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  1. Tom348

    Info needed PFC George KASHULA

    Sorry I didn't see this post earlier, the 453rd was assigned to the 348th Beach Group. Tom
  2. Tom348


    After reading the website of the National Personnel Records Center about how overworked and understaffed they are, I thought obtaining unit records was a lost cause. I sent a letter along with the required check for $8.30, and about 2 months later an envelope arrived containing a stack of documents about 2 inches thick. A copy of the letter is attached if you'd like to use it as an example. Tom Roster letter 2.doc
  3. Tom348

    348th Eng. Combat Bn.

    The 348th's next reunion will be will be held Oct. 18-21, 2012 at St. Robert/Fort Leonard Wood, MO. We've got a block of rooms held at the Baymont Inn in St. Robert and will be spending 1 day at FLW. I'll post more details as they become known. Tom
  4. This commericial aired during Civil War Week on the History Channel at the end of May, it's one of my favorites. Tom
  5. Tom348

    German "Robot" Bombs

    Because of the new technology, it's interesting to read news reports of the early V1 and V2 rockets. Because the weapons were unmanned, the news media refered to them as "robot bombs". The attached story from July '44 is about the V2 rocket. The V2 was ahead of its time, so if the war had not ended so soon the Germans might have been able to build a rocket capable of hitting the US. Tom
  6. From an Aug. 9th news story, Workers trimming a storm-damaged oak tree on Culp's Hill uncovered projectiles lodged in the wood. The oak was one of the few remaining trees in the park that date from the battle. Sections of the oak will be preserved and placed in the museum. Tom
  7. Tom348

    Greetings from Nebraska

    I made a typo error, that should be "348th.com" Tom
  8. Tom348

    "JAY" Journal newspaper

    I forgot to mention, I'm still looking for 18th ECB & 1120 Eng. Combat Group contacts. Thanks. Tom
  9. Tom348

    "JAY" Journal newspaper

    About a week ago I found this site searching for contact info for the 18th ECB and 1120 Eng. Combat Group. Together with the 348th ECB, these units published a newspaper, the "JAY" Journal. I have 2 copies from 1945 while the units were in Germany, the newspapers contain unit news and sports results. Hopefully I can contact someone the 187th & 1120th to obtain additional copies or trade scans/photos. Scans of the 348th related articles can be seen at 348th.com in the PRIVATE LIFE / DURING THE WAR section of the forum. I'll post some of the other articles on this site in the future. Addtionally, the 348th published a mimeographed newsletter, "The Ram's Head", I would like to obtain addtional copies of this also. Thanks, Tom
  10. Hello, I'm Tom Bryan from Columbus, Nebr. About 2 years ago I learned that members of my father's unit, the 348th Eng. Combat Bn. were still active. I attended their last reunion in Oct. 2010, and since then I've been busy preserving 348th material that Dad kept, and some that I've gotten from other members. I look forward to contributing to this website, most of my material has to do the 348th and the 5th Eng. Special Brigade. I would like to invite everyone to take a look at our new website; 348th, registration is similar to signing up for this site. Tom