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  1. Dogdaddy

    A litter of kittens ....

    Now THAT is some Collection!
  2. Dogdaddy

    Stubby: Canine Hero of the Trenches

    Here's a recent photo of my own best Buddy, Nigel.... who turned 4 Y.O. on May 10th. He doesn't have a mean bone in his body...He will be the submissive one to a smaller dog if that's what it takes to get a game of "chase me" going! Dog lover from way back...
  3. Dogdaddy

    Numerous video WWII

    Thank You Vee!
  4. Dogdaddy

    VE-DAY !

    THANK YOU ALL ETO VETERANS! Earlier in the week I wrote a letter to the local newspaper which was published on Wednesday. I had noticed that there was no mention of V-E Day on either of my calendars. I won't bore you with the whole thing, but it said basically that Friday was V-E Day, and we should not forget to say Thank You to our ETO Vets on Friday. I also mentioned the fact that this day is no longer marked on many calendars and is seldom mentioned in the newspapers and/or TV news of most larger cities in the USA...unlike the 1950's and 1960's when you couldn't find a calendar without noting the May 8. 1945 surrender of Germany to Allied Commanders. ps- might mention that May 9th is still celebrated annually in places like Ukraine and nations of the former commie bloc. Strange thing: In 1945 our boys came home to great fanfare, while many Red Army vets who had been captured by the krauts were treated like traitors and imprisoned by Stalin and NKVD criminals. Since the fall of communism ALL veterans of WWII are once again honored for the victory over the "Hitlerites!" this info from my friend Max in Ukraine, who ask me to please say thank you to American Veterans who fought against the Germans. THANK YOU!
  5. This old metal plate depicts a French & a Belgian soldier standing atop the Nazi "dragon" they have slayed (with a little help from their Friends). The dragon is sporting an SS helmet and a nazi armband. It says "Mei (May) 1945". regards, Dogdaddy
  6. Dogdaddy


    Thank You M! Can always count on you for a friendly reply :-) Watched another one about the search for Joseph Mengele last night. He was among the most twisted and perverted that the Third Reich produced. He was a chilly reminder that a high IQ is not an indication of a person's inner soul or mental health... It mentioned the capture and subsequent trial and execution of Adolph Eichmann in 1960-1962. It donned on me today that this event was the first time I recall hearing details of Nazi War Crimes and being old enough (10) to understand the magnitude of the Holocaust.
  7. Dogdaddy

    Stubby: Canine Hero of the Trenches

    Wow..what a biography! Stories like Stubby's have a special place in my heart. Combat K-9's have a long and proud history. Thanks for sharing this one!
  8. Dogdaddy


    For about a year I struggled with a tempermental DVD player that was gradually developing a life of it's own...which included allowing me to view only 10% of the documentary/movie collection I've gradually assembled. I finally broke down and bought a new one this year around Christmas, so now I'm back in business. I love WWII history but really don't enjoy reading books as much as I used to...why? because a 10 minute reading session usually turns into a nap, which is not a bad thing..but not conducive to reading more than a book or two per year. I then rejoined Netflix since it's a whole lot cheaper than buying a new WWII DVD only to find it's the same footage with a different title! Today I viewed one titled "How Hitler Lost The War" which he did for a number of different reasons, but most agree that WWII was his (and Germany's) to lose. I enjoyed it very much and would recommend it highly. Running time is only 60 minutes but features expert opnions of people who participated, such as Adolph Galland.
  9. Dogdaddy

    Photos of German Army WW11....

    Do you mean to say that World War II wasn't really in Black & White??? Dogdaddy
  10. Dogdaddy

    Prayers for Sarge Leo's Wife

    Dear Fred/Sarge- May the love of God surround and strengthen you and your dear wife. You are in our prayers. -Jim
  11. Howdy Son O'- Thanks for the info & picture. I just bought an original patch like the one shown that I will probably stick inside the book. Today I have been reading more about the liberation and it credits the 16th Armoured Div. with the liberation. I am guessing that the 2nd was attached to the 16th Armoured or vice-versa. Another item of note: Until the fall of Communism occured in 1989 the people of PLZEN were not allowed to celebrate the liberation by Americans as the Soviets took credit for the entire country's liberation! Today it is celebrated annually in May with US Veterans usually in attendance...the way it should be! Thanks again, Dogdaddy
  12. This little booklet was created in 1945 by the people of PLZEN, CZECHOSLOVAKIA as a Thank You gift to the American Army soldiers who disarmed the last garrison of Nazi troops and liberated the city on May 6,1945. I wish I could show you all the pictures too, but the message they wrote sums it up best. The citizens of this town were not yet aware that their freedom was short lived, as their country was soon swallowed up by Stalin and would spend nearly the next 45 years under communist rule. Dogdaddy PS- I DIDN'T MENTION THE UNITS INVOLVED IN THIS BECAUSE NONE WERE MENTIONED, BUT THE INSIGNIA SHOWN ON AMERICAN UNIFORMS FEATURES A INDIAN CHIEF'S HEAD IN THE CENTER OF A LARGE RED STAR. I'M SURE ONE OF YOU CAN HELP ME OUT ON THE ID'ING. THANKS!
  13. Included in that group, all soldiers of the Red Army who had been captives of the Germans, for they were treated as traitors when the war ended. Many ended up in Soviet Gulags in Siberia and elsewhere if they were not executed by NKVD troops immediately. Another unfortunate group was Vlasov's Army, (otherwise known as "Army of the Damned") which was made up of former Soviet soldiers who had become German POWS but were given the opportunity to fight against Red Army soldiers who were loyal to Stalin . In the final week of the war in Europe they actually turned on the SS troops in Prague to save the people of that city from being killed by the Germans. General Vlasov was returned to Stalin and executed a few months later. Dogdaddy
  14. Dogdaddy

