your Fingertips - Advice for Family Members Seeking Info/Documentation Regarding WWII Veterans Years ago, while still living in Detroit, I began my quest to discover my father’s WWII history. I was only twelve when he passed away, and now I wanted to find out as much as I could, putting the various puzzle pieces back together. While he was one of the veterans who were willing to share his experiences, a long time had passed and those stories I treasured so much as a child, began to fade. I retained a box which held his keepsakes from the war, including photos and army patches; nonetheless, I could no longer recall various details including his unit designation. One of the first things I was advised to do, was to contact the National Archives in St. Louis, but it took three successive tries, and many months before I finally received a letter at our new home in northern Michigan in autumn 2003. Sorry, they informed me, your father’s records burned in a huge fire in 1973. That was it. There were no instructions on what to do next. Was this a dead end? I was so distraught it took me almost three weeks before I could show the letter to my husband. I then began to feel angry and that anger led me to one conclusion; I would not give up and this would not defeat me. I had the Internet didn’t I? Without going into a long diatribe, my research led to a happy ending, even though the path proved arduous at times. However, it is not my intent to share my entire story today, but to provide you with a helpful guide. I’m hoping that my knowledge and experience will facilitate your research into your loved one’s history and save you from all the headaches and red-tape that so many of us have experienced. Note: this article/advice is intended for families of veteran’s who returned home from the war. Also please be aware that during World War II the serial number was NOT the same as the veteran’s social security number. Many people often get this confused. Obtaining a Copy of Their Discharge Documents - DD214 These documents contain various information, such as the veteran’s unit, campaigns/battle info, discharge date and more. Please see this link for further explanation. There are numerous ways to obtain copies and contrary to popular belief, NARA is not the only place to acquire this documentation. · The National Archives - St Louis, MO - This can take weeks or months so be prepared to wait. I strongly suggest going another route first and using this as a last resort. Also many of the personnel records WERE destroyed in the fire of ’73, so... · The Veteran’s Administration - This is how I obtained a copy of my father’s discharge papers. Within three weeks, I had received a copy of his DD214’s. · Court House of the County that the veteran resided in after WW 2 · Many Town Clerk’s offices have discharge documents on file · A copy may have been filed with estate records at the county Probate Court · The funeral home that handled burial arrangements will have a copy if the veteran had a military funeral or applied for a government headstone Obtaining Unit Records These are actual archived records from each branch of the service. Again, many facilities have these records, but it may vary from place to place. Some units, (i.e. infantry and airborne) will have more information than others. Smaller/lesser known units (i.e. an engineer mapping company) may have little to none at all, so there are no guarantees. Nonetheless, my research has led me to discover, that most people are successful with this part of their hunt. · National Archives - College Place, MD - This is how I obtained my father’s unit records. I hired a private researcher who painstakingly copied each document and mailed them to me. While this was not cheap, it was well worth the cost and effort for I gathered hundreds upon hundreds of daily journals, after-action reports, maps and more. Please read the page carefully for it is very detailed. It also explains how to arrange to copy the records yourself. · The Dwight D Eisenhower Presidential Library and Museum · The Army Corps of Engineers Office of History - (If your veteran was an army engineer) When filling out the form please select the History Dept., as your recipient. You may also call them at 703-428-6563. They played an instrumental role in my early research, for my father was a member of the 540th Engineer Regiment. · Fort Leonard Wood - Office of Engineer History Historian, U.S. Army Engineer School 320 MANSCEN Loop, Suite 043 Ft. Leonard Wood, MO 65473 573-563-6365 · The United States Army War College · Center of Military History Other Helpful Links How Do I Request Military Awards and Decorations? · Military Awards and Decorations - The National Archives They will provide the medals for FREE, however, you may have to wait several weeks or more to receive the medals, once they receive your application. · My Military Medals However, if you KNOW which medals your loved one should have, you can also buy replacements for a small sum of money. If you would like a copy of this for your records, you can download the PDF version. This version also contains a short bio and photo of me, plus my website links, for it was written for a friend's blog. Resources at Your Fingertips August 2015.pdf
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    John J. Kudla

    And maybe a family member or friend will see this post and get in touch with you. That is my hope. We've had many pleasant surprises on this forum.
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    John J. Kudla

    Yes, but that is NARA in Maryland, not St Louis. Here's the direct link. :-) https://www.archives.gov/college-park/researcher-info Your English is just fine. I can understand you without a problem. Glad you stopped by. I will see what I can find out too!