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  1. Here it is!  By the way, they were in VI Corps, at least for a bit. 


    Thanks to the Shipe family for sharing this with us all.  Vaughn Shipe started out in H&S Company of the 284th ECB at Camp Breckinridge but must have transferred into the 1271st after basic training ended.















  2. I know the only (as far as I know) living soldier of the battalion, he has a speech by LTC Gottschalk that he was going to let me borrow.  Once I have a digital copy of it I'll be posting it to the 285th's website.

  3. 22 hours ago, Frank Gubbels said:

    I only see this topic now, I am in touch with a battlefield guide who lives not too far away from that area. I don't know if you have a Facebook account Mikel but try to get in touch with Doug Mitchell. He might be able to help you

    Thank you Frank, I know Doug and he was extremely helpful during our recent trip over to the ETO.

  4. Our River experts or information needed! As the historian for my father's WWII 284th Engr. C. Bn. - who served as Infantry at the Our, I've always been curious of the details of this crossing / battle (I feel it is fair enough to call it that) as they're severely lacking. I'm working with a 17th AB veteran (they took the hills), a 249th veteran (they build some bridges here), several 284th veterans (they replaced the 17th AB DIVISION as a BATTALION to guard Skyline Drive) and the 6th AD historian (they build more bridges and the 284th was assigned to). Does anyone else have any photos, information, documents, stories or help???? A book is needed on this subject as information is very very lacking (my end goal of this quest - some day - collaboration / credit is for sure an option). I will be at the Our in 3 or 4 weeks with a 284th veteran to go into the hills to try to find their foxholes and the pillbox they faced 100 yards to the East......


  5. Okay, I'm super excited to report that I have exact locations for each of their stops on the trip south from Nuremberg to Marseilles and that tells us where all the rest stops were on the way. I have some of their maps and after carefully reviewing a map of France I discovered that it was actually marked!!!! I edited to add a image of the map cover just in case someone was looking for the exact same map (and I did see one on posted eBay).


    Hopefully this will also help others who might be researching this topic!


    post-1660-0-11721000-1486128576_thumb.jpg post-1660-0-77927600-1486128599_thumb.jpg post-1660-0-74773600-1486128619_thumb.jpg post-1660-0-53436700-1486128644_thumb.jpg



    post-1660-0-73810500-1486128664_thumb.jpg post-1660-0-31964400-1486128682_thumb.jpg post-1660-0-41634700-1486129029_thumb.jpg

  6. Thank you Marion!!


    This fourth edition has a ton of new "stuff" added to it!


    New stories, maps, details, photos and somewhere around 30 new soldier photos added to the yearbook style roster! It is amazing to me how my little book about the 284th keeps on growing!


    NOTE: It is only the paperback that has been updated, I haven't had a chance to update the Kindle version yet.

  7. The 284th Engineer Combat Battalion was also part of the 1111th for a while. (April '45)


    Will place info here about the 1111th Engineer Combat Group and the engineer Bn's under it


    291st -Colonel Pergrin

    51st - Colonel's Fraser and Yates

    296th - Colonel Jack C. Jeffrey

    202nd -






    The 1111th Engineer Group in the Bulge


    Army Engineers at the Battle of the Bulge - Belvior Eagle News


    1111th Engineer Group in the Bulge: The Role of Engineers as Infantry in AirLand Battle Paperback – September 19, 2012


    Battle of Malmedy - Battle of the Bulge Memories





    7th US Corps info


    US Army units - Battle of the Bulge


    Lots more to follow, just getting started. Far from complete. Am doing research for a friend, so thought as I went along, would place data here....

  8. Wow, that is very impressive Alsatian! The 284th started out in Luxembourg with General Patton using them as infantry on the Moselle and Our rivers, then into Germany for the Roer crossing, down to Remagen, then to Nuremberg and finally ending up in Landshut to finish the war in the ETO.