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    Farewell Gene Galyen - 79th Inf Div

    Condolences to the family. History will never forget what you did for your country and for the world,Gene. Thank you.
  2. Marion Parnell

    36th and 887th

    Hi everyone :0) I am new here. My name is Marion Parnell. My dad served with the 36th Engineers, 2828 Bn from 24 December 1944 until his return to the States 19 Sept. 1945. He also served with the 887th Avn Airborne Company in North Africa, Sicily and Italy; The 887th participated in the glider portion of the 1st Airborne Task Force, operation Dragoon, landing at Le Muy and La Motte, France, on 15 August 1944. Is there anyone here connected with the 887th? I am currently writing my dad's story from over 300 of his letters to my mom and from his 201 file. glad to be here! marion
  3. Marion Parnell

    John W Ware - 36th Combat Engineer

    What a lovely article. I enjoyed the read and thank you for sending it my way. I think we honor people when we take the time to learn a bit about their story. Does anyone have any information about Paul Fives? I think he was a Captain and C.O. of Company H my best to all....marion