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    I am interested in W.W.II of course, I am looking into the re-enacting side of it now. Trying to find an engineering unit. I do Civil War re-enacting also but it just does'nt seem to attract me the way W.W.II does. I like most anything military, My dad was in the 3rd Special Forces in Vietnam, and I collect things from that era also.
  1. lheck844

    344th Engineer - Jerry Clayton Runions

    I am so thankful for this site as it has helped me in so many ways. What I consider new friends even though we have never met in person I still count you all as friends . I have a picture here that I would love to have some opinions on I have e-mailed it to Marion and was advised to post it here on the VI corps web page. I found the picture in a magazine that I have and it really caught my eye as to the likeness of my grandfather. I pasted his picture to the one in the magazine and would love to hear from you all and see if you think it could be the same person or if I am barking up the wrong tree once again. Thanks to all of you for all the help, I really love this site. - Larry Heck Grandson of Jerry Clayton Runions 344th Engineers General Service. My Grandfather had always told me that he helped to build the first bridge over the Rhine River, and in one of the columns that I read on here it said that the 343rd and 344th worked together to build the first Bridge over the Rhine. If any one out there from the 343rd may know anything please contact me. Marion's note: I removed Larry's email address as a precaution. We certainly don't want to open Larry up to spammers, etc. Members here know how to reach someone, and if a guest needs to reach you, they can contact me as a go-between. I sleep better at night this way!
  2. lheck844

    344th Engineer - Jerry Clayton Runions

    Thank you very much for that link I will get a copy of that book.
  3. lheck844

    344th Engineer - Jerry Clayton Runions

    Hello to all, been a long time since I posted anything but have been away for awhile. I found some more pictures and things of my grandfather, some overseas and some at Camp Claiborne La. when he was in basic. I also found his dogtags and a few names. I hope that some one has heard these before they are Jerry Clayton Runions (my Grandfather) R.L. Bennet, Mearl Walice (last name may not be correct) and Donnie Broon or Broom His hand writing was not that good all he had was a 3rd grade education. This picture is marked Jul. 2nd 1944 My Grandfather is the one with the M1 Donnie is beside him and Mearl is standing in the rear. My grandfather was in Company F 344th Engineers General Service. Any help would be great.
  4. lheck844

    A little about me

    Marion, You said that you would like to know a little more about me. Well there is not much to tell. I am a service technician for a local Coca-Cola bottling works, and also am a Baptist Minister. I pastor a small church here in our town. I joined the U.S. Army Reserves when I turned 18. That would have been Aug. 1987. My M.O.S. was 52 Delta 1 (Power Generation Equipment Repair) I was supposed to be in the 844th Engineers Co. A. heavy vehical detachment. My basic was at Fort Dix N.J. In Jan./Feb. 1988. Then on to Ft. Belvoir Va. for A.I.T. But Pres. Bush made cuts in the military, and a prior illness relieved me from duty. I missed the 1st Gulf War by a little. I spend countless hours on my computer researching, trying to find out about my grandfathers military service. I have re-conected my dad with some of his buddies from Viet-Nam. They all got together this summer for a reunion. well that's a little bit about me. I really appreciate what you have done with this site. I hope that one day i would be able to do this for my grandfather. Thank You, Larry
  5. The one in the middle is my Grandfather, Jerry Clayton Runions, the other two I have no clue. This pic. may have been taken in Italy.
  6. lheck844

    344th or 334th Engineers?

    Thank you very much for the information. I will start tracking the links that you have given. I appreciate all of the work that you have done, and all of the labor that you have put into this journey. My grandfathers name was Jerry Clayton Runions, and he was also in the VI Corps, 5th and 7th Armies. His ribbons were; E.A.ME. Theater ribbon with 5 bronze stars per WDGO#33/45 with one bronze service arrowhead. Good conduct ribbon/H.Q. 344th Engineers/45. The American campaign ribbon and the W.W.II Victory medal. I have enjoyed this site and look forward to adding more as I can. I WAS IN THE 844TH combat engineer battalion (hvy vehc. det) but was medicaly discharged. Oh Well.
  7. Hello, my name is Larry Heck. My grandfather was Clayton Runnions, he was in Co. F 344th engineers, general service. I know that he was with the 5th army, 7th army and the VI corps. He was in the batles and Campaigns in : Rhineland, Rome-Arno, Napples-Foggia, Northern France, and Central Europe. Does anyone know of the 344th?