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  1. Dogdaddy

    Rocky's Italy Trip 2011

    For some reason I had it in my head that he was not going until July! My check was mailed just yesterday! Oh well, that's par for the course of a chronically late Birthday wisher (is that a word??)
  2. Dogdaddy

    Memoribilia and Collectibles

    I wish Steve was still posting as I have a question. Maybe there is somebody here who also collects that will be able to answer this. I have been looking at a brown tunic and jodpurs (breeches)that the Seller is calling WWI, but the collar is not the Nehru type stand up collar that you expect to see on WWI tunics. It is just a regular fold down like you see on WWII and later uniforms. I am thinking this has to be a post WWI, pre-WWII correct? Thanks, Jim ps- I almost forgot to mention; The gold buttons are stamped "essayons"
  3. Dogdaddy

    Warn Status

    Could you be a little more direct about your policy M1?? LOL!
  4. Dogdaddy

    Happy Birthday Dad!!!

  5. Dogdaddy


    Hi M1, I must have missed this topic when it was first posted. As you may remember, I have mentioned a woman in CT who I have been a 'penpal with for years now. Her own mother, who is now 78 years old was a member of the BDM (Hitler Youth for girls) during the war before moving to the USA in 1950. The mother still speaks openly about what a great man Adolph Hitler was, and blames the Jews themselves for the Holocaust "They should have left Germany when they were told", and on and on. Sick. I should mention here that my friend and her sister have never shared their mother's beliefs and are embarrased by them. I am mentioning this real life story only to demonstrate what a hold he (Hitler)had on the German people and on the children in particular! here it is nearly 70 years after his death and this old lady who was brainwashed as a child still thinks he was a great leader!
  6. Many of these brave photographers lost their lives while doing their job on the front lines of both theaters of WWII. For anyone interested there are several very good documentaries about them. One is called Shooting War and is part of the 2-DVD set that comes in the Saving Pvt. Ryan box set. Another good one is called Embedded '45 that deals specifically with the War in Europe. There were times when some of them had to put the camera down and pick up a weapon.
  7. Dogdaddy

    The Battles for Monte Cassino Then and Now

    The latest issue of World War II magazine has a cover story about The Battle for Kasserine Pass and the lessons learned there about tank warfare.
  8. Dogdaddy


    You gotta be happy for the people of Egypt today. I think the last time this happened a guy named Moses was leading the procession. Well...that might be a stretch , but I'm sure happy to see the Egyption people celebrating their step toward a more democratic form of government.
  9. Dogdaddy


    Today I stopped in at Starbucks to treat myself to a Peppermint Mocha (I have been addicted to them since Christmas!). While I was waiting, I glanced at one of the front page headlines of a newspaper which said that Egypt's newly won 'freedom' was in danger. Seems the young, educated, secular and more liberal students who were at the heart of the original uprising for democracy were being replaced by the military and a contingent of the more radical fundamentalist group known as The Muslim Brotherhood. Not good. I'm still hopeful that after the dust has settled there will be something that we can live with. Same hopes for Libya. They (Arab nations)need to continue selling us oil as badly as we need to keep buying it from them. Their only other cash crop is heroin, and that's not enough to support their economies I am not a Polyanna, butI need to continue to hope that the future holds more promise than a global gunfight at the OK corral, with the Judeo-Christian democracies being the Earps and the Islamic nations as the Clantons. I can still see Slim Pickens riding that Nuke in Dr. Strangelove.... Still hopeful,
  10. Dogdaddy

    Hello from new recruit :)

    Hello Karrie, and welcome! Dogdaddy (Jim)
  11. Dogdaddy

    Radio Days

    Tonight I was listening to my car radio and there was a story about a WWII, all girl, integrated jazz band called "The Sweethearts of Rhythm". As soon as I got home I typed in their name on a search engine and it took me to youtube, where there are scads of great tunes by this amazing jazz band! I'd never heard of them before, but some of you might have.
  12. Dogdaddy


    I applaud the government of France for taking the lead in defending the opposition forces in Libya today, as it has been reported that a French fighter destroyed a Libyan tank this morning. Viva La France! Thumbs down for Germany for refusing to help this international coalition. Germany now has a robust economy and should at least offer financial assistance in this endeavor, but they joined Russia, China, India in abstaining from even voting! Thumbs way up for the USA in it's proclamation that no ground troops (infantry & armor) will take part in this conflict. Let's pray for the safe return of every pilot and sailor who is placed in harm's way.
  13. Dogdaddy


