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  1. My buddy Dan is looking for this particular item of interest, so I'm helping him out with this one. Here goes. Thanks! vintage WWII British Mk IV Special T Mic respirator mask
  2. Walt's Daughter

    Unit Photo Names

    Simple solution - Simply type "257th" into the search box on the forum (upper right hand corner) and it will pull up a wealth of info. Same can be done on the main site. Happy hunting.
  3. Walt's Daughter

    What the major is up to now

    How cool to follow your career for the last several years. Great to look back, isn't it?
  4. Walt's Daughter

    Unit Photo Names

    Nice! We have info on this unit too, on the main site and on the forum. I hope you were able to find the posts, etc. Can you post the actual photo? Thanks!
  5. These are wonderful photos from this unit. Precious history and I'm so appreciative of all your efforts. I know the family members of the men will be delighted to find these. Who knows, maybe we will wind up identifying many of the men and places. BTW, loved the photo of the trolley car with Join the Marines! LOL!
  6. We can post them within our Engineer Gallery too.
  7. Walt's Daughter

    John J. Kudla

    Happy to help!
  8. Walt's Daughter


    It's really a comprehensive compilation, isn't it?
  9. Walt's Daughter

    John J. Kudla

    And maybe a family member or friend will see this post and get in touch with you. That is my hope. We've had many pleasant surprises on this forum.
  10. Walt's Daughter

    John J. Kudla

    Yes, but that is NARA in Maryland, not St Louis. Here's the direct link. :-) https://www.archives.gov/college-park/researcher-info Your English is just fine. I can understand you without a problem. Glad you stopped by. I will see what I can find out too!
  11. Apologies to all, especially newbie registrants... Due to severe storms, my area is experiencing a power outage. It began on the 28 and won't be restored until the weekend, therefore i will be out of touch for the next several days. I'm writing this from my phone, which has no access to wireless, therefore... Thanks for your understanding. So if you are registering, etc. You may not get approved for a few days, etc.
  12. Walt's Daughter

    Devilbiss High School Heroes - Summer 2018

  13. Walt's Daughter

    V-Mail Newsletters - WWII Museum

    VMail Summer 2018 V-Mail_Newsletter_Summer_2018.pdf
  14. Walt's Daughter


    Many units received their patches before heading out, so one thing may have nothing to do with the other. :-)
  15. Walt's Daughter


    Ah, but doesn't necessarily mean that it wasn't it. We'll keep on it. After all, my dad's has a seahorse. :-)