    Are you moviegoer ?

  15. Dogdaddy

    Are you moviegoer ?

    You will need to magnify this tiny picture I cobbled together...Sorry. This is not technically a "movie", but a 12 part mini-series. Your clue: It was a Spy thriller produced in the former USSR (available now on DVD). If you guess this one you are a dedicated fan of WWII film! Good Luck, Dogdaddy
  16. Dogdaddy

    4th Armored Division Sherman tank crew member.

    Outstanding display Erwin! These men in the Shermans were routinely up against superior tanks that were capable of destroying a Sherman @ 1000meters or more. What makes these guys such heroes is that they kept on fighting regardless of this, and would get back into a second, third, fourth and sometimes 5th Sherman and continue to fight on. My Uncle "Rusty" Wells was a Sgt. in the 691rst Tank Destroyer Battalion, part of the Third Army. He won a bronze star in France, 1944 , after he crawled across a battlefied under enemy fire to rescue another soldier.There were many others who deserved medals for being part of tank crew that didn't get the recognition they deserved. You are probably already aware of the Tanker interviews on CD, but if not I would recommend them highly! Dogdaddy
  17. I have not yet seen any comments about Letters from Iwo Jima, so I am assuming nobody else has seen it yet. I went to this movie with mixed feelings about a movie from the Japanese perspective in WWII, but came away from the theater feeling glad that I saw it, since it made me realize that not all Japanese were ruthless fanatics who were happy to die for the emperor as I had always believed. Some were, perhaps many...but there were also soldiers that were conscripted, but really wanted nothing more than to survive the war and return to their wives and family, just like our boys. The more I study this war, the more I begin to see the similarities rather than the differences. I also understand the need to dehumanize the enemy through propaganda, in order to motivate men to kill each other, because killing another human being goes against our own natural instincts. This movie is well made and thought provoking, but jam packed with realistic battle scenes for those who require plenty of action...We already know who wins this one. If you missed it at the theaters, it is due for release on DVD on May 22nd. I thought it was great! Dogdaddy
  18. Dogdaddy

    Letters from Iwo Jima

    Add my 2 thumbs up to that review also... Soldiers in these WWII movies need to speak their native language or it loses all sense of realism to me. Took me a few flicks to warm up to reading subtitles, but now I wouldn't have it any other way! DD
  19. I saw the movie last night and agree with those reviews. There are several fine German actors in it that you will recognize from Downfall, but Tom Cruise was not convincing that he was anything else but Tom Cruise in a German uniform. I think the film would have been much more effective if they had used an unknown in the Lead role. One other thing...the plot did not spend enough developing the reasons why Hitler needed to be killed. Sadly, it's likely that American audiences would not go to the theaters (in any numbers) to see a movie about WWII without a big star like Cruise, and the producers know this. Wait for the DVD... Dogdaddy
  20. Dogdaddy


    There are some new WWII Documentaries in stores lately....just in time for Christmas! They are Boxed sets of 5 DVDs in each set. The titles are: THE ROAD TO TOKYO, THE ROAD TO ROME, and THE ROAD TO BERLIN. I'm currently in the middle of the BERLIN set, and it's alot more in depth than the title implies, as it starts with the roots of WWII in Europe, including Hitler's rise to power. Each set is priced at $14.99 and comes in a metal box. Merry Christmas! Dogdaddy
  21. This is an original poster from the Netherlands I got recently. Cheers, Dogdaddy
  22. This is a document I would love to own, but the cost is prohibitive. It is a telegraph from Herman Goring to Ritter Von Greim, dated De. 16, 1944. I know there are several forum members that speak and read German, but for those like me who don't, it basically says: The Ardennes offensive has begun and the following Luftwaffe groups have been transferred to aid you. Hope you enjoy it!
  23. Dogdaddy

    Somme American Cemetery And Memorial

    Great pictures Verow! My grandfather, Fred M. Nelson was a WWI Combat veteran "doughboy" who served in France during The Great War. For any who might wonder why I did not follow in the footsteps of my Father and Grandfather, I have a birth defect in my neck which rendered me physically unfit for military service, but in all honesty that was not a great disappointment to me at the time I was 19 ,but I have always been immensely proud of the service of my Father, Grandfather, and Uncles who served in the two World Wars. Dogdaddy