    CaptO, Great post, and I will defer to your personal experience in sorting out the bad guys from the good guys. I was watching CNN on Saturday and heard Wolf Blitzer make the comment that this conflict would be troubling to Al Oaeda since they too hate Gadhafi. It would also trouble Muslim extremists because the rebels in Libya have expressed a desire to replace Gadhafi's dictatorship with a Secular government. That in itself has given me a better feeling about this, but you are absoloutly correct in stating that we really don't know alot yet about the opposition.
  14. Dogdaddy


    Anybody want to get the boss a cuppa coffee? .......Hello?? just joking I am not a person who generally approves of getting involved in the civil wars of another nation...at least not to the point where American servicemen/women are in danger. That was my initial response when this conflict started too, except for one reason... This one reminds me of our own battle for independence against the British in the Revolutionary war. The Rebels in Libya are poorly armed, untrained, vastly outnumbered and determined to have their liberty....or death. Without the military assistance of another country it is not likely that either of the 'Rebels would have prevailed in their quest for Liberty. I hope the people of Libya will not forget...
  15. Dogdaddy

    Rocky's Italy Trip 2011

    I might add that Amanda can take donations thru paypal. What is Amanda's PayPal address? I will not be able to attend a fundraiser but I would like to make a contribution for Rocky's trip and PayPal makes it easy.
  16. Dogdaddy

    Happy St Patrick's Day

    Happy St. Patty's Day to All. How can you tell if you're Irish? If you can still read this after 12 noon today, you're Not
  17. Dogdaddy

    Happy Birthday MOOSE

    Happy Birthday Mr. Moose!
  18. Dogdaddy

    Civil War Reunions between 1913 and 1938

    I am posting this for Civil War Gal, and any other members who also studying The Civil War. There is site: http://www.militarywarehouse.com that is currently offering badges and other items from Civil War reunions in the 1890's. The owner of Military Warehouse is a great guy and also a very honest man to deal with. His items are always reasonably priced and lower than most other dealers.
  19. Dogdaddy

    The Skadi Forum

    I have always been disturbed by the way the post war tribunals were concluded, allowing a great many SS men who were guilty of war crimes to get off with light prison sentences or even worse...no punishment at all. Worse yet....to be employed by the governments of the USA and Britain in counter espionage with the Soviet Union. The same policies that also protected Japanese war criminals. I have heard the excuse used that "the world was just ready to be done with war and killing" and others. I'm glad I heard about these things when I was an adult,and not while I was still a young boy, because it made me ashamed of the Americans who made these decisions in the post war USA and tarnished the image I had held of an America that always did the right thing when it came to justice. I am a big fan of the late Simon Wiesenthal and the persons who have carried on his work hunting down Nazi War Criminals despite the fact that any who remain are now in their eighties and nineties.
  20. Dogdaddy

    M1 helmet question

    Thank You Erwin! My sentiments exactly. I started collecting WWII items only 5 years ago and I still don't understand how some people will pay such outrageous prices for helmets and etc. unless they were cursed with having too much money
  21. Dogdaddy

    Anti-gay church's right to protest is upheld

    This is just one man's opinion, but I think there are times when we have too much freedom of speech in this country and this was one of those times. I have tried to put myself in the shoes of a family member or friend of the deceased soldiers, hearts breaking from grief... being forced to read those signs.. I would not have suffered it well. I'm fairly certain that the Founding Fathers never imagined the manner in which that right to Free Speech would be abused.
  22. Dogdaddy

    Anti-gay church's right to protest is upheld

    It really torques me off to see those idiots with their offensive signs. These are not students, they are for the most part middle age and older. Stupidity has no age or social boundaries. I am always offended when they claim to be Christians. I might not agree with the lifestyles of other people but I try to be respectful of all people regardless of my own beliefs. These so-called Baptists should be ashamed of themselves.
  23. Dogdaddy

    Happy birthday Chucktoo!

    HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY CHUCK! Every time I see a Daschund these days I think about you and Brooke and your 'Weener Dogs. Hope you are in good spirits and good health, and best wishes for many more birthdays!
  24. Dogdaddy

    Wow, a garage sale find!

    In Renton?...Wow! I'm so close, yet so far (about 100 miles from Eburg). I lived in that area for more than 25 years before coming back to Ellensburg. I must say...Renton seems to be the Burmuda Triangle of WWII's unsolved mysteries. It was in the last 2 years or so that a Renton man was identified as being the GI hugging the ground of Omaha beach on june 6, 1944. When that was announced I immediately looked up his address in Renton, thinking of how cool it would be to get his autograph on a book I have about D-Day. After giving it some thought I decided that the poor guy was going to be inundated with requests for interviews and autographs without me adding my name to those who would invade his privacy and decided against it. Not to say that I wouldn't love to find a treasure like that photo album....
  25. Dogdaddy

    The Wereth 11

    Thank you Sgt, Leo for providing this more accurate & detailed reporting of these events!