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    I am the proud daughter of a WWII vet. I love my family first and foremost, dogs, yoga, exercising, history and reading. My father,Tech Sgt. Dominick M. DeTommaso, Company B, 294th Combat Engineers, fought with honor, courage commitment on the beaches of Normandy on June 6, 1944. I love him and miss him so much.
  1. My name is Rosanne, the proud daughter of a WWII vet who fought with courage, honor and commitment on June 6, 1944. Let me just say that I think it is deplorable behavior and disrespectful to do this at any funeral ESPECIALLY that of a fallen soldier. I love my country, I honor and respect all of our veterans but unfortunately the 1st amendment allows this. I do not agree at all. Are we not allow to bury our loved ones with honor and dignity. If I was at that funeral, most likely I would have would up in handcuffs because if I ever saw someone do that I would punch his/her face so hard they would be knocked to the ground. This Jersey Girl strongly believes in her causes and that of honoring our military is no. 1 on the list.