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  1. Hello and welcome. We have quite a bit of info on the 19th. Simply type "19th" in the search engine box located on the right hand side of our forum. Make sure you are on the Homepage of the forum, before beginning your search, as it will look through the entire site. 

    Also visit the main site for VI Corps. Again, use the search feature there. It will include the memoirs from Ernest Wayne Warner - 19th Engineer, etc.

    Happy hunting!

  2. Thanks for providing the above information and for joining the forum. It's always fun filling in the blanks.

    My advice to you, is to contact NARA in Maryland. This also includes other sources that might be able to serve your needs. I obtained valuable info from College Place, The Army Corps of Engineers Office and Fort Leonard Wood. I now have hundreds of pages of documentation. 

    Obtaining Unit Records

    These are actual archived records from each branch of the service. Again, many facilities have these records, but it may vary from place to place. Some units, (i.e. infantry and airborne) will have more information than others. Smaller/lesser known units (i.e. an engineer mapping company) may have little to none at all, so there are no guarantees. Nonetheless, my research has led me to discover, that most people are successful with this part of their hunt.

    · National Archives - College Place, MD - This is how I obtained my father’s unit records. I hired a private researcher who painstakingly copied each document and mailed them to me. While this was not cheap, it was well worth the cost and effort for I gathered hundreds upon hundreds of daily journals, after-action reports, maps and more. Please read the page carefully for it is very detailed. It also explains how to arrange to copy the records yourself.

    · The Dwight D Eisenhower Presidential Library and Museum

    · The Army Corps of Engineers Office of History - (If your veteran was an army engineer)

    When filling out the form please select the History Dept., as your recipient. You may also call them at 703-428-6563. They played an instrumental role in my early research, for my father was a member of the 540th Engineer Regiment.

    · Fort Leonard Wood - Office of Engineer History
    Historian, U.S. Army Engineer School
    320 MANSCEN Loop, Suite 043
    Ft. Leonard Wood, MO 65473

    · The United States Army War College

    · Center of Military History

  3. Welcome to our forum. It's a real shame that the 207th's site is no longer available. I've seen that happen to too many WWII sites over the last 10 years or so. Think of all the valuable information that has gone missing now. Luckily most of the links including in the above post are still functional. Hope you downloaded the PDF files. I would suggest contacting NARA in Maryland to obtain the unit's files. There information is provided in the Research Section of this forum. 

  4. I am going to place a few links here. Even if you've seen these before, maybe they will help others.

    Interview with Louis Charles Gerken

    Library of Congress - 286th

    WorldCat Identities - 286th

    American Battle Monuments Commission - Frank C May Jr

    Together We Served - 286th

    Battle of the Bulge - states on this page that

    Units at Unknown Locations

    There are many units that received recognition for participation in the Ardennes-Alsace campaign. This is a list of some of those units so recognized but for which I have yet to determine their geographic location during the Battle of the Bulge. If you have information on these, please let me know.

    • 260th Engineer Combat Battalion
    • 275th Engineer Combat Battalion
    • 281st Engineer Combat Battalion
    • 286th Engineer Combat Battalion
    • 289th Engineer Combat Battalion
    • 290th Engineer Combat Battalion
    • 294th Engineer Combat Battalion
    • 297th Engineer Combat Battalion
    • 298th Engineer Combat Battalion
    • 301st Engineer Combat Battalion
    • 303rd Engineer Combat Battalion
    • 304th Engineer Combat Battalion
    • 305th Engineer Combat Battalion

    United States Holocaust Memorial Museum - Building the bridges to victory : the story of the 286th combat engineer battalion from France to Germany to a concentration camp and to Austria : an interview and research report / by Tom Mueller. This is not digitized. You have to visit the library/archives

    Consulate General of France in Los Angeles - 10 WWII veterans received the Legion of Honor in San Diego

    286th Engineer Combat Bn - H&S Company

    Obit - John T McDonough

    549th Eng Light Ponton Co -( mentions the 289th) In the European Theater of Operations it was often just ahead or behind the 289th Engineer Combat Battalion during the months of March, April, and May 1945. At various points it detached a platoon to the 289th and traded an officer back and forth in April.[2] On April 1, 1945, the detached 1st Platoon enjoyed Easter Dinner with the 289th at the Mudau Hotel in Mudau, Germany.

    Looks like there is an available book from librarycat,org - Building the Bridges to Victory: The Story of the 286th Combat Engineer Battalion from France to Germany to a Concentration Camp and to Austria: An Interview and Research Report by Thomas S Mueller - paperback, 2007. But it says it's currently unavailable on Amazon. Library Thing lists it. I would visit that site. World Cat shows it's available at several libraries.  The Ultimate Sacrifice and History 

    286 Engineer Combat Bn - based on a map by Alexander, July 1945

    Unit Citation and Campaign Participation Credit Register

    On US Senator Johnny Isakson's site

    Available at the Eisenhower Library in Box 636 - info on the 286th

    GIs Remember - Dan Evers -Dachau

    Corps of Engineers: The War Against Germany - pg 487

    1944 Troop Ship Crossings - see 44 -10-22

    Obit - Robert J McKean Jr

    Senate Confirms VA Watchdog

    Louis Gerken - via LinkedIn

    Herald Tribune - Officer's Leadership Remembered

    Prof DR George Leitmann

    Obit - John Austin Lepter

    This PDF file on the 549th Engineer Light Ponton Co - says it mentions the 289th!

    Obit Carl W Roggenbaum

    Obit Harold J Allen PhD

    Obit Theodore M Justyk

    Congressional Record Online - speaks of Dan Evers of the 286th

    63rd Infantry Division mentions 286th Engineer Bn.pdf