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      We had an upgrade to the system this morning and I had to temporarily disable the theme/colors/look-feel of the forum. The forum was acting strangely and was moving along at a snails pace, so had to perform some tests. After I disabled all the customizations, things improved immensely, so... I am hoping to add our colors back, but till then...bear with me. Thanks!

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  1. testing icons - July 27, 2017

    Testing icons after July update. Seems we are having the same problem. I haven't been able to pull up any custom icons from the past, since our upgrade earlier this year. They show up when I go into settings, but when I pull down the icon menu while creating a post, they simply aren't there. Just the standard ones. Hmmm...will have to contact tech support and see what gives. I miss our old stuff!
  2. Dunkirk

    Here's a review of the movie from a Calgary man who was there when he was twenty. Very touching. He loved the movie and thought it did justice to the event.
  3. Interesting Articles

    Thanks for posting. Always wonderful to see images we haven't seen before. However I have to agree with several who posted, what the heck were they thinking with the fancy font? Yikes. Guess someone wanted to make a statement, but the images are enough. A simple Arial or similar would have made it easier on the eyes. :-)
  4. 293rd Engineer Combat Bn

    So sorry, Joe passed away in Jan of 2016. He was a great friend and I miss him very much. One of the sweetest and most humblest veterans, I knew.
  5. 39th Engineer Newsletters

    2017 July 2017 39th Newsletter.pdf
  6. Castle Courier Newsletters

    2017 Castle Courier MayJune 2017.pdf
  7. 1264th Engineer Combat Battalion

    Had a chance to read it this morning. Nicely done. Wouldn't change a thing.
  8. The Cost of FREE Coffee?

    The Cost of FREE Doughnuts I've had several veterans tell me the same thing; they never did and never will donate a dime to the Red Cross. This is why!
  9. 1264th Engineer Combat Battalion

    Nice to have you back again. I will check out the doc when I get a chance. Looking forward to reading it. And no, you are never too old to graduate. Happy for ya!
  10. Due to the nature of the beast, I often lose sight of so many things on my website. Today I was helping a staff sergeant in regards to the history of 36th and 540th. He wanted to know more about the tie-ins (relationship) of the two regiments. While conducting the research for him, I ran across numerous documents, including this one. It's an addendum from a man named Bill Herron, who was a member of the 540th Engineers (my dad's unit) and their official historian. I had talked with Bill on the phone a few times and he also sent me some letters/documentation. It was through him that I learned how disappointed and angered the men were, after they saw the official book on the 540th (printed in Germany, after the war). I have a copy of this book. Bill states, "I added this at the front of the 540th book - 'Overseas With the 540th Engineers'. This book was not very well liked my many members of the 540th, believe me! Sincerely, Bill Herron" In his Foreword he points out how the "book does not do justice to the accomplishments and experiences of the line companies of the regiment. The many hardships we endured, incidents of our invasion participations, our support of various infantry divisions. etc are barely touched upon or completely ignored..." It is a short document (several pages) and well worth the read, for it certainly adds so much. Taking over the job as historian for the unit, I too often wondered why 'Overseas With the 540th Engineers' made it look like a walk in the park, which it certainly was not!
  11. 292nd Engineer Combat Battalion (New Member)

    Ah, I forgot all about this one. I'm sure it's wrapped up with my several dozen other posters from the reunions. That's a really nice one.
  12. 292nd Engineer Combat Battalion (New Member)

    That is very cool. Love knowing that it's hanging in his barbershop. Great place for it, for it will get a lot of looks. Wonderful gift!
  13. History of 295th Ordinance H.M. Company

    You too. Have a safe and happy 4th!
  14. WWII finds vehicle he drove in WWII How cool is this? World War II Veteran Locates Ambulance He Drove During the War
  15. Revamped Main Site - NEW LOOK!!!!

    Okay, as of this morning, the re-styling of the website is now complete. That doesn't mean that you won't find any boo-boos, for you may, so if you do, simply let me know. I am trying to visit each page in the site to make sure everything is up to snuff, but you know how that goes. Best intentions and dedication, but who knows, I may have missed something along the way. Now I'll go through and look for dead-links. That is sad in and of itself, for it means another WWII site is no longer viable.