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  1. Chaase

    243rd Engineers

    Tx Marion
  2. Chaase

    243rd Engineers

    Hello Marion I tried the link above in this post but it didnt work...on my phone. Is that link still active? Tx chaase
  3. Chaase

    243rd combat engineers

    Hello. I just joined. My grandpa was part of the 243rd in the 1010th treadway bridge company. Was this pdf referred to un this blog ever posted? Tx Chaase
  4. Chaase

    243rd engineers

    My grandpa was with the 1010th treadway bridge company which as i understand is part of the 243rd combat engineer battalion. I have some limited info on his unit but was wondering if anyone has any sources they could share? Also just any info on treadway companies would be cool as well.I think they were a part of the 89th infantry. Thank you Chaase