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  1. j_riederer

    1010th Engineer Treadway Bridge Company

    Hi Keith, I would love to see these pictures, I would be happy to send the pics I have as well. Could you email them to me maybe? If they are too big, use wetransfer.com and you can send up to 2gb for free. J_riederer@hotmail.com. I would really enjoy seeing those and maybe my grandpa would even be in some. Thank you!
  2. j_riederer

    1010th Engineer Treadway Bridge Company

    I'm reading through this and my Grandpa is actually mentioned by name! This is AWESOME!!! How did you or your father acquire this?
  3. j_riederer

    1010th Engineer Treadway Bridge Company

    Hey that's awesome thanks!!! The things I got from the National Archives ended up being quite the disappointment, really nothing even worth sharing.
  4. j_riederer

    1010th Engineer Treadway Bridge Company

    Hi Shari, Once I get the records from the National Archives I'll definitely share them...keep checking back on the forum for updates...THey said it'll take a month or two until I actually get them but we'll see I guess.
  5. j_riederer

    243rd Engineers

    Marion- The picture you posted very well may have my grandpa in it, or at least surely has people he was with in it! Based on the fact that I know he helped build that bridge by St Goar (thanks to the other member who reminded me of his memoirs). Where did you acquire that picture?
  6. j_riederer

    1010th Engineer Treadway Bridge Company

    You know the funny thing, I have a copy of those...and EVERYONE my grandpa ever met got a copy of it...and he was constantly asking before he passed to make sure everyone got a copy of it...and for some reason I actually have yet to read it...I completely forgot about that until you brought it up...thank you for that! The one thing I do remember is that he was very mad the newspaper put his full name in it..he only wanted to be referred to as "Grandpa Jim" because he always said "I'm no damn hero" and didn't want the publicity. That is one of the many fantastic qualities the greatest generation had was humility.
  7. j_riederer

    1010th Engineer Treadway Bridge Company

    Yeah, I'll grab it from my parents and scan a couple...might be a couple days but I'll post it up when I can get it
  8. j_riederer

    1010th Engineer Treadway Bridge Company

    Wow that's more information than I have come up with after doing lots of searching thank you very much! For all the stories my grandpa had I would have definitely thought that he was there longer. I did find one document that congratulated all the groups that helped cross the Rhine and his company wasn't mentioned, but for some reason I thought he said that his company was there...I have a picture he took of the bridge over the Rhine but maybe he got to it after it was already set up.
  9. My grandfather recently passed away and I am trying to get any and all information regarding his company as possible...I have already contacted the national archives and hopefully they will be able to get some information for me....but I was hoping anyone here might have any information...we have several photos my grandpa took during the war including one of his group...I guess my first question would be, how many people would you expect were in his company? There's a picture of about 10-12 people, is that his company possibly? Or are they a lot larger? There is absolutely ZERO information on the 1010th on the internet...several other treadway companies have their own websites or there's tons of information on them, but not the 1010th...does that mean they were less significant, smaller, etc? Again, I appreciate any help at all you may be able to provide! Jeff Riederer Grandson of James A Riederer
  10. j_riederer

    243rd engineers

    Hi Chaase, I'm not sure if you're still active on this or not but my grandfather was also in the 1010th Treadway Bridge Co and I am trying to research anything I possibly can...I know my grandpa's group called themselves "Malink's marauders"...I have no idea how many people are in a company or in that company in particular but I do have several pictures from a camera my grandpa had including one of his group he was with...I would guess only about 10 guys or so are in the picture...My grandpa's name is James (Jay) Riederer ... I'm working on getting information from the national archives regarding the 1010th, I would be happy to share whatever information I come up with. Let me know what your grandpa's name is and maybe out of some chance they were actually in the same group.