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    First to the Rhine

    I was very excited when First To The Rhine came out because I thought it was high time someone produced a history of 6th Army Group. While reading the book, I was a little disturbed at the number of small factual mistakes made by the authors, and the more I read the more disturbed I became. What really set me off was the intentional misrepresentation of Eisenhower's standing orders to his army groups in the fall of 1944. In their discussion of Eisenhower's decision not to allow 6th Army Group to cross the Rhine in early December 1944 the authors represented his standing orders as not including a specific mandate to secure a bridgehead across the Rhine. Instead they reworded the orders to something like seizing bridgeheads across rivers. This allowed them to circumvent the difficult and complex issue of Eisenhower's error in not allowing 6th Army Group to cross the Rhine when it had the opportunity. As I have some of the same primary sources used by the authors, I went back and began the laborious task of checking their citations, and discovered that a good many were simply wrong. The source either did not say what the authors claimed, or said something fundamentally different such as the wrong unit, the wrong day, the wrong order of events, etc. Taken in toto these errors represent fatal flaws and render the book far less useful than it otherwise might have been. It is the product of sloppy research, and I cannot recommend it. While not perfect, Colley's Decision At Strasbourg is a far more reliable examination of Eisenhower's fateful decision not to allow 6th Army Group to cross the Rhine in December 1944. Jim
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    "S" designations?

  3. armored infantry

    "S" designations?

    Marion, You are correct. That will teach me to work off the top of my head when I should go check the records. The S-1 was indeed the Adjutant, and at the battalion level was also the commander of the battalion headquarters company. I assume this is the same for the regimental level. I was not confused about the difference between the G and S levels. I simply assumed that was a given. Thanks for the correction. Jim
  4. Kate, The 125th Armored Engineer Battalion was an organic unit of the 14th Armored Division. Elements of the 125th certainly fought and worked alongside those of the 36th, but were never part of that fine engineering unit. Jim
  5. armored infantry

    "S" designations?

    Marion, The G-1/S-1 designation referred to the Personnel Officer during WWII, to my knowledge there were no adjutants below division level. Higher headquarters starting at the Army level used, for example, G-5 (Civil Affairs/Military Government) and additional designations as the need arose. Hope this helps clarify matters a little. Jim