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  1. Posting this here for a new friend: Dear Marion- Thanks for your e-mail- I have quite a collection of official photos of Engineers building bridges under combat that I would like to see preserved. Our small 133rd Combat Engineer Bn. spear-headed Patton's 3rd Army from the landing on Omaha Beach thru the final Victory. At various times we were attached to the following Engineeer Combat Groups: 1101, 1117, 1134, 1135; 4th & 11th Armored; 5th, 35th, 71st, 76th, 85th Infantry (wherever needed) I wonder if you have any names of survivors of the old 133rd Combat Engineers Harvey M. Schiller, 36 Meadowlark Rd., Rye Brook, NY 10573 9114-939-4417 Army Service: May 11, 1992 to Oct 21, 1995. Rank: Personnal Sgt. Major, 133rd Combat Engineer Bn Brief Resume: 1942. * May 11, 1942 - Oct 21, 1945 (3 years, 4 months) Served with 133d Engineer Combat Battalion United States Army. Army serial number 32 334 223. * May 11, 1942 - Mar 1944 Served in the US in Fort Lewis, Washington and Calif - Arizona Maneuver Area (Death Valley). * Promoted up thru the ranks to Battalion Personnel Sgt. Major with the rank of Technical Sgt.(5 stripes). He had the responsibility of accurately maintaining the records of all the officers and enlisted men in the Battalion, and the training and supervision of his squad of nine NCO specialists. * Mar 1944 - Oct 1945 (1 yr, 9 mon) Served in European Theater of Operations: North Ireland, England. Participated in third assault landing on “Omaha†Beach, France. Attached to front line troops of General Patton’s Third Army, pushing thru France, Luxembourg, (Battle of the Bulge) across the Sauer River into Gilzem, Germany; Austria and Czechoslovakia. Actively participated in the 5 major battles in European Theater of Operations. (Battle of St. Lo, Rhine River, Battle of the Bulge, Ziegfried Line, Hertgen Forest) Personally participated in the liberation of the “Lager - Aham†Germany Concentration Camp. * Was Certified by HDG USF ETO “by command of General Eisenhower†for appointment as Temporary Warrant Officer JG, June 7, 1945. Refused appointment as it disqualified eligibility for prompt discharge, (the war in Europe was over) and made him eligible for immediate transfer to Japan. * Honorably discharged Oct 21, 1945 with the following 10 Decorations: Bronze Star Medal by "executive order of the President of the US, Feb 4, 1944 for meritorious achievement in ground operations against the enemy", European Campaign Medal with 5 Battle Stars, American Campaign Medal, Army of Occupation Medal, Good Conduct Medal and Victory Medal. Also awarded “Marksman†Medals for both M-1 and Carbine Rifles. * During operations in ETO the 133d Engineer Combat Battalion, consisting of 725 enlisted men and 20 officers, constructed for assault river crossings, enough infantry and tank, “Bailey†steel bridges, inflated rubber pontoon bridges and wooden bridges, that if put together, would measure over 4 ½ miles! They participated in 10 major assault river crossings, under enemy fire from the opposite shore and strafing by enemy planes. They experienced many casualties in removing over 8,000 enemy mines. They had 174 Casualties, 43 of whom were taken prisoners by the Germans. 10 Officers were killed in combat. (50% !) 210 Received Purple Heart Medals and Oak Leaf clusters for wounds received in action. (71% !) 177 Received the Bronze Star Medal for Heroic or Meritorious Service in Ground Operations against the enemy. (Harvey received this decoration) 16 Received the Silver Star Medal for Gallantry in Action.
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    159th Combat Engineers Bn WWII

    Welcome to the forum. We're glad to have you here. As Randy stated, do type "159th" in the search box on the forum to see the pertaining posts regarding this unit. Will get you off to a good start.
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    Robert E Waters 291st Combat Engineer Bn

    Welcome to the forum. I can put you in direct contact with my 291st email list. I will do that for you today.
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    292nd Engineer Combat Battalion (New Member)

    Damn.... RIP!
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    Normandy D-Day

    I ask on this day that you not only remember all the men who made sacrifices on this day in history, but please do not forget all those who were already fighting in North Africa, Sicily, Italy, Greece, etc. Many units, such as my dad's regiment, the 540th, had been engaged since 1942. There were many D-Days around the world including numerous campaigns in the Pacific. Here's to all of them! Thank you!
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    505 coast artillery

