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  1. roque_riojas

    Rocky with the Bush's

    Talking about Battle Stars; A Battle Star signifies a major battle, No. Africa-Fonndouk, Casserine Pass, Algeria, Sened Pass. hill 609, Italy Benevento, Casino Town and Monastery, Anzio, Bologna,etc. etc.--I think now is the time to write what is on the card I carry. Front of Card Reads-- ROQUE J. RIOJAS 34th INFANTRY DIVISION ASSOCIATION LIFE MEMBER Back if Card Reads-- The bearer is a LIFETIME MEMBER OF THE FAMOUS THIRTY FOURTH INFANTRY Division Association. This Division in World War II had the distinction of being not only the FIRST to land in the EUROPEAN THEATER, but also had more days in combat(over 600) than any other, and accredited with the capturing more than 40,000 prisoners. The 34th ranked second to none and stands high on the scroll of honor among the greatest fiighting units that ever carried the Stars and Stripes into battle. Makes me proud to be INFANTRY. Rocky J. R****n. Gracias Senora Marion. Now I am Sr. Vice President of the 34th Divn. Assoc.
  2. roque_riojas

    Rocky with the Bush's

    There is only one picture of me in uniform. It was taken in Nov. 1945 when I was home after my discharge,(Army that is), The pic. is posted in the Natl. WW II Memorial. I don't know how to transfer it here. Just click registry, my name Roque Riojas,State Kansas click my name. AND DON'T LAUGH WHEN YOU SEE IT, YA HEAR!!!!
  3. roque_riojas

    Berchtesgaden - The Eagles Nest

    ROCKY RACOON!!!!!! DAMN!! I HADN'T HEARD THAT SINCE '44,AND '45!! Lady you're A OK. Rocky J. Squirrel, that's another one. Hasta luego, querida amiga. Rocky?
  4. roque_riojas

    Points system WWII

    j3rdinf; Joe you hit the nail on the head! When the Sarge said pack your bag I didn't ask why ,all I knew I was in one piece and going home. NO MORE hot sands of No. Africa or cold a_ _s mtns. of Italy. I was a happy dogface. I didn't give a damn about the ruptured duck. I held my C.I.B. high for everyone to see. How about that Joe, Recon????? Roque
  5. roque_riojas

    Berchtesgaden - The Eagles Nest

    Hi Joe,3rdinf. Just read your posts. Right on the button buddy! Why do I know? You all were on our left flank, (ITALY), Tell em like it wuz. Your dogface buddy (34th I.D.) rjr
  6. roque_riojas

    Points system WWII

    I was rotated home after No. Africa and Italy, I wasn't told how many points I had, all my Sgt. said,"GET YOUR GEAR TOGETHER YOU'RE GOING HOME" After over 600 days combat I was on the, six by, in less than one hour. This was Oct. '45. How about you JOE j3rdinf. RJR
  7. roque_riojas

    CIB's being awarded to com engs

    3-7-1 Recon and my combat buddy j3rdinf, I will add my two cents worth. You both are absolutely RIGHT. I think the C.I.B. has lost a lot of its meaning. I got mine in '43 and after over 600 days combat with other medals I cherish my C.I.B. as my most prized possesion. How about you Joe and 371 Recon? Of course we are from another era. Guys keep 'em straight. This 83 yr. old+ said it. Roque J. Riojas Adios Amigos!!!!
  8. roque_riojas

    Info on Italian campaign

    I must add my two cents to the first sentence of the article that says troops came down off the North Appenines. If you,(not you Marion), you all, read about the 34th as it came down off the mountains and what the divn. really did, you will have to read the book "DOGFACES WHO SMILED THROUGH TEARS", IT'S TO MUCH FOR ME TO WRITE AND I ALSO GET A LITTLE EMOTIONAL WHEN I START TO THINK BACK. Sorry about that. Rocky. 1st.Bn. 135th
  9. roque_riojas


    If anyone wants to know about war,(WWII), just read the book, DOGFACES WHO SMILED THROUGH TEARS. Written by one who was there. Including !st Bn 135th Inf.Regt.
  10. roque_riojas

