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  1. elipten

    1251st Engineers

    I have a copy of the "The Annual manual EM-1251" This was a picture book of the units history from activation at Camp Swift Texas 30 December 1943 to compliation date on 1 Sept 1945 at Camp Tophat by a publisher in Antwerpen If there is interest and no objections I will try and get the book scanned and then send or publish on the web site if people are interested. I had no luck finding this book in any library including the Army Engineers history library. probably assembled and sold or given to the men at the time they started heading stateside.
  2. elipten

    1251st Engineers

    Yes they are fine to post
  3. elipten

    1251st Engineers

    My father Leon Lipschitz was in the 1251st Combat Engineers Battalion. Here is a picture of the platoon he was in and some other pictures. If you know locations, which company it was or the names of his fellow comrades; it would be appreciated. Dad changed his name after the war to Leon Lipten.