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      The Forum is back!!!!   05/11/17

      Oh my gosh, can't tell you what a relief it is to have our forum back. I am simply beside myself with joy! Many of you know, but just as many do not, that I experienced a severe server crash, two weeks ago today. I therefore "temporarily lost" ALL my websites, including the VI Corps main site, this forum, No Bridge Too Far, the VI Corps Jukebox and more than a dozen client sites... Without going into all the gory details, I had to purchase a new server, then start all over from scratch. I did have backups of all the sites, but it's been a real ordeal setting up the server, then one by one, reinstalling each site. I'm almost there, but still have a ways to go, but just got the forum back online, on May 11, 2017 at 12:22. I'm hoping to have the VI Corps main site back by the weekend.  And yes, I am aware of several minor problems, including the fact that if you hit the HOME button, it takes you to a "screwy" page. What's up with that??? And I'm also aware that you cannot pull up the emoticons, etc. Working away to try and get these bugs, sorted out! 

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  1. I see we are missing quite a few images on the forum now, after the crash. Damn. Will see what I can do to rectify this. Sorry guys and gals.
  2. Happy to hear all this. Cool!
  3. Yes, will be interesting to see how it plays out!
  4. So delighted to see you here, and trust me, I am so relieved to be back online. That was a pretty scary event. Several thought something had happened to me and feared that the site was gone forever. Whew! I won't let anything happen to thirteen years of dedication. Everyone here, including myself, are more than willing to give you "air-space", so you can help spread the news about your site, etc. No need to apologize - This is one hand washes the other!!! A veteran friend of mine is looking to reach you too. He was delighted to read your post. I will put him directly in touch with you, later today. Cheers!
  5. This should be helpful to you. Congrats on getting that accomplished. http://www.6thcorpscombatengineers.com/engforum/index.php?/topic/1335-reference-materials-including-dd214-separationdischarge-papers/ Let me get back to you on your second question. I know I have info on that on this forum...
  6. Oh wow, this is fantastic. I have goosebumps!!!!!
  7. While we may not be able to give you his specific info, there are many links on the forum and the main site, related to this unit. Simply type in "257th" on the main site, or here (top right corner of this forum's home page), to find all the pertinent information. Let me know.
  8. Oh joy, can't wait for this to be released. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sVOzMZ4IrMA
  9. Goes to show you never know what might occur, even after decades.
  10. Hi and welcome. Thanks for posting.Yes, an old thread, but we have a habit of resurrecting old posts with a high success rate. Hope we can fill in some gaps for you.
  11. And the emoticons are now working too, but have to try and find all the other ones I added. Ah, baby-steps there, woman!
  12. I'm sure many of you have already read the ANNOUNCEMENT, at the top of each page/section, but it's sure good to be back HOME again, after a severe server crash! We've been gone for two weeks and it was terrible not being able to access ANY of my sites, especially this forum. Just worked out a few more minor problems, but still can't access the emoticons. Working on it...
  13. Well, holy cow, I do believe in miracles. Long time no see, if right!!! Great to have you back, and it's always wonderful to see new topics. Always welcome here, even though we are a bit biased to army engineers! Was going to put an emoticon here, but it looks like they don't want to cooperate. Ah, back to the drawing board....
  14. YEAH!!! So glad the forum is back!!! Thank you for all of your hard work (and $$$) Marion!!! I was really missing it (after 10 years of being here almost daily!!)

    1. Walt's Daughter

      Walt's Daughter

      Oh I know the feeling. I was lost in limbo. Still need a bit of tweaking, but we are almost there 100 percent. I still can't get into the admin section, but working on it. Seems to be a permissions problem. Arrggh!!