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  1. Walt's Daughter

    What the major is up to now

    Your name in lights, er, well, in brick anyway. Looks great, and congrats once again.
  2. Walt's Daughter

    Info on 1017th Treadway Bridge Co

    Totally agree. Other than chatting back and forth, FB is a waste of time. Whereas with forums, everything is organized by subject matter and searching is a breeze. History does not hold up well on Facebook. I even tried having a 6th Corps page once, but it was a real pain and time wasted duplicating subject matter, so I discontinued it a long time ago.
  3. Walt's Daughter

    1274th Engineer Construction Battalion

    Ah, I'm sure you can appreciate just how precious these are now. Being able to access these 50, 60, and 70 years later are like finding the crumbs for Hansel and Gretel.
  4. Walt's Daughter

    Happy To Be Here Thank You

    One of M1's many mysteries!!!!
  5. Walt's Daughter

    2827th Company C

    Tee-hee-hee. That's our Capt O, proud grandson of a 540th member, and dear friend.
  6. Walt's Daughter

    Looking for a place for my Grandpa

    I hope Slinky will see this, since his last post was made in 2012. I think you should contact him by private message too, because if his email is still the same, it will go directly to him. Fingers crossed.
  7. Walt's Daughter

    American Legion turns 100

    happy birthday
  8. Walt's Daughter

    2827th Company C

    You could literally spend months perusing all the documents, memoirs, and gallery photos on the 36th. Here's one of my fave photos from a past reunion. We had reenactors come out, and had a convoy through town. What a blast!
  9. Walt's Daughter

    2827th Company C

    He was a 36th Engineer. You can read all about them on the main site. He is a 6th Corps Engineer, which this site is dedicated to. Please see their page, and then you can also read all the individual memoirs on the site too. Redesignation In February 1945, the 36th Engineer Combat Regiment was reorganized as the 36th Engineer Combat Group. Thus the following occurred: 1st Bn became the 2826th Bn 2nd Bn became the 2827th Bn 3rd Bn became the 2828th Bn We had our last Seahorse reunion in 2017. Sorry you had to miss them. They were a blast. Looks like I have a lot to share with you.
  10. Walt's Daughter

    292nd Engineer Combat Battalion (New Member)

    That is wonderful news. I know everyone involved with the 292nd will be delighted to have this at their fingertips.
  11. Walt's Daughter

    Interesting Articles

    That is so sad. That's a lot of men, accounted for in WWII. Terrible for the families that are involved.
  12. Walt's Daughter

    292nd Engineer Combat Battalion (New Member)

    Dear Gary, sorry for your loss. That was very sweet of you to look after the care of your grandmother. God bless her for living such a long life. I hope that most of it was very happy. Good to have you back. Talk with you again shortly when things settle to a simmer. Smiles, M1
  13. Walt's Daughter

    253rd Engineer Combat Battalion

    Excellent post and nice synopsis. Glad you joined our forum and was able to shed a little more light regarding the unit. It's nice that your dad was able to fill in the censored parts of his letter, so all wouldn't be lost. I'm sure everyone reading this post is grateful for your participation.
  14. Walt's Daughter

    Sgt Joseph Szvetitz 20th enginers , 1340th company C

    You are very welcome. Love having new peeps on board.