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  1. Dogdaddy

    Memoribilia and Collectibles

    I'm a couple of days late posting for this, but I thought you might like to see how one American company prepared for The First VJ Day in 1945. I love things like this, especially when you don't even see any mention of the day WWII ended these days, unless you belong to a fine group like VI Corps that is! Wouldn't it be great if we lived long enough to see a Victory Over Terrorists Day? Unfortunately that's probably not in the cards for any of us to see in our lifetime.
  2. Dogdaddy

    Your WWII collections

    Dear M1, Not sure my pea brain comprehended all that, but what does it mean about all the footage now on DVD that was photographed by Combat Cameramen of all branches of the service? That would be about 90% of all the film with the remaining 10% or so filmed by US servicemen with their own 16mm movie cameras. It seems to me that once it's been made available to the public that it should be available to be used in part, in documentaries like your own without having to pay a fee, no? I had been planning for some time to offer you any of the WWII documentaries (about the ETO) in my own collection to use if you wished and the offer is still good.
  3. Dogdaddy

    Hello again, I aint dead yet

    I would like to add my name to the list of all the people who have welcomed you back Joe. I feel very honored to be able to learn the real history of WWII from the GI's like You, Rocky, and Sgt. Leo who made it . I hope your health will continue to improve and that you will be cancer free from here on out. God Bless,
  4. Dogdaddy

    Benefits for Survivors of Veterans

    Thank You for posting this information Marion. My sister and I wanted to see if Mom qualified for benefits for my Dad's service in WWII.
  5. Dogdaddy

    Churchill's V2 Worries...

    Larry's right about this being W.C.'s "Finest Hour" speech. I often get them mixed up, but certain parts of all his speeches are etched into my psyche and that's why..they're all very powerful and moving, and M1..I get the same feeling you mentioned every time I hear that speech. I was watching an episode of The World at War last night...the one called "Alone', which picks up right at the Dunkirk evacuation and the sorry state of Britain's army after having to abandon all their tanks and other armored vehicles. They prepared for the imminent invasion by Germany with what was left of their infantry (mainly small arms) and the Home Guard. Without the words of a defiant leader like Churchill to inspire them, the outcome might have been very different. I've never quite been able to understand why Churchill lost the post war election.
  6. Dogdaddy

    Churchill's V2 Worries...

    Learn something new everyday dept.... I heard for the first time (on History Channel) recently that so great were Britain's fears about the potential of the V2 that Sir Winston lobbied Truman to use an Atomic bomb on Germany. This of course was before the first bomb was even dropped on Hiroshima. Glad it didn't come to that, although the total damage from our day/night bombing raids probably far exceeded the damage of one A-bomb. Besides that, as fanatical as Hitler was about taking the German people down with him, he would never have surrendered anyway.... Jim
  7. Dogdaddy

    Churchill's V2 Worries...

    In the thread about "Where are our members" the other day(maybe yesterday) Marion mentioned Winston Churchill in a reply. Every time I hear his name I think about his "But If We Fail" speech, which to me is the most inspirational and powerful speech (that I'm aware of) given by any world leader during WWII, and perhaps any war. Do you know the one I'm talking about? He speaks of the world "sinking into the abyss " if Britain (who stood alone at the time) failed to stop Hitler. I guess what is so great about this speech is that it got right down to the urgency of the issue and left no doubt about what failure would mean...and this meant the USA too.
  8. Dogdaddy

    Reports: Pakistan spy service aids insurgents

    Our shakey 'alliance' with Pakistan on the War against Terror smells very similar to the partnership we had with Stalin in WWII, only this time our unlikely ally already has nuclear weapons,whereas Uncle Joe didn't have nukes until several years after the war ended, which meant that we still had an ace in the hole had our relations with Russia completely collapsed. Pakistan already has nuclear weapons and I'm just as concerned about that as I am with Iran and North Korea having them. I am inclined to believe that these leaks are probably fairly accurate. I don't normally post in current events, but this development has my attention. I guess I'm one who has not yet been able to warm up to the idea that most Muslims are peace loving people and it's only "a tiny fraction" of them who are Islamic Extremists that want to destroy all that western democracies hold near and dear. I won't even pretend to have a solution for this mess...
  9. Dogdaddy

    Happy Birthday SgtLeo!!!!

