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  1. Cape Cod Military Museum

    You have also made my day. I look forward to hearing from you after you have had a chance to digest all the info. Hope you are feeling better. :-)
  2. Cape Cod Military Museum

    Thank you. It's amazing what you can find when you put your mind to it!
  3. 121st NCB 3rd Batt 20th Marines (son)

    Hi: Please see your post in another section. We supplied you with some info. Thanks for joining!
  4. rick

    Welcome to the forum Rick!
  5. 121st NCB 3rd Batt 20th Marines

    Here's a history page This is directly from my site
  6. 121st NCB 3rd Batt 20th Marines

    Here you go. You can purchase directly from Amazon.com This is a multimedia CD! Have fun!
  7. Cape Cod Military Museum

    I'll keep looking, but I hope this helps you!
  8. Cape Cod Military Museum

    Photo of Charles Bryant -540th Combat Engineer
  9. Cape Cod Military Museum

    Here's a post I found on the forum. It's titled, Camp Edwards 1940-1945 Here's another post that mentions Camp Edwards - please scroll down until you see one by 206thmpco dated June 30, 2009 This post talks about an Edward W Lawson - please scroll down to Jan 14, 2017 Hmmm, this post is from 2011. Don't know if we can reach her, but it would be worth a try, if you are interested. She never did post any of the Camp Edwards photos. Charles J Nuccio (540th) had documentation that shows he was at Camp Edwards from 7-15-42-9-11-42 Found this also: 591st Engineer Boat Regiment 15 JUNE 1942 Activated at Camp Edwards Mass 5 AUG 1942 Departed New York P/E 17 AUG 1942 Arrived in England 2 NOV 1942 Departed England 8 NOV 1942 Assaulted Oran (Operation Torch) 6 DEC 1943 Arrived in Italy 1 NOV 1944 Deactivated with assests to 1185th Engineer Group Campaigns: Algeria-French Morocco, Tunisia, Naples-Foggia, Rome-Arno, North Appennies
  10. Cape Cod Military Museum

    Here is my brief history of my dad's unit (540th), which mentions Camp Edwards Marion's WWII Article001.pdf
  11. Cape Cod Military Museum

    Taken from Captain John Fallon's memories - 36th Combat Engineer Seahorse Soldiers by Captain John Fallon – 36th Combat Engineer During the 1930’s the various branches of the military thought they had their assignments straightened out. Among other things the Marines were charged with making assault landings from the sea. This seemed straightforward enough but as a probable war seemed imminent the army brass realize that a really big landing in Europe could not be handled by the marines with their limited manpower. The decision was made to organize train and equip an engineer amphibian command made up of brigades of boat regiments and shore regiments. Planning went ahead and the command was based in Camp Edwards Massachusetts under general Daniel Noce. This went ahead for a while and soldiers were trained in small boat handling as well as beach maintenance. The first brigade was in England in the second in the Pacific and when the third brigade of the command was being formed the navy called a halt to the project claiming the landing as their turf. However naming them engineer special brigades mollified the navy. The third and fourth went to the Pacific and before the landing in Normandy the fifth and six brigades were formed in England from existing regiments to participate in the landings. Several engineer regiments were destined to be part of the command and were converted to combat regiments. At that time engineer regiments were being gradually converted two groups but several of them maintain their regimental structure to almost the very end of the war with the theater commander having the option of timing. Among the regiments being organized was the 36th engineer combat regiment. It was organized and Plattsburgh barracks on 1 June, 1941. It was a three battalion regiment and remained so during the war. The seahorse shoulder patch and the regimental crest were approved in the men wore then proudly. The seahorse represented the amphibious landings that were planned and the motto “rugged” is from an aphorism recited by many engineer soldiers at that time in barracks and barrooms.
  12. Cape Cod Military Museum

    This was taken from a 36th Engineer's Newsletter that mentions welcoming the 540th Engineers from Camp Edwards, MA. Welcome New Battalions Chapter One – Slides 92-93 - Marion.pdf
  13. Cape Cod Military Museum

    The first paragraph refers to Camp Edwards - Bill VanderWall - 540th Combat Engineer Chapter One - Slide 36.pdf
  14. Cape Cod Military Museum

    This was provided to me by John H. Dieken. "The following is a compilation of handwritten notes made during an interview with my Dad, Henry John Dieken, in 1975 I think. John H. Dieken" Henry John Dieken was sworn into the U.S. Army on February 13, 1942. However, his records show February 12th. His serial number was 37144222. He was sworn in at Sioux Falls, South Dakota and from there he was shipped to Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. At Fort Leavenworth he spent 5 or 6 days, received a physical, clothing, etc. Following Fort Leavenworth he was shipped to Camp Forrest, Tennessee where he was assigned to the 123rd Field Artillery, 33rd Division, “A” Company. This was still in February of 1942. On the 3rd or 4th of August 1942 he was sent to Camp Edwards, Massachusetts on Washburn Island where he was assigned to the 540th Amphibious Engineer Regiment of the 1st Amphibious Brigade. He was assigned to “F” Company in the 2nd Battalion. Note: 5 platoons of 70 men made up a company 3 companies made up a Battalion 2 Battalions made up a Regiment 4 Regiments made up a Division 2 Divisions made up a Brigade