    Yes, it's often confusing for newbie researchers, because they are put off the "hunt" when they contact NARA in St Louis. For the life of me, I don't understand why they don't include a paragraph in their return letter, informing people that there are other ways of obtaining a veteran's discharge papers, such as contacting their father's (grandfather's, etc.) documents at his local VA, etc. Instead, they make it sound as though it is a dead-end. NARA is Maryland is a completely separate entity, and as Theron points, they have UNIT records, not individual personnel records. For instance, I too was turned away by NARA in St Louis, then through careful and persistent research, discovered there were other ways to obtain what I was seeking. I contacted the VA in Michigan to get my dad's discharge papers, and then hired a private researcher to copy several hundred documents regarding the 540th Engineers. It was incredible.
  7. Walt's Daughter

    Camp Butner NC engineer units. Trying to research

    Fantastic news. Thanks so much for the update. Wonderful news about the volunteers that assisted you in the latest finds. Can't wait to see the files. Trust me, I know what a time-consuming job it is. :-)
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    Ruben Cohen - 38th Engineer

    Marion's note: I moved this to the WWII Engineer section - This was originally posted in the Research Help Section - Thanks! This was posted by new member "Mack" It sounds as if a photo was supposed to be attached to this post, but none was found in the original post. ======================================================================================================================================= I'm wondering if anyone remembers my father his name was Ruben Cohen. He was in the 38th and is in the middle of the front row his instrument was the saxophone. Even though his body and mind aren't the same when he was in WWII his recollection of things that happened are quite extraordinary. If anyone remembers him please contact me and maybe I can set up a call between two or more war buddies. Till this day he has nothing but the highest of praise and regard for Col. Robert E. Coughlin. He boxed for the army out of Fort Hancock and Fort Dix. I remember going with him to reunions at Fort Belvoir and Lancaster. He also helped organize one in NYC approximately 45 years ago. Till this day he refuses to eat chocolate because that was the main food he ate while serving.
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    Ruben Cohen - 38th Engineer

    Ah, go for it. The more people who see these kinds of posts/pics, the better! Exposure is the name of the game.
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    292nd Map

    Received this email recently and am sharing it with you. Cool map!
  11. Walt's Daughter

    Ruben Cohen - 38th Engineer

    I am so delighted to see this wonderful exchange between the two of you. This is what makes the forum a special place. Sometimes things fall together immediately. Sometimes it takes years, but the bonding still occurs. Warms my heart. Sarge, please note that NARA in St Louis isn't the only place to retrieve info on our loved ones. I obtained my father's discharge papers from his local VA. Please see my instructions on how to obtain information in my RESEARCH section. Hope that helps you.
  12. USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor closed indefinitely
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    Ruben Cohen - 38th Engineer

    Well, isn't this cool! I just love when things like this transpire. If you want, simply click on Mack's username (when you are logged in) and send him a private message to make sure he knows about this. :-)
  14. Walt's Daughter

    292nd Map

    Ah, nothing is ever OLD here! Thanks and welcome. That's exciting.
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    Jack Frank 1142nd Combat Engineer Group

    That would be great! :-)
  16. Walt's Daughter

    Jack Frank 1142nd Combat Engineer Group

    That is superb. How wonderful that both of you get the chance to do this. Please send him my love and respect.
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    Late introduction

    Does put things into perspective. Some days when I'm in the midst of people I wonder, how the hell and when the hell did I get so old. I certainly don't remember it happening!
  18. Walt's Daughter

    Late introduction

    That's for sure. So many names of folks who are no longer with us. We were so fortunate to make their acquaintance, weren't we?
  19. Wonderful news! I am passing along the information, from Carl Stefanelli, son of Tony Stefanelli, 36th Combat Engineer, WWII. He has been through an ordeal with the flu, but is coming out smelling like roses! Not bad for a man over 100 years old. Go Tony. Definitely staying rugged! Hugs, Marion
  20. Walt's Daughter

    Get Well Tony Stefanelli! - 36th Engineer

    Indeed. Not bad for 102!!!!!
  21. Hi: Performed an upgrade on the forum this morning, and experienced a temp glitch, so it was down for a short period of time this AM. Sorry about that.
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    Very helpful. Pics are worth a thousand words and maybe even more when you are pictured!
  23. Walt's Daughter

    292nd Engineer Combat Battalion (New Member)

    Rest in peace sir. Condolences to his family. Sad seeing another one of our beloved WWII vets pass on. Breaks my heart.
  24. Walt's Daughter

    Get Well Tony Stefanelli! - 36th Engineer

    Tony is still doing well, but thought I would update everyone. All the best to you Tony! We love ya! This is from his son, Carl:
  25. Walt's Daughter

    Elton Kelly's Daughter

    Thank you for sharing that with all of us. Love the photo and thrilled that there is also a book about the unit. Hopefully we can find others whose fathers/grandfathers were members of the 316th Engineers.