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  1. Thank you for your service sir! Rest in peace!
  2. mikel

    284th Engineers

    284th Engr. © Bn, 1991 Reunion. This has a lot of interviews:
  3. mikel

    284th Engineers

    John S. (Rip) Ripandelli (1st Lt, Recon Officer, 284th Engr © Bn) talks about the 284th in the ETO.
  4. Marion I was just going to suggest that he try a different web browser but you beat me to it!
  5. mikel

    207th Engineer Combat Battalion

    Yes, that was my thought since your site is quite popular! I did look at it on archive.org but a lot of images and misc items were missing or I could have just copied it from there.
  6. mikel

    207th Engineer Combat Battalion

    If someone has a copy of the 207th's website, I'm happy to toss it onto my webserver for others to enjoy.
  7. mikel

    284th Engineers

    By the way, I'm told those two photos above, that show the V2 strike, are the only photographic evidence of that strike. When I get to Remagen in April I'm going to try to find the spot where that hit.
  8. mikel

    284th Engineers

    284th Engr. C. Bn - C Company, 2nd Platoon in Basic Training at Camp Breckinridge, KY Aboard the Marine Raven heading to the ETO Siegfried Line C Co. Bridge over the Roer - pushed 9th Armor across and then down the Rhine to Remagen The famous Ludendorff Captain Heubach inspecting remnants of V2 that hit B Company's CP in Remagen. Killing 3 guys and wounding 22 others Lindholm and Bachand inspecting remnants of V2 that hit B Company's CP in Remagen. Killing 3 guys and wounding 22 others
  9. mikel

    Runners interrupt race to thank WWII Vet

    Very awesome By the way I passed this along to some of the 284th and 285th guys that I email. I think it will make their day
  10. Those are great pictures! Thanks for sharing them! Where was the picture in the snow taken?
  11. mikel

    285th Engineers

    For archival purposes here are some more 285th documents. These pertain to when Patton talked about the two untested engineers in his book "The War as I Knew it". They were attached to the 2nd Cav were essentially a battalion of engineers were used as infantry to cover what was once covered by a regiment! 2ndCavAARFebruary1945.pdf 2ndCavAARJanuary1945.pdf
  12. Hum, I'm not really sure. I don't use any iDevices so I'm afraid that I don't have any advice on that. Hopefully someone else will chime in! This is the process for me: I click on More Reply Options I then click on Choose Files That will open a window to let me select the files that I want to upload. So maybe that is the confusing part? It could potentially show you all of your pictures but it will only upload the picture(s) that you actually select.
  13. Hi Tom! Welcome to the board! To upload images you have to go into the "More Reply Options" (see it to the lower right of the box that you type in to reply?) and then on the left side you will see "Attach files"
  14. mikel

    284th Engineers

    It seems that there is some Camp Twenty Grand footage on there as well. When the guys are butchering a pig: This was a tent camp on a high bluff overlooking the Seine River. Under proper conditions this would have been an ideal spot, but these were not ideal conditions. It was a case of work to cut wood to keep from freezing, so it became necessary for every man to grab an axe and head for the woods. The food situation was a little on the sparse side. Here too, some of the more rugged characters took to the woods, organized hunting parties and came back rewarded on occasions with the carcass of a wild hog to crown their efforts. Guard duty, that constant Army torture, was another chore that demanded a full share of attention. On 17 January 1945, after having spent one week of the coldest, roughest day imaginable, we took our leave of Camp Twenty Grand and France for the time being.
  15. mikel

    284th Engineers

    Yeah, this was a pleasant surprise to get a copy of it and then for it to have so many stops included. The Marine Raven footage as well as England and Luxembourg were a huge surprise to see. Good stuff.
  16. mikel

    284th Engineers

    Yesterday's I posted on the Facebook page a 45 minute video of the guys in basic training, some footage sailing over to the ETO on the Marine Raven and some bridge training in England. Here it is!
  17. mikel

    284th Engineers

    As I've been telling the story of the 284th on Facebook I posted this map. I asked one of the guys from the unit about the V Bomb marker on the map as I wasn't familiar with this event. I also made the wrong assumption that it was a V2. Here is some information about it from the Recon Officer of the unit: No, it was a V1 that hit somewhere near Delamere Park. I was in my bunk in a small building sharing space with about three other officers of the Battalion. The V1, unlike the V2 made noise passing overhead. The time to worry was when it went silent. That meant it was coming down on you. Now, we heard this small outboard motor like sound pass overhead. Then, after it had passed over only a short time went by before it went silent. The next thing I knew I was blown out of the cot, sliding across the room on the floor ending by the wall under a cot. Nobody was hurt, A wild experience. We never had another.
  18. mikel

    36th Engineer helmet found - Cohen

    Wow! Amazing!
  19. mikel

    Interview Questions for VI Corps Engineers

    Opps, this PDF appears to be MIA
  20. mikel

    284th Engineers

    Hey y'all! I hope that everyone is doing well! I just wanted to update this thread to include the fact that the 284th now has a Facebook page! I'm telling their story from activation through the end of the war with various little tidbits thrown in for fun. https://www.facebook.com/284thcombatengineers
  21. mikel

    398 Engineers

    Actually, I hoped on here to post in the 284th section about how I've made a Facebook page for the unit and I'm telling their story there and using my website more as an archive that has a lot more details. It has been very successful. You may wish to consider that route? https://www.facebook.com/284thcombatengineers
  22. mikel

    398 Engineers

    And there are many options for making a website. You could even do something simple on wordpress or Google has free webpages as well. They're not stellar options but they are affordable options. I'm lucky enough to run my own webserver at home for my site but not everyone has that option. If you have questions though it sounds like Marion and I could certainly provide some assistance / guidance.
  23. mikel

    Happy B-day to WWII veteran, Jim Davis

    Happy Birthday Jim!
  24. mikel

    284th Engineers

    Night patrols were no picnic. For instance, Sgt. Ganss brings up a ticklish situation. "When a squad of men are situated on one river bank and the opposite bank is hostile a dead phone isn't quite the same as a dead phone back home, visions of enemy patrols are never completely forgotten on a dark night as eleven men wait silently in a building while two of their comrades check wire in the dark. If the trouble is mechanical it may take some time to find it. If not "Jerry" will kindly stand by and show you where he has cut the wires. Getting back to your squad in such a case is quite rare." Sgt. Ganss' trouble was mechanical so he and his boys got off with sweating it out until the trouble was found and repaired.