    C & K rations

    As Per 371-Rec on and J3rdinf, I'll add my 2 cents about the C.I.B. The 34th. entered combat Nov. 1942 at Algiers No. Africa, then Salerno, Italy Sept.1943 to May 1945. Over 600 days of combat. I don't remember when the Lt. came by our pup tents after the Benevento battle. And he said put it on. I looked at it and thought what a pretty looking pin!! Then he said clean up there is a presentation of awards soon. I looked at my clothes, wearing woolens,,so I just got off as much of the mud as I could got water and cleaned my combat boots. and that afternoon, the 1st Bn. 135th stood at attention and several of us were awarded medals by our Commanding General, Charles Bolte. He pinned the Bronze Star on me next to my C.I.B. Needless to say my most prized medal IS THE C I B. Because it represents ALL I went thru in WWII. The B/S was a one time thing. So 371Recon and j3rdinf this old dogface salutes you both. Roque
  11. roque_riojas

    Roque JRiojas

    Chambers, you can get the book DOGFACES WHO SMILED THROUGH TEARS FROM THE 34th I.D. Museum in Des Moines, Ia. E-mail andphone----- Jerry Gorden Natl. Sect. at jlg34d@msn.com--ph. 515-276-5677. Roque J. Riojas.
  12. roque_riojas

    Roque JRiojas

    Walts Daughter; My most sencere condolences on the loss of your mother. I know how painful that is. But the best thing is, she is at home now,next to Our Lord in heaven. Today Sunday 22, I went to get interviewed again This is the 3rd interview I have had and I hope it's the last. And it was videotaped. They asked me if I belonged to any orgs. And did I hold any positions. Wrong question! So I told him I was Sr. Vice Cmndr. Amer. Legion P609, Chaplain V.F.W. P18, Service Off. Amer. G.I. Forum,(Hispanic Org.) and to top it off I am Sr. Vice President of the 34th Divn. Assoc. and will become President in Sept. 2006. But other than that I was just a home body. Nuf said fer now. Again thank you for having this old dogface in this forum. Roque Riojas. Bet you can't pronounce it.. (rokey reohaas), Spanish name....
  13. roque_riojas

    Roque JRiojas

    LENNON;BROOKE, Thank you for those kind words. No harm intended but those weren't stories like you would read in like Readers Digest. These were experiences that WE (34th RED BULL Divn.) went thru. Along with the 3rd I.D., 36th I.D. 45th I.D. !st. Armoured Divn. 109 COMBAT ENGINEERS, bless them THEY were truly combat. So you see it was not a story it was an experience and by the Grace of GOD, I'M HERE AIN'T I!!! Again thank you for having this old dogface here with you. Roque
  14. roque_riojas

    Roque JRiojas

    PDHINKLE; You were in a good outfit. The roughest time the Texas Divn. was when they reached the Rapido River. The Germans flooded that river to keep from getting crossed. I salute the COMBAT ENGINEEERS, for they got across under fireand strung cables so the inf. could cross. Anyway the Germans were way up on high ground looking down and let almost a Regt. cross then they opened fire. Quess what happened, We were in another sector but word got to us that that evening a Lt. went across with a white flag so the germans came down and he asked for permission to pick up his men. The Germans called for their own medics to help and a truce of 6 hours was called to take care of the wounded and kia's. This is what WE heard about the 36th Texas Divn!!! I would love to go to Italy and visit some of the U.S.cementaries there. Or talk to some one that has seen them. We had better luck crossing the Volturno River three times. And yes we lost some.
  15. roque_riojas

    Joining Up

    This time my parents were in the know about the draft and I got the first letter from the draft board saying I would be called soon. And no they didn't forget. Nov. '42**HELLO,** Left to Ft. Leavenworth,Ks. then to Camp Roberts, Ca. Didn't see no one till I came home Nov.'45. I have a bro. that was in the battle of the bulge. Another that was in Korea and a Grandson in Desert Storm. Other than that nothing much.
  16. roque_riojas

    C & K rations

    j3rdinf; We didn't get many k's only till late '44. We had nothing but C rations. Up in the mts. we melted snow for coffee my buddy carried the coleman stove and we carried an extra canteen that had GAS. Of course it was marked. Our supplies came up by mule train. Ammo,grenades,rations, T/PPR. And no I never heard of someone getting a note in the K'sbox. Just the pack of cigs. 5 chesterfields. Joe, just got a call this pm. Gotta go to a hall (A>G>I>F) to get interviewed by some state rep! Why me? Ketch me later. Roque