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Jelle Nieskens

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    The Netherlands
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    I am very interested in the history off WW2. My hobby's are my little dog Dommel. And I am playing soccer. I am on the first class of high school and I want to become a docter, I live with my mam and dad and I am a only child.I am very proud to be an member of this forum and maby I can learn so much more about the boys who where fihting in WW2.

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  1. Jelle Nieskens

    Request for 251st

    hello every body. I am Jelle and I am from the Netherlands. I have adopted a grave on the military cemetery in Margraten the Netherlands I am looking now for people who knew this soldier or how knew soldiers who has served in the same compagny. He was a member of the 251 ENGR COMBAT BN. his name was PFC John L Rose. Nickname Johnny. He died at 23 februari 1945. But I don't know were. His reg number was 33732126. Is there anybody who can help me find out some more about him ore his compagny. I wouldt like to know were they were and if they were in the Netherlands and were??? I wouldt like to have a picture of him. So who can help me please??? many greetings from Jelle from Holland.
  2. Hi:

    As SonofaMP wrote, you can access Request for 251st right here:


    Then you can reply to the topic, if you are logged in. SEE YA THERE! Welcome.

  3. Hello mister Enrico.

    thank you for your message on the forum. I can not believe that there are so many people who have none respect for those soldiers who gave there live for other people's freedom. In the Netherlands we stand still on 4 may at 20.00 our. everybody in the whole country most than be still for 2 minutes. and then the day after at 5 may we all celebrat ore freedom.

  4. The posts concerning your requests can be found in the forum catagory: WORLD WAR II > WWII Engineers > Topic: Request for 251st

  5. Hello Jelle, Welcome to the forum it is our honor and privledge to assist you in your search. Have you been able to contact Laura Rose?

  6. Hello everybody.

    I am Jelle and I am 12 years old and I am from Holland. I have adopted the grave of a soldier who has died in WW2. His name was John L Rose.

    And he was a member of 251 ENGR COMBAT BN. I am looking for family or other people that knew him. PLease if you know something about him let me know.

    many greetings from Jelle from Holland.