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    My dads and others ww 2 history

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  1. Marion, Thanks for the book name ,I just bought it on amazon.I also have a big green book by karl c dod , the us army in ww2 (technical services) Titled="the corps of engineers: The war against japan " .If you ever need it for reference.donald rhyne
  2. Colin, Thanks for the information on my dads 1058th PC&R ENGRS .What book did you find that info IN?I just recieved the Battle of the bulge 50th anniversary book.It had a guy named gene s. crocker from the( 1058th engr.pc&r group,AUS, corps of engrs) in it.He stated his group landed at omaha beachand crossed threw stlo and into grandville,fr.He said they repaired it in recored time moved on to cherbourg.He said they then helped with the reairs there until being moved to the front(the bulge)in DEC 1944.They participated in these battles: northern france,ardennes,rhineland,central europe,APT Philippine liberation.Thanks donald rhyne columbia ,il
  3. Hello, my name is donald rhyne my dad Virgil rhyne was with this group 1058th ENGRS PC&R group in ww2.Was in england assembling the mullberrries as a welder pre-dday.then to omaha beach d+? in operation cobra.over to grainville france to repair this port,also cherborgh later.Later Shipped to the hurtagen forest operation.Had trenchfoot either at hurtegen battles or battle of the bulge?shipped home before his group was decimated at the remagen bridge collapse,6 of his group lost.Trying to find a guy named lightfoot?Any help is appricated.donald rhyne columbia,illinois