  10. Dogdaddy

    Documentary - No Bridge Too Far

    Hello M1, No hurry at all on the signing Hugs, DD
  11. Dogdaddy

    Documentary - No Bridge Too Far

    Hi M1- I figured this would happen and that's why I decided to wait until all 4 parts are completed and you have some "free time" before pestering you for an autograph.
  12. Dogdaddy

    Nicholas Mckensey

    Quite an article.. M1, you keep some good company on Facebook!
  13. Thanks Vee, for posting that link. I just used a fraction of the info about him on Wikepedia. For anyone who is interested in seeing his actions reenacted the DVD is called "A Fighting Force..African Americans in the Military," available from The History Channel Store. I got my copy on ebay for around $8.00 and shipping was free. This documentary is both heartbreaking and inspiring and has made a lasting impression on me. It tells the story of all the African American GI's who received the MOH posthumously as well as the story of Lt. Vernon Baker.
  14. I was sad to learn that First Lt. Vernon Joseph Baker, a WWII Medal of Honor recipient died July 13th at age 90. Lt. Johnson won the Medal of Honor for his heroic actions on April 5-6, 1945 near Viareggio, Italy, when he and his platoon killed 26 enemy soldiers and destroyed six machinegun nests, two observer posts and four dugouts. Other medals he earned were: Bronze Star, Purple Heart and (from Italy) The Croce Al Valor Militaire. It was ironic that it was only last week that I watched a documentary about the heroic actions of Black soldiers in WWII, when the US Military was still segregated. One of the stories was about Vernon Baker, and how he was the only Black WWII soldier still living when the belated MOH's were awarded to him as well as the others who had to receive them posthumously from (then )President Clinton in the 1990's. Rest In Peace Lt. Vernon J. Baker..
  15. Dogdaddy

    Documentary - No Bridge Too Far

    One of the Vets in the program said "I don't want to fight the Japs," after hearing about the heat, insects and other conditions in the PTO. I think whatever part of the USA you grew up in also had a great influence on where each man volunteered to fight in WWII. His comment reminded me of my own Father telling me that most of the guys he knew (in Seattle) wanted to fight the Japs rather than Germany and many of his relatives and buddies joined the Navy or the USMC after Pearl Harbor was attacked. I am going to watch M1's fine documentary again tonight, as I'm sure I will find things I missed the first viewing.
  16. Dogdaddy

    Documentary - No Bridge Too Far

    I just finished watching Part I of M1's documentary and enjoyed it very much! The WWII songs you used fit very nicely...Great Job Marion!
  17. Dogdaddy

    B-17 Coming to Kalamazoo

    Wouldn't you love the opportunity to ride on one of those B-17's? With my luck though, I'd probably get air sick as soon as the wheels left the ground!
  18. Dogdaddy

    Documentary - No Bridge Too Far

    Dear M1 Just ordered my copy through the link you sent. I will of course need it signed after it arrives so I'll mail it to you then and include the cost of return shipping. Congratulations from Nigel and Dogdaddy!
  19. Dogdaddy

    Worth 1000 Words...

    If ever one picture could describe Nigel's personality..this is it~. Yesterday I took Nigel with me to the Pet store, where he was wagging his tail as he and a bunny rabbit touched noses through the bars of the rabbit's pen. This photograph is from a 365 day calendar I received at Christmas from a friend...
  20. I thought I had mentioned reading this book on this forum some time back, but after searching this section I couldn't find it so I'll proceed anew.. I first read this book in 2005, although it's been around for decades. At the time I had recently made an email friend in Ukraine after reading his grandfather's WWII story on the 'I Remember' web site. It is based on the personal experience of a young female journalist who was living in Berlin at the time of the city's capitulation to the Red Army in May, 1945 and the subsequent rape of (reported) several hundred thousand German women of all ages in Berlin by Russian soldiers. That figure could be as high as 2 million, as many were not reported and there were thousands of suicides in Berlin by women and men alike. Some German parents loyal to the Nazi Party chose to kill their children first and then commit suicide themselves rather than be subjected to Soviet rule and/or revenge they knew was coming after the atrocities that were commited by German soldiers to Russian civilians over the course of 5 years of Nazi occupation. When this book was first published in Germany in 1958 it was met with extreme anger, as many thought it was an insult against German women's honor by the author, who was herself a victim who did what was necessary to survive, as did many other women who were left defenceless. I had a hard time putting this book down once I started reading it, so I was happy to see that a movie version was released in 2009, and available on Netflix. The cast includes many of the fine German actors and actresses who had major roles in "Downfall." This post has grown larger than I intended so I will close with a recommendation that you read the book and/or see the movie. Both are excellent in my opinion.
  21. Dogdaddy

