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  1. Dogdaddy

    Are you moviegoer ?

  2. Dogdaddy

    Great Site !!! German Militaria

    It's a good place to consign WWII items too.. The owner has an outstanding reputation for his honesty and integrity. He won't list anything unless he's 1000% certain of it's authenticity. There are too many militaria sellers out there who will sell reproductions as"originals"and rake in the dough. I can't afford to buy anything more than an occasional photo from Collector's Guild, but I enjoy looking at all those uniforms & helmets. Now if I ever win the Lotto......
  3. Dogdaddy

    No Man is an Island

    I "flashed" on that also when the priest made that remark ! It's a small world, isn't it? Let me know if you liked Sailor of the King. cheers!
  4. I have to admit that I did enjoy it the second time I watched this movie and Tom Cruise gave a commendable portrayal. After that I also rented the earlier German version of Operation Valkyrie from Netflix, and enjoyed that one just as well. Both were faithful to the real story and well made. It was a story that needed to be told, I suppose, so that today's generation of Germans might be able to find some Heroes of their own in the WWII period. I'm sure they are tired of feeling bad about being German over things they had nothing to do with, and it's true that the Nazi legacy has been hard to overcome. There were a number of Germans that recognized that Hitler was a sociopath and tried to do something about it at the cost of their own lives. Nobody knows for sure how large that group was, but I think it's still fair to say that an even larger group supported Hitler until the war started going badly for Germany and it will take a few more generations before that legacy will fade away. Had I been a young and impressionable German in 1939 I can't say with any certainty which way I would have gone. Their was no 24 hour cable news or internet back then, and Germans who dared even listened to "free" radio broadcasts found themselves in Dachau or worse.
  5. Has anyone seen this movie yet? I'm sure we are all familiar with that failed plot to kill Hitler..or most are anyway. I am going to take my 13 year old Great-Nephew to see it in the next few days, mainly because I'm trying to develop in him an interest in WWII history. My own expectations are set low on this Hollywood film version starring Tom Cruise as Claus von Stauffenberg. For one thing I can't see Tom Cruise as a German offizier...no way in Hell. The second thing is that I have come to prefer that actors who portray Germans actually speak German! I never thought I'd say this but I would rather read sub-titles than to listen to an actor who is supposed to be a German speaking English. It's just not believable to me anymore after seeing some really great foreign movies like Downfall that seemed so real to me. Hey...Tom Cruise has made some great movies like Rainmanto name just one, but I just can't buy him in the role of a German officer... Dogdaddy
  6. Dogdaddy

    Are you moviegoer ?

    Okay...this one should be a bit more difficult [ Here's a little hint..title is 3 words, middle word "of"
  7. Dogdaddy

    No Man is an Island

    I rented that movie from Netflix a couple weeks ago too. I really enjoyed it! Another good WWII film starring Jeffrey Hunter is Sailor of the King. I always thought he was a great actor and also the best to ever play the role of Jesus.
  8. Dogdaddy

    Ex-Soldier Tells of Prisoner Said to Be Mengele

    Hello M1- I have heard this before. It was on a History Channel program about Nazi fugitives. It was a real shame that Mengele slipped through the Allies grasp. Many former SS men changed uniforms (including Himmler) with privates in the regular Wehrmacht in an attempt to avoid prosecution and many got away with it. A shame, but understandable given the task of sorting through several million POWS and DP's.
  9. Dogdaddy

    Are you moviegoer ?

  10. Dogdaddy

    Great War veteran Harry Patch died

    What a remarkable man!
  11. Dogdaddy

    Are you moviegoer ?

    Thank you Vee! I will defer the winner's choice back to you...I don't know where to find photos of these movies.
  12. Dogdaddy

    Are you moviegoer ?

    "The Thin Red Line" (remake)
  13. My Cousin Dan Wells sent me this information today. It details the actions of the 691rst TDB in support of Infantry units from Fall of 1944 until V-E Day. Dan's Father was my Uncle, Sgt. Verian "Rusty" Wells, a Tank Commander in the 691rst. Hope you find this as interesting as I did... Marion's note: In addition to Jim's jpg file, I also converted a copy to a PDF. This will enable others to download it and use the READ OUT LOUD feature, since the original might be hard on older eyes. 691ST_HELPS_INFANTRY.pdf
  14. Dogdaddy

    Ice Road Truckers and Korea????

