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    I am a writer/editor with a background in newspaper journalism, most recently with the sports department of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. I enjoy all sports, American Civil War history and helping to find homes for retired racing greyhounds. My dad was a proud WWII veteran who served with the 344th Engineer General Service Regiment in Europe and Northwest Africa.

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  1. Keithman

    History of the 344th Engineer General Service Regiment

    Marion, I sent an email to my 344th Engineers diary contact regarding the info I'd found from Elverson on your website. I also noted a Company B 344th Engineers route map that was posted on your site, and recognize it from a similar image that I received from the the diary keeper's son, who owns a large framed image of the same map and displays it on his website devoted to his dad. I believe he has someone putting together a book on his dad's diary, but I have no details on that project.
  2. Keithman

    History of the 344th Engineer General Service Regiment

    Excellent stuff, Rick. My dad was in Company B of the 344th. For those interested, I found another son of a Company B man who sold me a CD with images from a daily WWII journal kept by the father during his entire time overseas with 344th. Besides written entries, the journal also features several notebooks of photos that include captions. Although affiliated with Company B, the journal keeper served with the 344th's medical detachment, which put him in contact with men from every company of the regiment. I found this CD to be an excellent resource for 344th activities, as well as personal perspective from the journal keeper. Here is a link to the site http://groups.yahoo.com/group/344thEngineersBCompany/
  3. Keithman

    344th Engineer's son

    I would like to correspond with anyone who has an interest in the 344th Engineer General Service Regiment during World War II. My dad, Lloyd V. Olson, spent three years overseas as a member of 344th's Company B following his induction at Fort Lewis, WA. My dad died in 1984 but left a scrapbook of photos from his army days, including images of many unidentified soldiers, whom I can only surmise being fellow members of Company B. I'd like to post these images in case anyone can recognize themself or a loved one. Attached are two group shots to start off. In the smaller group, my dad, Lloyd V. Olson, is third from the left in the front row.