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  1. Thank you, Marion. And the roll call was the first thing I thought of. It sort of made some logic out of chaos.
  2. TSDonaldson

    Letter from Gabe - 291st Engineer Bn

    Marion, Do you have any way to contact Gabe? I am not sure if he is aware, but my father passed away on Monday and I would like to notify him. Thank you.
  3. TSDonaldson

    291st Engineer Combat Battalion Roster

    I can tell you that my father, George Donaldson was a member of the 291st as was a friend of his I only know by the nickname "Bucky".
  4. I sadly announce the passing of my father, George Donaldson and his commanding officer, Colonel David Pergrin of the 291st ECB. My father passed away Monday evening after a battle with cancer a little over a week after Colonel Pergrin also passed. Both men were heroes in the highest regard and even though my father would always say the real heroes were the ones who didn't make it home, I never looked at my father as anything less than he was - a brave hero. When I learned of the passing of Colonel Pergrin the other day, the first thing I thought was - the Colonel must have been doing a muster call on Monday and was coming up one short. I will see you again, Dad. I love you.