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      If you would like to advertise on my VI Corps site, please let me know. However, all ads must be directly related to WWII. Are you an author? Are you conducting tours? Are you a researcher? Prices are very reasonable, for aren't we here to benefit each other? Looking forward to hearing from you. 

      Viewers, please note, there WILL NOT be giant pop-up ads on my site. Nothing infuriates me more than going to someone's site and having to scroll past obnoxious, in your face ads or ones that are stuck in the middle of articles, forcing you to scroll further down the page to see the rest of the paragraphs. They will be tasteful, appropriately places small banners.
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      Attention New Registrants - Please take a moment to read the section on REGISTRATION. This will inform you regarding the entire process and hopefully answer all your questions. Too often I receive emails either asking why you can't post yet, or I why I haven't approved your membership?  Thank you for your time, M1
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      Dear Peeps!  Just wanted to wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving. I am very grateful to all of you for helping me make this site such a wonderful resource for people all over the world. Could not have done it without your assistance. Much love to all, M1

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  1. 309th engineers, 84th Division

    Randy thank you so much for helping yet another new member. I have to admit I haven't been around as much as I should due to several reasons, including trying to make a deadline with my latest book. You are a treasure!
  2. 163rd Engineers Website

    I hate, hate, hate when this happens. Within the last 12 months, I have seen dozens of sites go by the wayside. Breaks my heart. I am trying to get a grant to study this problem and find a way to preserve military sites. I can't tell you how many sites I've had to delete from my web.
  3. 292nd Engineer Combat Battalion (New Member)

    Always something interesting going on, on the forum. Bravo! Gary and Kent, always wonderful to hear from both of you. The Ike jacket is priceless! On an off note, just waiting for my proof copy, Gary. Should arrive any day now. If I am satisfied with cover and interior, then I give the company permission to release the last book in my trilogy. You bet I'm excited!!! Happy T-Day to all!
  4. 1053rd Engineer Port Construction and Repair Group

    Now that had to be a scary job. I would have to pass on that one! Lot of brave guys there! Thanks for posting this wonderful photograph!
  5. TM-12-235 Enlisted Personnel Discharge & Release from Active Duty (other than at Separation Centers) - a reference manual Found this GREAT document while helping someone with a research assignment.
  6. 87th Inf Div in Walsheim

    Hello, I am a private person from Walsheim saargebiet Germany, looking for our club images and movie recordings from entering the American armed forces in Walsheim 87. Infant.Div. ; December 1944 can you help me? Viele Grüße Peter Leiner ============ I wrote back saying this might be difficult and we talked back and forth a few times. He later wrote: Hello Marion, I found out that there is footage of the "Operation Nordwind" from the time Dec.1944-March 1945 from the region Nord-Elsass (lorraine), right next to my place Walsheim. Could you please inquire whether there is some material for this operation of Walsheim? Many Thanks. Peter I told him to contact the association to see if they could assist. http://87thinfantrydivision.com/
  7. Signed dollar bill from Paul McGee - 540th

    Karen sent this photo to me this week. Thought the forum would be a good place to put this, since I could also add her letter along with i. ...On another note, I sent to Luther Hanson of the U.S. Army Quartermaster Museum in Fort Lee, Virginia a photo that I found of my dad's of Company M, 8th QM Training Regiment in Fort Lee July 1942. The photo wasn't in great shape. He said he would try to "fix it" and hopefully get it into an exhibit in the museum. Don't know if it will ever happen, but I tried. Anyhow, I've attached a copy of the photo, perhaps it could be an addition to your web site? Again, it is not in the best of shape and might not be a candidate for uploading. Warm regards, Karen McGee Culler (daughter of Paul L. McGee)
  8. Many thanks to Karen Culler for sharing this with all of us. SAVING THE STORIES OF WWII VETERANS - From Ancestry.com Help us record the story of WWII, as told by the people who lived it. The memories of our veterans paint a more vivid picture than any history book. But with each year, as veterans pass on, their stories are lost, too. Together, we can change that. Send us a video, documenting their experiences of the war and preserve this history before it slips away. http://www.ancestry.com/cs/veterans?o_iid=82781&o_lid=82781&o_sch=Web+Property#submitSection
  9. Long overdue on this one... Dear Marion, Thank you for all your help with Little Minnesota in World War II, now on Amazon for pre-order and due for release September 2017. The book is a reality thanks to you and all the other contributors! All the best, Jill Johnson Little Minnesota in WWII
  10. 285th Engineers

