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    Logging on to Marion's
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  1. ND-Jim

    New Guestbook

    Marion Truly remarkable the work and heart you put into YOUR web-site.For those vets who have passed on let me say it for them' Thank You Marion-And God Bless You. Jim Hennessey-87th-Inf-Div.
  2. ND-Jim

    USS Penguin

    Marion Like I said many times you are Great. Never lets a vet down. Jim Hennessey-87th-Inf-Div.
  3. The Battleship should have been morred in the NYC area,This would have made it more accessible to foreign visitors as well as people in the greater New York area.Entering NY Harbor a plus attraction. My opinon not criticizing anyone. Go Navy Jim Hennessey
  4. Marion It's your party forget the poll,sometimes people are preoccupied.They are with you but forget to express their opinions. The gold ring awaits you girl GO for it. T4-Jim Hennessey-87th-Div.
  5. Marion Girl you go for it.for your work and time with veterans,no one but you deserves this chance. You'll do great. Nastrubia- JIm Hennessey-87th Inf.Div.
  6. ND-Jim

    Corporal Wears Five Battle Stars

    On Valentine Day,all you need is LOVE. That can always be found right here on Marion"s web-site. So Vets show your LOvE-E-Mail Marion Valentino-Jim Hennessey 87TH-INF.Div.
  7. Marion Just checked out photo gallery you amaze me so much dedication and expertise. I mean it you have devoted so much time to us veterans you are always in our Hearts.God Bless Jim Hennessey-87th-Inf-Div
  8. ND-Jim

    Wow, thanks for updated songlist - Music Jukebox

    One more--Flatbush Flannigan---Harry James Jim H-87th-Div.
  9. Verow Thank You for this rememberance of the Battle Of The Bulge. Too bad the American Media forgot this great battle. Those who were there will not forget their buddies who gave their all. Please God Bless America Jim Hennessey-87th-Inf-Div.
  10. ND-Jim

    Happy Birthday Jim Hennessey

    Marion Your kind words are deeply appreciated. Have a Happy Thanksgiving You And Yours. The Turkey That Escaped The Axe Jim=87th-Inf-Div.
  11. ND-Jim

    Plaque IN Tribute To Charles (Chuck) Milam

    Marion Thank You for placing this item on your forum. Chuck and Cookie were a fine couple. Everyone at the yearly Reunions cherish their memories. You get a rod and I'll get a pole. Jim Hennessey
  12. Marion Great-Great-Great- thought I was listening to Marilyn Monroe(Sexy) You were a real pro very proud of you.Thank You Mam. God Bless . Thank You-Jim Hennessey
  13. ND-Jim

    Happy B-Day MAC347

    Happy Birthday Mac Keep The Wind At Your Back Many More Jim Hennessey-345th
  14. ND-Jim

    Many thanks to SonofaMP - my dad's framed history

    M That goes to show you,how much you mean to your Vet family.Great gift I applaud you Sonofamp. Cherish it, Marion it is something well worth owning. God Bless Yoy And Your Web-Site. One Of Your Grateful WW2 Vets Jim Hennessey-87th-Inf.Div.
  15. To all who knew Him. Carl (Bud) Black) Co.E.-345th-Regt-87th-Inf.Div. WW2 Kokomo Indiana Passed Away-Aug 14th-2011 A Great Buddy Rest In Peace Eternal Buddy Jim Hennessey-87th. Inf. Div.