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  1. twrastall

    1264th Engineer Combat Battalion

    Sam used the rank SP 5.
  2. twrastall

    1264th Engineer Combat Battalion

    Some posts refer to the rank of SP 5. This rank did not come about to the late 1950's or early 1960's. In WWII the equivelant rank was T 5 for technical Sgt. As far as the question concerning the 1264th member wearing the 100th ID Patch, non divisional Eng Battalions like the 1264th were frequently attached to infantry Divisions. Otherwise they wore the Army patch i.e. 1st Army or 7th Army. My Dad had the 7th Army patch on his Ike jacket. The 1264th arrived in the. ETO at the tail end of the battle of the bulge. Many of the truck drivers were assigned to haul supplies forward similar to the red ball express. After the supply crisis ended the drivers returned to their duties per my Dad. Their primary mission was improving the road net in the Eiffel. They did assist in building bridges across the Rhine. The Hoges bridge was the major construction project. While building the Rhine crossings they were subject to German attacks with V1 buz bombs fired from Holland and the new German jet and a very large railroad gun. The Battalion was on the list to go to the pacific until the war ended.
  3. twrastall

    1264th Engineer Combat Battalion

    My Dad, William Rastall, was a member of Company C, 1264th CEB. He joined the BN at Camp Bowie TX in 1944 and went to England, France and Germany with the BN. Any one know where I could obtain a copy of the unit history?