    Received this email a while back... Rob Gottschalk said: Hi, my grandpa was the battalion commander, John Gottschalk. 37th Combat Engineers and 285th Combat Engineers. He was a LTC.
  11. Albert Kapsin - 608th Engineer

    Received this several months ago: ======================================================= While documenting our family, we found this photo of the 608th Engineers Light Equipment Co./2nd Platoon taken on October 21, 1944 in France. My wife's uncle, Albert Kapsin, is in the front row on the far right. He passed away July 3, 2012. The other photo was taken in Naples, Italy of the Maintenance Crew within the 302nd Ordnance Regiment (Base)/3rd Battalion (Maint.) Company K, about 1944. My dad, Harold Forester, is in the back row, fourth from the left. He passed away November 10, 1998. We have an 7-page copy of the 302nd's Roster of Enlisted Personnel at Camp Polk, LA. 1942. If you would like a electronic copy via email, please let us know and we will share. We really have no other way of doing so except us keying in all that information into Ancestry or Fold3. That's a lot of typing... James
  12. VI Corps Rest Center

    Marion, I was trying to find out a little more info on the 6th Corps Rest Center and I saw your posting regarding the pamphlet you purchased on Ebay. I have one too. At the end of the war my Dad was assigned temporary duty for a short period of time at the rest center. I’m not sure if you have seen pictures of the Excelsior Hotel but I have attached some copies of information cards about the hotel. Hopefully this will be like putting a name and a face together. I have some other copies of pamphlets if you would like to see them. Andy
  13. 1289th Combat Engineers

    Received this email and some files a few months ago. Am posting today... Hi Marion, I googled 128th Combat Engineers. My dad TEC/5 Ervin J. Lochowicz was I a member of the 1289th Combat Engineers. I saw CombatGirl grandfather was in the same unit and looking for information. My dad has a 37 point diary on the moves the unit made. My uncle Pfc. Eugene E. Lochowicz is MIA from WWII. He was in the 28th Infantry Regiment, 8th Infantry Division. I belong to the Yahoo group for the 8th and member of Fields of Honor. My uncle is posted in the Fields of Honor Database. Thanks Ken Dad Army Diary.pdf Ervin J. Lochowicz.pdf John_Howes_Imformation.pdf Pfc._Eugene_Lochowicz_search_history_2016.pdf Souvenir_Edition_Bilge.pdf
  14. 258th Engineers

    Received this message sent to me via the forum To Whom It May Concern: I came across a posting dated March 13, 2005 on your site from a Dean Zampelli asking about information on his father in WWII with the 258th Engineers. The name struck a chord with me and sure enough when I checked the WWII photos left to me by my father, I came across of one of my dad and a buddy he referred to as Zampelli. The photo was taken May 19, 1945 in Leage, Belgium. I would be honored to share the photo with Mr. Zampelli. My father was Dumas Rochelle (known as Rocky) and later served as a Vietnam veteran as did myself and my brother. Regards, John R...
  15. 358th Engineers, Company "C"

    While the name of the site is VI Corps Combat Engineers (in honor of my father), nowhere on this forum (or main site) does it indicate that this is strictly for combat engineers. Anyone perusing my site will see dedication to and information regarding any type of engineer from WWII. Not only that, but we also keep data on units with ties to the engineers. It's all one big happy family. :-) It is interesting to note my data sheet on types of engineers from WWII.