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  1. May 19th 1944 is the date the company photo was taken
  2. Rest in Peace Sgt. Don Burgett

    Rest in Peace Sgt Burgett and Thank You for what you have done for your county Sir,
  3. Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

    A day late but Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all !!!!!
  4. Hi Martha I can't say for sure but looks pretty close to me, I also seen that your grandfathers mos was Cook 060 so I'd give it a good chance you are right. I would like to see Gary"s opinion as he has been really good at matching the men up.....Ralph
  5. I read on Wikipedia today that WW2 army companies all had 1 mess sergeant and 4 cooks so that might explain our 5 men dressed in white......Ralph
  6. Hello Kent I notice looking at your fathers photo that it appears that he has what looks like the patch of the 44th Infantry Division on his shoulder, had he ever mention serving in the 44th before transferring to the 292nd?...Ralph
  7. Hacksaw Ridge

    Thanks for posting, I will be looking forward to seeing this movie.
  8. Farewell Sir, and Thank You for your service...
  9. Gary Lets see if this is any better, I' m very limited in skills at this...Ralph
  10. Three photo's of this man, No ideal of his name....Ralph
  11. Oct 1969 while in boot camp we did a week of mess duty in the chow hall before going to the rifle range, I was a server on the chow line, I wore for that week a white jacket and white trousers so I think these men were on k p or mess duty. if the army wore white while on that duty at that time. Of course if so I wonder why they didn't change uniform's for the photo Ralph
  12. This is the other picture of Stephan Long that I have along with his name and address from the back of the photo. My father said that both of the photo's where Stephan Long but when I compare them now they don't look to me to be the same man. I now think he was mistaken about the man holding the handgun and that the photo with the man holding the Thompson is indeed Stephan Long ,the other maybe not....Ralph
  13. Randy It looks like the same guy to me. But I don't think the group photo is stateside. I'm thinking [ the rest new to the outfit ] men are replacements
  14. Randy Henry T Smith was in A-Company, His name is on the marching party you posted along with Francis Barton's name, Its on the left side 6th from the bottom...Ralph
  15. I got an e-mail from Mrs Benson saying her father was in A company.But Randy had already determined that, Good job there Randy. I have told her of the A Company picture, She also said she would take a look at this site so hopefully she will join in......Ralph