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    My Dog, WWII, Fishing

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About Me

I am soon to be 57 years old, a widower for the last 14 years and  a semi - retired aerospace worker (Boeing plant in Auburn Washington). I am a life-long resident of Washington state. I was born in Ellensburg, WA...a small college town in eastern Washington that I returned to a few years ago after spending most of the previous 30 years working and living on the other side of the Cascade mountains, where all the crazies live (in and around Seattle). I have had a life-long love of the outdoors, fishing, and dogs, but I don't do much fishing anymore as I am content these days to take my dog Nigel to the lake or to the Yakima river so he can swim & retrieve sticks. As a kid I did alot of hunting before coming to the conclusion that I didn't need to kill animals for food or sport, and the only mammals that might deserve killing are usually  found walking upright in our big cities, or behind the wheel of a car...following too closely :-) More on me later.....


     A bit more about Dogdaddy for anyone who's interested enough to look at my personal profile. I  consider myself a fair-minded person who's not afraid to listen to both sides of an issue before making my mind up. I'm not aligned with either political party, but if I had to choose one or the other to belong to I would be a Democrat. I'm not an extremist in either direction...right or left, but I'm very proud of President Obama and I don't have any respect for muck-rakers like Bill Riley or Rush Limbaugh.

  I believe that there is only one God, and that Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior who shed his blood that we might have life ever after. Whenever I am ask about my faith/religious beliefs etc. I try always to say that I Believe rather than saying I Know, as nobody really knows if there is a Heaven or Hell until they die. That being said, I try not to force my religion on another person. That's the way I was raised, and I was taught that in America we are free to believe and worship (or not) whatever our concept of God is without forcing ours on others. I am far from perfect and periodically I am reminded of this by family and friends! These days it seems there are more people who are attempting to hijack Christianity to support their own political agenda and I don't think much of that either.