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  1. Walt's Daughter

    The 517th's Gang - new book

    Listing this for a dear friend in France, Loic Jankowiak. Please assist him if you can. This is a wonderful project dedicated to our WWII veterans. Thank you! The 517th's Gang - Book Publishing
  2. Walt's Daughter

    Interesting Articles

    Wow, I just posted about that a few minutes ago. Then I looked and saw you posted it too. Goosebumps for sure. What an incredible find, and even more incredible that a member of the crew got to see the find. Loved his comment about the $40 in his locker.
  3. They actually found the WWII carrier, The Hornet. Incredible discovery. Watch this video. I have goosebumps.
  4. Walt's Daughter

    343rd Engineer General Service Regiment

    Wonderful and you should find this helpful too. It's a reference guide: Troop Ship Crossings WWII - great site! http://ww2troopships.com/index.html
  5. Walt's Daughter

    343rd Engineer General Service Regiment

    Ya, ain't that cool. I remember that photo. Thanks for reposting for our readers.
  6. Walt's Daughter

    Info on 1017th Treadway Bridge Co

    I'm sending you her email address. Can't guarantee you will get through (it's been a long time), but wishing you luck. That would be wonderful. Welcome to the forum.
  7. Walt's Daughter

    Need help piecing my Grandpa's WWII story - 39th Combat Engr

    That's a tough thing to answer. When I contacted a private researcher, i had her get me whatever she could. Each collection of records, filled in more blanks. You can take a look at my 540th records on the main site, to give you an idea.
  8. Walt's Daughter

    343rd Engineer General Service Regiment

    I can't tell you how many questions I get regarding that. :-) It's confusing as hell, and has led many a person on a wild goose chase. That's the army for ya!
  9. Walt's Daughter

    343rd Engineer General Service Regiment

    Don't let that throw you for a loop. Men were frequently discharged with other units going home. A common occurrence.
  10. Walt's Daughter

    343rd Engineer General Service Regiment

    Thanks. This entire site is a labor of love. Don't fret, see my research post here on how to acquire discharge records, etc. I went the VA way, and contacted them. That was how I got my dad's records. Yes, looks like we have even more in common and the hits just keep on comin' :-) Gotta run. Have to go check on a neighbor's house....
  11. Walt's Daughter

    343rd Engineer General Service Regiment

    I'm actually in touch (or was) with hundreds of veterans. I've attended reunions for at least four different engineer units. I've uploaded countless memoirs provided by the vets and/or their families, etc., etc. To read about the start of all this, please see my dad's page. That was the impetus for this entire venture. Simply began as research into his history and expanded exponentially into what you see today. You would have loved Armonde. He was a gem. He'd call me on the phone and send me cards and letters. Just the sweetest man. I sure wish you could have talked to him.
  12. Walt's Daughter

    343rd Engineer General Service Regiment

    Matt, this was a very good friend of mine - a veteran from your dad's unit. When he passed it really hit me hard. He was a peach of a man. He's also part of my documentary. Armonde Casagrande
  13. Walt's Daughter

    Happy To Be Here Thank You

    I take it you write a lot of songs too. I never actually read who wrote what on the albums. Used to be that I could tell you ALL that stuff, years ago. Paid attention to who wrote the lyrics, etc. Now I have too many other things on my brain, so...
  14. Walt's Daughter

    1274th Engineer Construction Battalion

    Interesting post. Let's see what we can up with.
  15. Walt's Daughter

    Happy To Be Here Thank You

    Ya, if we had a lot of ones we've sold huh? Oh to go back in a time machine. So, you were the (or a) founding member. How did that come about? I just adored the lead singer's voice. So unique. Great band all round.