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  1. Walt's Daughter

    Need help piecing my Grandpa's WWII story - 39th Combat Engr

    Morning reports come from St Louis.
  2. Walt's Daughter

    Twilight for Pearl Harbor Survivors

    With five USS Arizona crew members remaining, it’s ‘twilight’ for Pearl Harbor survivors
  3. Walt's Daughter

    Need help piecing my Grandpa's WWII story - 39th Combat Engr

    Just to clarify and I hope this helps. Unit reports are gathered at NARA in Maryland. Morning reports are garnered at NARA in St Louis. So I take it your researcher has tried both places? You say your researcher gave you a link? A link to where? Records at NARA have to be copied with a scanner. A researcher has to schedule a date and time at the archives ahead of time, then NARA pulls the appropriate record boxes, then he would scan the info and give you copies. I am confused. Did he actually go to NARA or simply look up info online. Please elaborate. Morning reports are just that, roll call, etc. Unit reports are of four different varieties - daily, weekly and monthly. And they also included after-action reports if the unit was involved in any fighting. Going back and re-reading what you initially wrote, he couldn't have been involved in the North Africa invasion (due to his arrival date), but the men of the 39th did train in North Africa for the invasion of Sicily which took place in July of 1943. Many units, including my father's trained there for this invasion. So that would jive. You aren't going to find much of anything under demolition specialist, just descriptions of what one is and what they do. To garner more info, read the histories I provide on the 39th's page on the main site and the memoirs of the men in the section I talked about a few days ago.
  4. I hired a great guy who was very reasonable. Just got my morning reports within the last year. They were helpful and exciting for me. My dad passed when I was twelve, so every little tidbit is a blessing. I can give you the researcher's name if you wish.
  5. Just for personnel records, you can also check with his county. All returning soldiers were supposed to file a copy of their discharge records with the county in which they resided. Also the local (state) Veteran's Admin would have a copy of his records on file. That is how I retrieved my father's DD's.
  6. The best way to find out is through morning reports.
  7. Walt's Daughter

    Need help piecing my Grandpa's WWII story - 39th Combat Engr

    Thanks for joining. I wish that all my 39th WWII Engineers were still with us, but unfortunately most of them passed within the last ten years, including some high ranking officers. However, as you have seen, we have extensive information on this unit. And there are several personal memoirs on this page, from the 39th. There are also many photos of the unit in our extensive gallery. Sorry to say, but as far as individual history, that is extremely difficult. Even the archived records are unit records (Maryland archives), though they may mention some individuals from time to time. For instance, I have all the unit records from NARA in Maryland, but there are only two instances where he is mentioned (one was due to injury and one when he returned to the unit). However, morning reports from the unit can be found at NARA in St Louis. This is not to be confused with personnel records at NARA. As you know, many of those were burned in the fire of 1973. You need to hire a researcher (or go there yourself), and get the morning reports for the 39th. I received morning reports for the 540th, and gleaned info about my dad, which helped fill in some of the blanks. Very helpful.
  8. You have mentioned a silver star, but I see no indication of it on his DD record, nor see it on any of his jackets. Guess I am confused. I only see campaign stars. If he received a silver star it would be duly noted on his record of service. As far as more research, I would also contact the Eisenhower archives
  9. Walt's Daughter

    Free History of the 1051st Engineer Port Constr & Repair Group

    I will send you a private email with her email addy. Do not know if it is still active, but give it a try. Also, thank you for uploading those wonderful documents. :-)
  10. Walt's Daughter

    Free History of the 1051st Engineer Port Constr & Repair Group

    Definitely send me a copy and I will upload it here. You could probably also upload it, come to think of it. Just attach it as a file. Let me know and many thanks!!!
  11. Walt's Daughter

    A Toy Monkey that Escaped and...

    The monkey's fur is worn away. It's nearly a century old. A well-loved toy, it is barely 4 inches tall. It was packed away for long voyages, on an escape from Nazi Germany, to Sweden and America. And now, it's the key to a discovery that transformed my family. The monkey belonged to my father, Gert Berliner, who as a boy in Berlin in the 1930s rode his bicycle around the city. Clipped to the handlebars was the toy monkey. "I liked him," recalls my dad, who is now 94. "He was like a good luck piece." Read more... A Toy Monkey that Escaped and...
  12. Walt's Daughter

    Looking for ANY Vets That was In the 291st,,

    Happy Thanksgiving to you too. If it's related, then it strongly suggested to keep adding on to your original post.
  13. Walt's Daughter

    Looking for ANY Vets That was In the 291st,,

    I'd want to place this link here so we can keep all these posts all together. Think it might be confusing for new readers.
  14. Walt's Daughter

    292nd Engineer Combat Battalion (New Member)

    Thanks for posting! Rest in Peace!
  15. Received my signed copy of the newly released book, Desperate Valour - Triumph at Anzio, from my friend and author, Flint Whitlock. Thank you so much and truly appreciated the mention in the acknowledgments section of the book. ...Slight boo-boo though, my dad is listed as being part of the 36th. Should have been 540th, however... it's the thought that counts. Could see how this happened. :-)