    "A Woman in Berlin", By Anonymous

    Nobody in the 20th century suffered as much as the people of Russia and the Soviet Union...first under Stalin, then the Germans and then back to Stalin again. There is a part in the book and the movie both where a Russian Soldier talks about what happened in his village when the Nazis came through it. The Germans raped and killed the women, then turned on the children. They held the small children by the ankles and then swung them around, bashing their heads against the buildings. If that had happened to my family I think I would have wanted to kill Germans until there was no more Germans left to kill. Most everybody in the western world knows about The Holocaust and the murdering of 6 million Jews, but not that many know of the magnitude of the atrocities the Soviet people suffered under the German occupation during WWII, which contributed to the retaliation by soldiers of the Red Army in 1945. I think the Cold War contributed to the lack of concern for the Russian people. Most of us including myself, grew up thinking of all of them as our natural enemies until the fall of communism. The more I learn about what happened to the people in other countries the greater my understanding of WWII in general. So many million innocents, from the people of Leningrad to the women of Berlin had their lives altered forever due to the greed of Hitler and the cruelty of Stalin! I have sympathy for all of them today.
  22. Dogdaddy

    Happy bday Parnell-H, CaptO and Larry L

  23. Dogdaddy


    I would like to wish a very Happy Father's Day to all the Dad's on this forum! I was fortunate to have a wonderful Dad who I loved and respected deeply myself and I will always honor his memory in each and every day of my own life. the longer I live the more I realize just how blessed our family was to have this wonderful man in our lives . THANK YOU DAD! your loving son, Jim
  24. Dogdaddy

    Doing my job...?

    I am in complete agreement with Capt. O's post above. This soldier was facing enemy combatants on the battlefield...not helpless civilians. He deserves the praise of his fellow soldiers for his actions...just as American soldiers like Audey Murphy, John Basilone and countless others did. Their actions in both cases probably saved many of their comrades from becoming casualties.
  25. Dogdaddy

    "Dear Mom..."

    Yesterday turned into one of those great days in a person's life for me. My sister and I were going through some boxes of very old family pictures that were stored away in one of our Mom's many closets and struck gold...There at the bottom of a large cardboard box was a big fat manilla envelope labled "George M. Nelson...WWII letters home." I nearly passed out from shock (and Joy!) I have always known that Dad wrote letters home during WWII, but had almost given up hope of ever locating them, as his parents died long ago and I figured they had probably been thrown away or lost by one of his remaining siblings. I'm sure that my mother forgot about them long ago and before Dementia began to rob her of her precious memories, or she would have given them to me years ago. In any case, I haven't counted them or read them all yet but I'm sure there must be 50-60 letters her that were written (mostly) in 1944 and 1945. I'm not ashamed to say that this brought tears to my eyes either, but they were tears of joy, as I have always wanted to know what he was like as a 17-19 year old serving in the US Naval Armed Guards during WWII. In the few letters I've read so far he talks about joining the Naval Armed Guards service and his experiences in Gunnery School, where he trained on everything from a pistol to 5-inch guns,including all the anti-aircraft guns like the 20MM, 40MM and 50 cal.machineguns. Of course being a 17 year old boy, he enjoyed this very much. I will share more later, as my Carpal Tunnel/Tendonitis is barking at me now.. Wahoo!