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  1. I was with the 34th Inf. Divn. in No. Africa and

    from Salerno to

    Brescia in Italy.

    Lots of walking and lots of mountains.

    Roque J Riojas of the 34th.(Rocky)

  2. Fri.27th, 6:15pm k.c. ks.

    Hi Loralyn I was thinkingt of you today. How is everything going. let me know. Rocky

  3. Peanuts, I have always said, I take my helmet off the the combat engineers. They sure deserve the C.I.B. Rocky of the 34th Divn.

    No. Africa, Italy


  4. looks like the moose and the squirrel have kinda created an audience!!

    I believe I was in Anzio when you were born.


  5. Welcome aboard Ken,

    enjoy freindship. Rocky

  6. HelloMarilyn;welcome ! I am Roque Riojas and reading your article, sounds like your uncle was in the 34th. We went in at Salerno and all the way up Italy. Thereis a museum in Des Moines. Ia. that has rosters of the Regts. of the 34th.

  7. Hi Sgtleo! just a note to say buenas tardes. Hope everything is well with you. I think i HAD MY final tussle with Marion.Had to do with themovie,

    "WAR" Told her I wasn't going to write anymore. Win some lose some. Take care. Roque

  8. T4 SGT.Francis Howard, TEN HUT!! Salute-1

    -2, at ease.

    From Roque J. Riojas,1st Bn. 135th Inf. Regt. 34th Inf. Divn.