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  1. Janet Cowardin Williamson

    49th Engineer Combat Battalion

    Thank you for all the 49th information. I have a new email address janet.williamson4@verizon.net and I am still looking for information regarding the liberation of a concentration camp. My father, PFC Olan Coy Cowardin told me he saw people who were walking skeletons and that the GI's rounded up some of the guards and gave the able liberated prisoners rifles and let them "guard" them. They of course retaliated against the guards and shot them. I am interested in any information and in particular which camp this was. (See my initial request.) Janet Cowardin Williamson
  2. Janet Cowardin Williamson

    Hi, Newby here

    Hi, Just getting acclimated and looking around at the various topics and resources available. Many interesting things and people to read about. My dad, Olan Coy Cowardin was with the 49th Combat Engineers. I already bought Bill Carr's book, still looking through it. I was a little disappointed that I didn't find my dad's name, but I know he was there and I have some photos of him with some of the men listed in Co. A. I hope to get to know more about my dad's life at war. I heard all the stories when I was growing up, but when you're young you don't think in the long term and I have forgotten most of it. Glad to be a member of this site.