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  1. Hello. I am looking to find members of the 106th or family members of veterans that could help me find out more information if possible about my grandfather's WWII service. His Seperation papers list him in the 424th Infantry Regiment in the 106th Infantry Divsion (Golden Lions). And his discharge papers list him in the 16th Engineer Combat Battallion, Company C, and that he was involved in the Rhineland, Ardennes, and Central Europe Campaigns. The little he did talk about the war was of the Battle of the Buldge. Place of entry into the service was in Boston, Massachusetts, and place of seperation was at Fort Devens, Massachusetts. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  2. Hello, Just a quick update since so many of you have provided so much input over the past couple of years. While cleaning one weekend day this past October I came across a letter dated 1948 addressed to my grandfather in response to a letter he had written to the Army in a box of misc. papers that were from his father's house, I actually was ready to dismiss this paper thinking it was another copy of his discharge paper. Well to my surprise the letter stated that they were awarding him the CIB for satisfactory performance during combat. We submitted a copy of this letter to Senator's office, which a few weeks ago we received the CIB, Bronze Star Medal w/ certificate in the mail. I feel very, very fortunate that I was able to stumble across this paper, since there are still so many folks searching for documentation. I wanted to take the time to let you all know and to post a picture of the awards we received. Thanks again to everyone for all of your help and input. Have a Happy New Year 2013! Karrie
  3. Hello. I do apologise for not replying sooner. I do have the link for the yearbook somewhere, I would have to look for the link and get back to you. The photos for the yearbook were taken in July of 1944. My grandfather did come home in 1946, but not with the 106th/424th. To my knowledge he didn't attend any reunions. I hope this helps.
  4. Marion, Hoping you are well. Sorry for my absence on the site, although sometimes I do pop in from time to time without signing in. This semester I decided to tackle 2 grad courses, which has taken up all of my free time since September. My last class this semester ends Jan 14th, and I will then have 3 classes left to complete my masters degree. Anyhow I just wanted to check in and wish you a Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year 2013! At the moment it is currently a winter wonderland outside with the current snowstorm. Karrie
  5. Thanks I'll check it out.
  6. He does have a certain haunting to his eyes. Since locating all of his pictures, they seem to have quite a contrast, this meaning the pictures of him at the beginning of his service compared to that of him ETO at the end of the war.
  7. Here are a few pictures, the picture on the left was taken at Ft. Wheeler, GA. The other was taken ETO in Germany.
  8. I never picked up on that. I shall post a few here
  9. These seem to be very difficult to prove, especially when not noted on the discharge papers. I also, have his original CIB too. You are right - THEY HAVE THEIR CIB
  10. Hello Again, Thanks to all of you for all of your prior input regarding the 16th AEB, I was able to obtain a replica patch. I do have an update. I was able to provide enough proof/documentation to the Army that they are they submitting his discharge papers to be amended to relfect the addition of the Occupation of Germany Medal w/ German attachment/clasp, and the Belgian Fourragere. I still have been unable to prove the CIB, but this is some progress. I will continue on Thanks again for all of your input and support since the start of this quest Karrie
  11. Thanks! He did mention this in prior post(s). I will wake up now - LOL. I think I have too many projects going at once
  12. Thanks so much. I was able to locate a reproduction patch with that crest to add to the shadowbox. One last question, did this 16 Engineer group fall under the 7th Army? That was the other patch (7th Army) with his things. Any input again would be apprciated.
  13. Great Job Marion. You sounded like a pro! You've become quite the star
  14. I have. Thanks very much to you and so many other on this website for information and support to "carry on". So I can say for sure he was an Infantryman and Combat Engineer I am expecting my Granfather Bennett's replacement medals or a status on them anyday. And my grandfather LeBlanc's service footstone was just installed last week, just in time for Memorial Day. It will be a few month's before I hear anything as to the status of having his d/c paper changed since discovering his separation paper - fingers crossed at this point. I will keep you posted
  15. I didn't want to leave out my other grandfather (101st Airborne, 502nd). Here is a few pictures of him I have located of him. I have been spending so much time with my grandfather LeBlanc, I just wanted to take the time to recognize him as well. Surprisingly I have more pictures of him, and with patches showing that can be identified
  16. Hello, back now after school is done for the semester! Thanks again for all of your input and assistance with the search of my grandfather service so far Somewhat big news, in between finishing up my class I had emailed my grandfathers discharge and separation paper to a few folks. I never picked up on, but his separation paper lists the MOS codes. The 3 codes listed are as follows - 4 months PVT Infantry Basic (521), 10 months PFC Rifleman (745), and 10 months TEC 5 Truck Driver, Light (345). The biggest key is it lists that he served with the 424th Infantry Regiment, 106th Infantry Division, this is the only official paperwork I have been able to locate in his things that does. I went back to the local veterans rep who submitted this paperwork to possibly change his discharge paper to list his CIB, we'll see. So it is becoming clearer that he served initially with the 106th until they went back to the states, and since he didn't have enough points, was then reassigned to what is listed on his discharge papers in the 16th Engineer Combat Bn, Company C. I have also just recently located a member of the 106th/424th who was in a different company, but has been very insightful as to what the regiment was involved in, did, and witnessed. It has been great speaking with him and the chance to ask questions. As always any input to what I have just listed is always appreciated Thanks again for all of your patience and assistance so far
  17. Hi Larry, Thanks again for all of your imput and provided links. I am not familiar with these bronze battle stars, would they have been recieved by someone just in the infantry, or anyone in a Division/Regiment/etc.? I would assume that he received this with the 106th/424th, and not with the Engineer Combat Bn listed on his d/c papers? Finally seeing his medals and patches, which almost for the 1st time and new to me since all I ever remember seeing is the 106th patch, his dogtags, and the CIB. I am still not sure why he has a WWI ribbon, that doesn't make a whole lot of sense. Also, the American Campaign medal, would that be something that he would have been eligible for? Any imput would be appreciated as always
  18. Well since I have started this endeavor nothing seems to fit for him That's what I thought too (WWI), but wanted to make sure I wasn't confusing it with something else. It is strange too, all I can locate for pictures is basic training and towards the end of his service, nothing in the middle (which would be the 106th). I emailed his sister's son who has all of her pictures, he said he would take a look as well to see what she may have had. Too bad in that 1st picture (with the 5 guys) I can't see the patches on his other arm.
  19. Ok last one for a bit. This one is neat with the Jeep, Army truck, etc.
  20. Thanks. Yes, these are different bronze stars. Any guess for the ribbon on the far bottom right?
  21. My grandfather is standing behind the guy to the left sitting on the ground.
  22. Here is another. I believe this to be a basic training one.
  23. Here is copy of all his medals, my aunt she put on a piece of cardboard (with some notes underneath). I notice there are 3 bronze stars on one ribbon, this I didn't know. There are also, a set of Engineer, Infantry, and US enlisted pins (6 total, only 1 of each displayed). I am not familiar with the ribbon on the bottom right.
  24. Hello, I have been busy with my grad class. I was able to locate some pics and hook up with my aunt. Here is one my Aunt found, however there is no Lion patch. I am guessing this is closer to when he discharged. He is on the bottom R squating down. Can't see his other arm however. I did come across 2 long rolled up unit/division photos as well.Any imput appreciated as always
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