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  1. 7 am CST, this makes my day!!! Right now I am teying to figure how I want to go to ITALY. There is an Author,Writer there that has written a book and has me in it. He wants me there on April 21 to sign the book , I don't know the title of it yet. But I am trying my best to make the trip. He wants to take me to Mt. Pantano,(Bronze Star), Monte Cassino, Anzio, Salerno,Po Valley, etc. etc. Wants me to stay for three weeks,meals,and place to stay will be taken care of. Of course I won't go alone,(LIZno.2). will tag along.
  2. STILL GOT THE ONE ABOUT ("DOGFACES WHO SMILED??) Hmmm! justoneatalkin'
  3. roque_riojas

    Thank you , soldiers !!

    This go for veterans also?????????
  4. roque_riojas

    No Walk in the Park

    Reminds me of Mt. Pantano,Monte Cassino, Anzio,Po Valley,etc.etc. rocky
  5. roque_riojas

    Army Acronyms, Abbreviations...

    KILROY WAS HERE !!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. roque_riojas

    Where is VEE??

    Hi Vee !! Got your message this am, now how about posting the 34th video here. Love ya---------Rocky
  7. roque_riojas

    Where is VEE??

    May the LORD be with you Vee in these trying times. AGAIN thank you for the video of the 34th Red Bull Divn, (better than a can of beer!!!) heh heh!! Rocky
  8. Thank You Vee, I have sent it to and including the 34th Meusum in Des Moines Ia. Rocky
  9. roque_riojas


    Wasn't he the feller that spread some sea water to make a crossing???????
  10. roque_riojas

    Snow storm Feb 2, 2011

    Amen--"WALTS' Daughter", I know that you know someone PERSONALY that was in that mess also !!!!!!!!!
  11. roque_riojas

    Rocky featured in Italian Newspaper

    Just click on the bulletin to enlarge it and you will be able to read it. Rocky
  12. roque_riojas

    Rocky featured in Italian Newspaper

    This taco dinner is sponsored by my Org. "American G.I. Forum" and my Chapter,(K.C.) is doing this to raise fund for me to go to Italy on the Last week of May and first week of June. For me it will be a dream come true.
  13. roque_riojas

    Snow storm Feb 2, 2011

    Band of Brothers is a movie, I don't watch those kind. Of course my situation was a lot different than that of Bastogne. Up on the mtns. was not the same.
  14. roque_riojas

    Snow storm Feb 2, 2011

    It was not a picnic up on those mtns. in Italy, '43-'44. Melted snow for drinking water had packets of instant coffee and our squad carried a little Gasoline coleman stove. We took turns carrying it. Was hell in a foxhole. I thank the LORD ALMIGHTY for watching over me and for me to write this. Rocky
  15. roque_riojas

    Snow storm Feb 2, 2011

    Went out this morning and started shoveling 10 in. snow front of house and now I'm staring in back. Snow is up to halfway of wheels on car,around 10 in. temp. 2 deg. above zero. Little hard on this 88+ dude.
  17. roque_riojas

    Voytek, the Soldier Bear

    We didn't see no Polish at Monte Cassino much less a BEAR. This is the first time I know this. But then we were at the very begining AND WE DIDN'T STAND UP. Pics. don,t look like Monte Cassino. What the hell just a squeril atakin.
  18. Well, being an ole dogface I'll jest sit back and read what y'all have to say. heh heh!!
  19. roque_riojas

    Is sex work?

    ROGER-ROGER- Read you loud and clear, wilco,out!!!!!
  20. roque_riojas

    Is sex work?

    After being a pfc, I will add to that pfcs, remark, yes more than 100% pleasure. Let her do all the work, just lay back and enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  21. roque_riojas

    Presidential Memorial Certificates

    I stand next to you, Capt.O (justanoledogfacetalkin')
  22. roque_riojas

    CIB's being awarded to com engs

    I'll just say one thing, we got our supplies up in the mtns. by mule train. Yes everyone did their share and some of them paid the price. War was and still is HELL.......Rocky
  23. roque_riojas

    CIB's being awarded to com engs

    Two other badges should be made that wold settle this confusion. C.E.B,(Engineers), C.T.B, (Tankers) that would leave the C.I.B.,(INFANTRY) ALONE. OH YEAH, I GOT ONE... Got it where Engineers or tanks could not go. Mountains of Italy. (justanoledogfacetalkin') Rocky
  24. roque_riojas

    Out of Touch

    Don't fret over those pics. Sgtleo--Just remember all the men WE LOST to bring that S.O.B. down. Rocky
  25. roque_riojas

    Out of Touch

    Relax sweetheart--We kicked his ass in No. Africa and Italy. Him and his Italian pisano took the pill.