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      Oh my gosh, can't tell you what a relief it is to have our forum back. I am simply beside myself with joy! Many of you know, but just as many do not, that I experienced a severe server crash, two weeks ago today. I therefore "temporarily lost" ALL my websites, including the VI Corps main site, this forum, No Bridge Too Far, the VI Corps Jukebox and more than a dozen client sites... Without going into all the gory details, I had to purchase a new server, then start all over from scratch. I did have backups of all the sites, but it's been a real ordeal setting up the server, then one by one, reinstalling each site. I'm almost there, but still have a ways to go, but just got the forum back online, on May 11, 2017 at 12:22. I'm hoping to have the VI Corps main site back by the weekend.  And yes, I am aware of several minor problems, including the fact that many images are currently missing. I need to access the old server again, and copy the uploads folder to our new server. Evidently (for some reason), many of the photos/doc did not transfer. I am working on this, so thank you for your patience. 
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      Due to the server crash, there are a few dozen people who may have fallen by the wayside, when they tried to register. If your user name appears below, please contact me, so I can make sure to approve your membership. My apologies to any who experienced difficulty from late April through May 2017! Rmb2 rspaw Roger Cooke Pearce Les Lfpre DWBell Sheila Randy Dan M JGSTEIG Medicbear bonno5id Ckey Wayne Buck Melissaharder CHARLES R. JOHNSON jclark 1945 Sherry Greyfriar Ken Glace edwardj20@comcast,net (I strongly urge you to change your username. Forum members should never use their email addresses) Kathleen O'Brien Rongione Skyline Drive agilulfe88 Dissipated Shadow machurtado

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  1. WWII finds vehicle he drove in WWII How cool is this? World War II Veteran Locates Ambulance He Drove During the War
  2. Okay, as of this morning, the re-styling of the website is now complete. That doesn't mean that you won't find any boo-boos, for you may, so if you do, simply let me know. I am trying to visit each page in the site to make sure everything is up to snuff, but you know how that goes. Best intentions and dedication, but who knows, I may have missed something along the way. Now I'll go through and look for dead-links. That is sad in and of itself, for it means another WWII site is no longer viable.
  3. Largest single donation of WWII letters
  4. More progress today. Have approximately 3/4's of all the pages completed. This means the fonts, etc., have been changed. Hoping to have this done by Friday! Wish me luck!
  5. Well, making good progress. Still changing/adding and deleting code as I move along, so if you see some pages that don't quite look just right, then you will know why. We also have a new MENU bar which not only looks nicer but is now mobile friendly.
  6. I think this is fantastic. Happy to have it posted here. It's great to see more history being shared with the world. I will make sure to check it out!
  7. Well, it's been in the works - a revamping of the main site. Let's face it, it was getting old and it no longer matched the forum and gallery. So over the last several days, I've been working on a new format/design/layout. I hope you like it. It's being uploaded as I type, so it will probably take an hour or so for all the templates and pages to upload. Over the next month or so, I will be removing any outdated links, so thanks for your patience. It's a huge job. Little by little we are getting there.
  8. Thanks Chris! I hope you will get some response. We've had good luck reaching out to folks.
  9. I would strongly suggest getting in touch with NARA in Maryland, for they have info on almost every unit in WWII. You may be able to acquire the 360th's archived army files, which would contain reports, map, photos etc. I did this for my father's unit and it was a very successful venture.
  10. Even though the subtitles are in French, this slideshow refers to the 360th. I've translated it from French. His name was Claxton Ray and he was an officer in the US Army at the time of the liberation of Brest in 1944. He took a series of photographs showing the state of destruction of the city after four years of occupation by the Germans and 43 days of violent fighting for his release. Exceptional documents now held by a Canadian university. https://dai.ly/x5c8uu2
  11. Found a photo of this soldier who attended a memorial service in Normandy in 2009. Captured this image from this site, in case you might want to reach them for more info.
  12. The 360th are mentioned here too
  13. Here are three men listed from the 360th who were casualties - The Fallen Heroes of Normandy
  14. Here's an interview with Edward Eugene Bebb, a member of 360th, Co E, 2nd platoon.
  15. Four men listed on the American Battle Monument's site