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  1. The real Rosie the Riveter dies

  2. WWII pics...

    In which specific unit did he serve? Thank you for sharing these pictures with us.
  3. George Jackson, 326th Airborne Engineering Battalion

    You will absolutely love the video Marion.
  4. George Jackson, 326th Airborne Engineering Battalion

    Letter has been written and will be mailed to him today. Thanks so much Pat for your help
  5. George Jackson, 326th Airborne Engineering Battalion

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful video with us. He looks in a fantastic condition, not only physically but also in his mind.
  6. George Jackson, 326th Airborne Engineering Battalion

    I would love to speak to mr. Jackson about his time in Bastogne if possible
  7. Battle of the Bulge commemoration - Bastogne

    I can't upload pictures to websites like imageshack and that's why I can't post them here unfortunately
  8. I will leave for the Battle of the Bulge commemorations in Bastogne tomorrow and will get back on Sunday. For the first time I am not going by car but with a Dodge WC-52. For now the weatherforecast predicts snow but I won't be surprised if there isn't any snow. Nevertheless the main goal is to commemorate and remember those who fought for our freedom and paid the highest price. For that I would like to share a song written and composed by an American friend, Mark Chernek: They did their job back then, now it is our job to keep the memory alive! Best wishes, Frank
  9. Battle of the Bulge commemoration - Bastogne

    For those who are interested, you can see some pictures on my Facebok page. I am sorry but for some reason I can't upload pictures on forums: https://www.facebook.com/frank.gubbels.5/media_set?set=a.10214958596949116.1073741928.1554461894&type=3
  10. Farewell to Donald Straith 506th PIR

    Rest in peace and thank you for bringing freedom to our continent
  11. KUDO's to Gary Sinise - the Greatest Generation - a video

    Wanted to share this funny video, Forrest Gump looking for Lt. Dan while Lt. Dan is playing with his band:
  12. Please let us know about it, would be very helpful
  13. Question Guys =)

    I don't have any idea, Marion might know this. I am not into patches etc.
  14. Makes it a lot easier :). Will go throught it again
  15. Ah okay, I didn't know that. But if I am not mistaken he still fought in the Bulge right?
  16. He just let me know that he is busy with other things at the moment but wants to help you in the (near) future.
  17. I will keep my fingers crossed for you. In the mean time I contacted Bob Konings to see if he can help and provide information about their time in the Ardennes.
  18. If you contact them you might be able to write a little story about your research and they can publish it in the newsletter. If you're lucky you can get some responses from other people who might be able to help you. Regards, Frank
  19. KUDO's to Gary Sinise - the Greatest Generation - a video

    Haha, no problem at all
  20. So you also receive their newsletter which is called the Bulge Bugle?
  21. Try to get in touch with Bob Konings who lives close to Manhay in the Ardennes (Grand-Menil). He owns a B&B there.
  22. KUDO's to Gary Sinise - the Greatest Generation - a video

    What do you mean Marion?
  23. 105th Engineers veterans

    Hello Theron, Yes I have and I have been in touch With Mr. Frank Towers in the past. I know there were 2 groups of veterans so I was wondering if somebody knows or knew men from the other veterans group. If I find something I will let you know
  24. 105th Engineers veterans

    I was wondering if anybody knows if there are still veterans alive who served in the 105th Engineer Battalion, 30th Infantry Division. I met veterans from the 117th, 119th and 120th Infantry Regiments but was hoping to get in touch with at least one veteran of the 105th as well. (If you know other veterans of the 30th I would like to get in touch as well ) Regards, Frank
  25. KUDO's to Gary Sinise - the Greatest Generation - a video

    I just found it here and had to share it on Facebook. Incredible job Gary Sinise is doing.