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  1. 1st Army...1058th PC &R Group was attached to different units at times in the ET. A lot is not written about the 1058th due to this issue. You Tube has a video on the collapse of the Ludendorff Bridge at Remagen which is very informative. They also participated in the Battle of the Buldge and several other campaigns including being shipped to the Phillipines (to help with ending the war in Japan) after the surrender of Germany. I have some information as to their whereabouts on most given days through unit morning reports if any one is interested or can give you the information on the researcher I hired.
  2. Glad to hear from you. My father, Walter N.P. Curlock was with the 1058th PC &R Group throughout. I have quite a bit of info on the 1058th as I hired a researcher 2 years ago to retrieve the units reports and all other pertinent information on the 1058th PC & R Group. They were involved in many battles and campaigns most notable was the Battle of the Bulge and the repair and ultimate collapse of the Ludendoroff Bridge at Remagen. I have many pictures but cannot identify where some were taken. You can read about the Ludendorff Bridge along with videos on Utube and various newspaper articles published in Stars and Stripes which I have if you would like could email them to you. I too have some stories and would enjoy trading them with you as my father passed in 1991 and didn't talk much about his experiences in WWII. One reason you cannot find out much about the 1058th is because they were often attached to other units.
  3. Check out documentation on the collapse of the Ludendoroff Bridge at Remagen. My father was there with the 1058th PC & R Group and was attached at times to the 291st engineers who were also there. Lots of info out there about 291st. I hired a researcher and he did an excellent job retrieving unit morning reports stating where they were and when. Good hunting!
  4. Thank you for sharing T5 George Chandler memorial with us. My father, Walter N. Curlock, T4, 1058th PC & R Group, was welding on the Ludendorf Bridge when it collapsed and fell into the Rhine River. My father injured his back badly, but he told me although he was in shock at the time, he never-the-less searched up and down the river trying to find his buddies who had fell into the raging river after the collapse if the bridge. It was a traumatic time for all those involved.
  5. Curlock

    1053rd Engineer Port Construction and Repair Group

    Hi Everyone! Been gone from this site for quite a while now. I kept hitting dead -ends on finding information concerning my father, Walter N.P. Curlock who was with the 1058th PC & R Group in Europe .It has been discouraging as many of you can attest to, therefore I have decided to hire a research assistant to help me in seeking information on where my father went to boot camp, what towns and villages he traveled through during the war and any other pertinent information available concerning him or his group. If anyone could help me out in this, I really would appreciate it! Curlock
  6. Walt: Thank you for responding to our inquiries. I also have a list of the names and addresses of the 1058th my Dad left me. My Dad's name is Walter N.P. Curlock. He passed away in Dec 1991 (age 71) in Las Vegas, NV. He had lived there since 1962. I found out through some old letters the guys called him 'Rusty'. A few of his buddies were Sgt. Carl J. Campbell from South Carolina; Robert Sherrow from Indiana; Charles O. Gaston from Missouri; Ray Gillihan from Texas; Herbert Johnson from California; Henry Albertson from Kansas, to name a few I know of. I appreciated very much your story of the history of the 1058th, where they started out from and some of the places along the way. I have tried to find out some of the information you wrote about but have 'hit' alot of dead ends. Apparently, all of the records of the 1058th were distroyed in a fire many years ago. I would appreciate any more information you can give me such as your participation in The Battle of the Bulge and if you were in Hurtgen Forrest, etc. Thank you so much for sharing your story with us. Saundra
  7. My dad, Walter N. Curlock 1058th went down while welding on the Remagen Bridge. He was injured, but survived only to have back problems the rest of his life. I have pictures of the bridge right after the collapse if you are interested. I would really be interested in what your researcher finds out for you.My father said his friends died because while they were welding they were chained to the bridge to keep them from falling (he guessed)When the bridge collapsed the men died because they couldn't away from the steel structures they were attached to. He said he was one of the lucky ones and pulled himself loose after his girder hit the bottom of the river.
  8. My father was in the 1058th also. His name was Walter N. Curlock. He was from Oklahoma. I am also trying to gather information on their experiences while in European Theatre. He went down on the Remagen Bridge while welding. Dad lost a really good friend, last name Johnson, from Turlock California when the bridge collapsed. I don't recall Dad mentioning a friend named 'lightfoot',My dad's nickname was apparently 'Rusty', which I found out from some old letters from his buddies while he was recovering from the collapse. I will try and find the letters and see if 'lightfoot' is mentioned in any of them. It is a good possibility they new each other.
  9. That sounds wonderful, and so helpful to many people trying to find info out on their families. Please post when you get the site up and going. I have many pictures I can add to the 1058th P & R Groups site showing the Remagen Bridge before and after colapse that my father had. Have pictures of some of his buddies also that someone might reconize.
  10. Hi: My dad served with the 1058th PC&R Group also. I am new to this site and so excited to find someone else who's father served with mine. My dad's name is Walter Curlock, he is from Oklahoma but inlisted in San Francisco, CA. He passed away in 1991 but I have a few stories, as well as, some pictures of dad with buddies. I also have a few letters that buddies referred to him as 'Rusty'. He went in at Omaha Beach, he said it was D-Day, but I have not been able to confirm. I only know he was attached to 1st Army, but I don't know what other regiment the 1058th was attached to. Maybe you can help me with that. He was a Tech4 Welder Combination. He was injured at Remagen on Ludendorff Bridge, but survived. After being put back on the line, he went back to the 1058th until points caught up with him somewhere in the Philippines in 1945 and he was shipped home and discharged. I can try and answer some of your questions, although I have many myself!