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  1. Dogdaddy


    Your wish is my command...send me your address again please, and I'll loan it to you Marion Jim
  2. Dogdaddy


    That one is on my Christmas list (just in case Santa's reading the forum...) Another good documentary film is "My Eyes were jumping- The Kindertransport." This is a very touching film about the "Kindertransport"...the jewish kids who were placed on trains to safety in England, by parents who were later to die by the hands of the nazis. This film was made in 1995, by the daughter of one of these "Kinderkids". Her mother was dying of breast cancer but wanted the daughter to be aware of her real jewish heritage, although she was (in her words) "not religious." Several Kindertransport kids are interviewed with their families. Jim
  3. Dogdaddy

    Saints and Soldiers

    Some interesting notes on this theme: Only 1 out of 6 Americans in the military during WWII saw combat. The average combat soldier fired only 6-7 rounds per week. (or was it per month?) Jim
  4. Dogdaddy


    Also excellent are the various segments of the BBC's Second World War, and the BBC/History Channel productions by Lawrence Rees. Just finished watching The Nazis: A Warning from History (again ), and that is one of the best of the series IMO. Jim ps- I know, I know.....I should be watching A Charlie Brown Christmas now, instead of the war stuff...I can't help myself!
  5. Dogdaddy


    Quite frankly, it would be a miracle if he hadn't suffered a heart attack from all the "Vitamultin" (amphetamine) and other drugs being injected on a daily basis by his Dr. I sincerely believe that Hitler's drug regimen was responsible for many of his terrible decisions as the war progressed, including Operation Barbarossa. Jim
  6. Dogdaddy

    German Army Truck

    Ferdinand Porshe made two trips across the Atlantic to view the American auto manufacturer's assembly plants prior to WWII, including Ford Motor Co. The krauts knew a good truck when they saw one! Jim
  7. Dogdaddy

    WWII Music and Songs

    I also have a Ukrainian friend who collects records along with being a history buff. For Christmas I am sending him some 78's of "Red Army Songs" made in the 1940's. He recently sent me a very cool Soviet discharge paper (with Stalin's image on it) and a real soldier's book from WWII. His own grandfather was an artillaryman in the Red Army during WWII who was captured and sent to Mauthausen. He was fortunate to survive the war. Jim
  8. Dogdaddy

    Medal of Honor

    A life well lived, and a well deserved rest for one very courageous man. Jim
  9. Dogdaddy

    WWII Music and Songs

    Hey..my pleasure! Glad they arrived safely and happy that Brooke will be able to enjoy them on her new toy! If you enjoy old swing music from the 40's you might like to pick up a copy of Glenn Milller Orchestra's Christmas Songs on CD also...I love it! That music works really well for me, and never fails to put me in a good mood.. Happy Holidays! Jim
  10. Dogdaddy

    Harry H. Birkby - 36th Combat Engineer

    Hello Charlie! I am a newbie myself , but already very comfortable here so Welcome! Jim
  11. Dogdaddy

    WWII Music and Songs

    Media Mail is just a discount rate the Postal service allows when you are mailing things like magazines, books, newspapers, or records,DVDS,tapes and etc.,...or "Media". I was not aware of it myself until I started selling on ebay. Jim
  12. Dogdaddy

    WWII Music and Songs

    The records are on their way Brooke...I was able to send them by Media Mail so it was very cheap. You should have them in around 7-10 days. Enjoy! Jim
  13. Dogdaddy


    I think the theme music to "The World at War" and the opening images are hauntingly beautiful in the way they capture the sadness of war. I never get tired of watching this series, and the extra features in this set are fantastic too. They include quite a bit about the making of the series and a special feature on the Holocaust with interviews with a man who was a "Sondercommando" at Auschwitz. This set has always been my favorite, and thank you for the compliment Jim
  14. Dogdaddy


    ...I'm on my way! Sounds great! Jim
  15. Dogdaddy

    WWII Music and Songs

    Hello Brooke, If your "new" Victrola plays old 78's I have about a dozen or so that I'd be happy to let you have. I don't own a turntable but I bought them at a yardsale for just a dollar for the old load of them, so I couldn't resist. Most are by "The Ink Spots" on the Decca label but I do have one by Glen Miller "In The Mood" which I'm sure you would like. The one I would most like to hear (again, no turntable!) is an interesting 78 recorded in January 1945 and dedicated to a "Lt. Col. H.W. Minton." I have not a clue who this might be, or what's on the record. If interested in one or all of these you can send me an email at petesdad_2000@charter.net or PM me. Cheers, Jim
  16. Hello Marion! Got tired of just being a Guest, so here I am. I see many names from WBG that I am familiar with already, and some I am not. A bit about me.. I am a semi-retired former aircraft parts fabricator (Yep, the Lazy . My (late) father served in the Navy in WWII, in the Pacific theatre, and his father was a Doughboy during WWI, who served in France. A partially collapsed lung prevented me from serving in the military myself, but I have had a lifelong interest in the history of WWII. It began as a kid, reading Sgt. Rock comic books and watching "COMBAT" on TV, and progressed to watching the early documentaries like "The Twentieth Century" and "Victory at Sea." Today I have a vast collection of WWII documentaries on DVD, a humble selection of books, and a more-modest yet collection of WWII artifacts, mostly American and German. The pride of my collection now is an original 36X24" recruiting poster for 12th SS Panzer Div. "Hitlerjugend." My latest treasure however is the poster "We Clear the Way", signed by the man who posed for it, MSgt. Vince Leckey I am happy to join this group and hope to get to know you all better! Kind regards, Jim