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  1. 344th Engineers

    Can you possibly look through your photos and information to see if Tony is any of them. His real name was Alfred Coesens, but he went by Tony. Unfortunately had PDSD and never really recovered after the war. Given some of the photos I have, I can understand.
  2. 344th Engineers

    My email is repbrock@msn.com. I would love to trade information and documents. I am most happy to send all the information I have. One of the more interesting artifacts I have is a homemade knife with the initials "RSW" It has the name of the town, which I can't read completely "???sheck, Texas and then it has all the places this person was at starting with Nova Scotia, Scotland, England...Germany" You can read them if you look closely. It also has some writing on the back that I can't read. Would be great to know who RSW was.
  3. 344th Engineers

  4. 344th Engineers

    Here are a few more
  5. 344th Engineers

    I have more photos, which I can post. Hope it's not too much. Would very much like to know if there are any living members of the 113th or 344? Can you link this to 344th?
  6. Hello Walt's Daughter,

    My Uncle Tony served in both the 113th and 344tth.  Do you know if there are any living members of either of these two units?  

    Happy to share his album with the community.


    113th Engrs Co  (10).jpg

    113th Engrs Co  (4).jpg

    Alfred and Unknown.jpg

  7. 344th Engineers

    I have a number of photos which I believe we taken both here in the US and overseas. Happy to share them.
  8. 344th Engineers

    Tony started with the 113 and ended with the Company E. 344th.
  9. 344th Engineers

    Tony served in Company E as well.... I only wish I could have found you sooner...
  10. 344th Engineers

    My Great Uncle served in the 113th. Does anyone know whether there are any surviving members? I have a number of photos and information I am happy to share.
  11. 344th or 334th Engineers?

    I just placed a brick for my Grand Uncle Tony at the WWII Museum in New Orleans. http://www.nationalww2museum.org/give/road-to-victory-brick-campaign.html While looking through some of his papers I found his discharge, service certificate and military ID. Will post