    Hello M1- Just a note on that subject. That's the same thing they use for avalanche prevention right here in Wahington state, which is divided east/west by the Cascade Mtn. range. I've never seen it, but have heard it before while driving across Snoqualamie Pass in Wintertime.
  15. Dogdaddy


    Hello M1, I wish I could claim some psychic ability for this, but it's merely a time zone glitch...I posted this one after the post about his death today (yesterday).I have been watching the Cronkite DVDS tonight since I learned of his death and felt they deserved a plug.
  16. I must confess to spending a great portion of my time watching documentaries about WWII, and I doubt there are many that I do not already own. I have listed a few that I would highly recommend if you are starting to collect them. (1.) THE WORLD AT WAR 11 dvd set with over 26 hours, narrated by Sir Lawrence Olivier......A "must" for your collection! (2.) WWII THE WAR IN EUROPE, with Walter Kronkite 3 dvds, over 11 hours. In depth look at both fronts (eastern and western) as well as previously unseen footage of the Warsaw uprising and other Partisan actions filmed by the freedom fighters themselves. (3.) THE COLOR OF WAR, HISTORY CHANNEL..SETS #1 AND #2. Narrated by Peter Coyote, great color (real color, not "colorised") footage of AMERICAN troops. Covers everything from Basic Training to the War's end, and really taps into the feelings of our boys "Over There." 7 dvds (4.) D-DAY, 60TH ANNIVERSARY COMMEMORATIVE EDITION 3-DVDS. Many Veteran interviews including Sgt. Leonard Lomell, 2nd Ranger Battalion, and major Dick Winters, 101rst Airborne. (5) ROLLING THUNDER, THE STORY OF THE 3RD ARMORED DIV., FROM THE HISTORY CHANNEL. EXCELLENT chronicle of the famous "Spearhead Division" from WWII to Iraq. 1 dvd. Okay, that'll do for starters. I could go on forever, as I am addicted to watching this great historical programs and discussing them with others afterward. Please feel free to add to my list! I must confess another thing....I am a "homer" when it comes to who's accounts I prefer, and I don't enjoy any that belittle American Commanders or Soldiers! Jim
  17. Dogdaddy

    photo question

    Spoken like a true Engineer's Daughter!
  18. Dogdaddy


    One of the VERY BEST WWII boxed sets: "World War II with Walter Cronkite" There are several versions available and they are all excellent, as you would expect from Walter Cronkite!
  19. Dogdaddy

    Are you moviegoer ?

    Alan Ladd plus 3 other lads?
  20. Dogdaddy

    WWII Posters

    This one is a war time Civil Defense poster about Fire Prevention.
  21. Dogdaddy

    Best Historical Comeback - Franklin TN

    That was a great 'slice' of American history.. thanks for sharing it! (couldn't resist the terrible pun!
  22. Thank You Vee! Here is a photo of a large sign..."somewhere in Germany, 1945" I think it might interest Mr. Jeeper
  23. Thank You Vee, for everything!
  24. I apologize for the poor quality image, but I am not in possession of the actual document..just a scan. For those who are interested it makes a big difference if you can enlarge it as Marion suggested. Sounds like Uncle Rusty and the 691rst spent most of their time at the tip of the spear along with all the infantry units that are mentioned. Today my cousin Dan sent me the name of the place where Sgt. Wells saved the other man's life during an artillery & mortar barrage. It's called "Rechicourt La Petite France" (that's for you, Vee ). He also sent me an aerial view of it as it looks today, but it's hard to make out any detail other than hedgerows. If Jim Hennesey or the veterans of any other unit mentioned here can recall the place I'd be grateful to learn more about events that took place.
  25. Dogdaddy

    A couple Items liberated by the 36th Engineers

    I did the same thing, with the exception of a few Kriegsmarine documents