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  1. After all the above msgs. This OLE fella realizes how fortunate he is to have all you as freinds. I use the word fortunate because I don't

    use the word -luck-. Anyway I have been and seen thinks that have been good and bad. GOOD,knowing all of you through this way. Bad,the years of '42 to '45

    and in that period I experienced discrimination both in the service and as going from grade school to adult. BUT I KNOW THE LORD,(GOD),WAS WATCHING OVER ME

    BECAUSE NOW I AM A HAPPY PERSON,healthy,full of p---and vinegar. Thank you all for your good thoughts of me,ESPECIALLY THE OWNER OF THIS WEB SITE, Seems I

    have talked with her. If I am not mistaken, her father helped our RED BULL Divn. across rivers and thru mine fields. That is why I am here now writing this.

    I talk to much, so THANK YOU ALL FOR, REALLY, me having a happy and wonderful 89th birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Roque"Rocky" Riojas

  2. :happybirthday2:Mr. Rocky From the home of the "World Famous" Ellensburg Rodeo & County Fair,

    and your Pals,

    Dogdaddy and :woof:(Nigel)


    Best Wishes for many, many more!



    spirits up as high as the sky. SO THANK YOU ALL Y'ALL FOR THINKING OF THIS OLE WW11 VETERAN!!!!!!

  3. No, soldiers in the pictures are from the First Special Service Force. Rocky your vitality and your desire to play are great, there is a place where I can buy them? ^_^

    You can not remember the cartel and the Christmas tree of the photo during the Christmas of 1944?


    Enrico-Christmas to us was just another day. I didn't see a Christmas tree till I got back home,1945. No fire to warm us up. Yes I think there was some snow. Seems now like that was one hundred years ago. But I thank GOD that I can still write here. Rocky

  4. Rocky is a pleasure to see you again, I remember what you told on two pairs of socks!

    I will attach a piece taken from the site custermen.com




    I saw a beautiful picture of Radicosa Pass (now called Raticosa pass) where the Signal Battalion, had erected a huge sign saying Merry Christmas and a beautifull Christmas tree.

    Pietramala Radicosa is 200 meters below the Radicosa pass.

    Also right now (I had a leap to the heart) I found a picture of some soldiers, and I recognized the place where I go often to do research. I had never seen this picture before, it's wonderful!

    source of the photo: http://www.defenseme...nte-la-difensa/

    That wasn't us with a fire going. All we had was a coleman stove,packets of instand coffee and C-rations. OH yes,we also had some snow. 1st. Bn. 135th Inf. Regt. 34th Divn

  5. Hello everyone,

    I would request all users. Some of you have maps of Pietramala and Radicosa pass areas?


    Thanks to all.


    Enrico--I don't remember those places you mention. Of course to damn cold on the Gothic Line. We didn't see maps, we just did and went when we were told

  6. Thank you so much for posting the information here for all to see. I wish I could be there, but one of these years...


    I hope the event is an absolute success. I'm sure it will be.


    Looking forward to all the photos and videos.


    All the best,


    Hope to be in Italy on the 19th of April to the 10th of May. AND will take along a couple of extra hankies. I think we were there in '43-'45. Roque

  7. An internet friend just released his book. He had written to me months ago and...




    Well here's the fruits of their labors:


    British link-




    Available in America -


    RZM Imports Inc.

    184 North Street.

    Stamford, CT 06901



    Telephone: 1-203 324 5100

    Fax: 1-203 324 5106


    Website: RZM

    I know a little of Monte Cassino, WE were there (34th Red Bull Divn.)

  8. Hi rocky:


    I moved the posts here to the Italy trip topic, because it didn't really belong with the dog-tags topic.


    Congrats on the progress. YEAH!!!




    Yeah, I quess you're right --dogtags and trip is a little different. Gary Swanson was here yesterday and he got me the tickets on line. K.C.-Rome --2 weeks--back April 17,

    to May 3. Will have to have some handcerchiefs handy, Salerno.Mt. Pantano, Monte Cassino,Anzio and some others.

  9. Hi Mare!! Just a short note. Gary Swanso was here with me yeaterday and he scanned for tickets for us to go to Italy on the 17th of April. He will get them for me via Internet. There is going to be a big celebration in Bologna on the 21st. and Matteo wants me there representing the 34th. RED BULL Divn. And do some book signing.

  10. Hello Enrico I hope this gets to you. Yes I plan to go to Italy on April 17 or 18. Matteo Incerti has invited me to go. Iam planning to go
    to Rome and spend a day there, then he is going to fix it for us to fly to Bologna on the 21st. for a celebration. Then I want to visit Mt. Pantano, Battapaglia
    Monte Cassino,Anzio Volturno River,(we made three crossings) Po valley,etc,etc. This will be a trip of MY LIFETIME. Rocky

  11. I am speechless, a veteran of red bull? Fantastic! I'ts a honour Mr. Rocky!

    Unfortunately I do not know that Matteo also looking on the internet I have not found anyone with this last name ... you are sure of his last name?

    Second I do not know anything about the April 21, April 25th I'll be in Loiano in historical uniform (all original except for the shoes, if I can). There will be some military vehicles and other reenactors!

    I'm curious about what the event's of 21!


    Add: April 21 is the day of the liberation of Bologna, the city where I live, but there are no events for this, is celebrated only April 25, the liberation of Italy.

    It would be a dream to have a veteran to the historical reconstruction that we plan to Loiano (I think that the 34th Division was in the area of Loiano, correct me if I'm wrong).

  12. Whatever you do and wherever you go there, it will all be worthwhile and a wonderful trip. It will bring back all kinds of memories, some good, some bad, but to see everything put back together and beautiful, will be a sight to behold. You will be very welcomed by the Italian people, and also be able to honor and represent your brothers.


    God bless ya Rocky!


    Thank You Sweetie !! They put up a Memorial On Top of Mt. Pantano for the 34th Divn. I'm told. Only GOD knows if I go or not. Hope HE is smiling down on me.

  13. That's on the top of my list, baby!!!!! You are too!!!


    7 am CST, this makes my day!!! Right now I am teying to figure how I want to go to ITALY. There is an Author,Writer there that has written a book and has me in it. He wants me there on April 21 to sign the book , I don't know the title of it yet. But I am trying my best to make the trip. He wants to take me to Mt. Pantano,(Bronze Star), Monte Cassino, Anzio, Salerno,Po Valley, etc. etc. Wants me to stay for three weeks,meals,and place to stay will be taken care of. Of course I won't go alone,(LIZno.2). will tag along.