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roque_riojas last won the day on March 23 2017

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    Major General
  • Birthday 08/22/1922

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    one foot from laptop
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    Golfing, gardening, vets.orgs. reading. excersizing my fingers with the remote control. Going for walks to fetch the paper.
    biggest thing now is getting used to being alone. Don't like to watch socalled war movies. one foot

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About Me

To date, just trying to stay busy and stay out of trouble. Still with the

lonely feeling, but just met a 71 yr old filly that kinda shakes me up.

Busy with vet. business. Mostly with the American G.I. Forum,(AGIF).

Bright side is keeping tabs with M-1 and 6th Corps Combat Engineers.

Also our 34th ID Reunions. I will say that truly the LORD has watched

over me. at 861/2 still going strong. Just an old dogface combat veteran,

Roque(Rocky), J. Riojas