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  1. Just today came across this forum. Donald you asked about a person named Lightfoot with the 1058th. I was with the 1058th from late 1944 when the group was being assembled in Porthcawl, Wales until it was disbanded in the Phillipines in late 1946. I have a listing of home addresses of the group, which is not dated, but must be over 65 years old by now. Probably some 300 names on the list. I do remember a Sgt. Lightfoot; William V. Lightfoot, address: Gen. Delivery, Sewanee, Tenn. Your father, Virgil A Rhyne, is on the list living at 6924 Plymouth, University City, MO. Also mentioned in this forum and on the list was Walter M. P. Curlock, living at 303 North Broadway, Sayre, Oklahoma. I do not specifically remember these two. Memorable events were the days while camped just south of London while the unit was engaged in the construction of concrete docks to be floated over to France and enduring the almost daily "Buzz Bomb" and V2 Missile attacks; then to Granville, France clearing debris and installation of new cranes; The train journey from Cherbourg to Remochamps on the infamous "40 and 8's"; The Remagen Bridge and it's tragic collapse and loss of men; Neuweid, and the construction of the Captain Arthur Francis Gullo Memorial Bridge in memory of the engineering officer killed in the collapse of the Ludendorff Bridge; the German surrender and the long voyage from Marsielle, France via the Panama Canal to Luzon, Phillipines. Japan's surrender and the return from Manila to San Francisco in late December 1945, Walt