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  1. I knew about them, but it's still intetesting to see.
  2. After pondering this for months, I have decided that instead of currently putting all my efforts into continuing the documentary, I will put those same efforts into writing the book, No Bridge Too Far. That's not to say that I wouldn't pursue that avenue in the future, but right now it's simply not feasible. Why? Well two main reasons - 1. It's expensive 2. It's time consuming and difficult! So...I got to thinking and said, just go ahead with the book. I can self-publish. Also I can't tell you how often I am asked, "Is there an accompanying book and how can I get one?" More later...
  3. I appreciate you bringing these to the front (the front of the topic) again. As you can see, this has grown into 7 pages, and rightfully so. I am absolutely delighted that this was rectified for you.
  4. Great images. Hey at least we know their first names. If you get your hands on a roster, then it might be easy to fill in the blanks.
  5. Yes. he touched the hearts of so many of us. Some through books, some of us lucky enough to have met him in person. RIP, Don. Hard to believe he is gone.
  6. https://www.americanrifleman.org/articles/2017/3/24/goodbye-don-burgett/
  7. Farewell Donald Burgett - 101st Airborne Well another veteran friend has passed on. He died last evening at 6 PM, after a long and wonderful life. I'm pleased to say I got to meet up with him several times, including having the wonderful opportunity to spend a couple of weekends at he and Twyla's home here in Michigan. Also went to several 101st Airborne meetings in Farmington Hills, MI, where he, Don Straith, and George Kosimaki, (among others) were in attendance. Rest in peace, my friend!
  8. Well holy cow, Bill. This is wonderful news. Was your award for the CIB written down within documents from your unit, even though it obviously was omitted from your DD214? As I stated elsewhere in this ongoing topic, the mention of awards to officers from my dad's unit, were actually found in documentation (I have the archived papers), even though the Army argued that this wasn't "legit", and wouldn't approve it.
  9. I have not seen many of these photos before, so that is always cool. No matter how many bridge shots I have looked at, it still amazes me. This post (elsewhere on our forum) is really interesting and even includes entries from a veteran that was there. It brings up the Philippines too. Talk about traversing the earth!
  10. Here's more, including a fake bridge in Germany!
  11. Here's another that I don't think is posted anywhere on our forum. Saw this on FB today.
  12. Awesome. Welcome to the forum. Can't wait to see more!!! As you will discover, (see our RESEARCH section), NARA in St Louis is NOT the only place they kept soldier's discharge documents. Why they simply don't tell us this in the first place, is beyond me. But no, you only get a letter saying, "Sorry...", with no other information. Sigh! You will also discover that unit records are kept in a building in Maryland. These are official archived army documents, that include daily, weekly, and monthly journals, along with maps, photos, etc.
  13. Oh gosh yes. Just found out that one of my best friend's dad, was involved in this. Lucky, he came out alive!
  14. http://www.historynet.com/the-hurtgen-forest-1944-the-worst-place-of-any.htm The Hürtgen Forest, 1944: The Worst Place of Any If you can read through this without shedding a tear...heartbreaking...