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  1. slinky75

    Looking for a place for my Grandpa

    Thank you for your response, I have contacted NARA for his records and just to find that it was supposedly destroyed in the fire. I have his discharge paper, unfortunatly when he was discharged it wasnt with the Unit he served with overseas. On his Discharge paper it says 434th AAF Base Unit, thats like saying in Army terms 1st Infanry division. Rather than Company or Battalion. I must admit Im not confident that your idea may not be a bad idea but very doubtful it will have the info im looking for. I do know he was collecting a pension from the Government, I wrote to the Big VA in Philly Pa wih a response askingfor his seriel number SSN and te middle of my ads name. Sadly when I originally wote to them I gave them his SSN, and his seriel number. Why would they ask me that when I just gave it to them twice? Any how, I know his Seriel number. I even seen his VA Burial card wich sys the same thing metioned above as for Unit organization. I think He got transferred to a Unit or sent back to the states early because of his early time in Iceland or he got sick or something, while his Unit was still in France and he fell under a different Unit in the states then was eventually processed out. I would like to know of an address where the US army would store originl awards or certificates in file if it exists. I wander is there place that files that other than the NARA like the Pentegon, Dont they file all iliary awards?
  2. slinky75

    Looking for a place for my Grandpa

    I have no problem placing them in a file. In fact, Like I was saying is there anyway possible to start a threat of Engineers dedicated to there time in Iceland? I think with that it cold help others like myself figure out some odds and ends or help slve some mysteries because alot of Soldiers were tansfered from Iceland to other Units for the entry into France and it could be easier for other people to do research if they sta atthe beginning like from Iceland.
  3. slinky75

    Looking for a place for my Grandpa

    Id like to hank everyone for their help. I hav great news, I can finally feel confident my grandfather was part of the 21st Engineers (AVN) in Iceland. I recently paid a visit to my aunt whom I barely new. She is the Yongest of my grandfathers brothers and sister and the only one living. She showed me some things and gave me a greeting Card from my Grandfather t his mom on the from it says 21st Engineers (AVN) howver the date of Manufacture card is 1941, he went to Iceland in 1942. It sas printed by 2nd Bn 21st Eng Avn. Not sure if that means he belonged to the 1st Bn or 2ndBn. Either way Im happy I could Copnfirm that. The history of the 21st in Iceland is later they changed to the 824th EAB until 1 June 1944 thn was redeignated to the 1923rd composite enineers. I have recently recievd an order from someone who deals with history seach. I recieved the Order of Meritorious Unit Citation for the 824th enineer AVN between Jan 1944 and june 1944 if anyone whos grandfather also served there and collect what info they can. If you want a copy let me know and well transfer email at a more private level. Id like to share more pictures and hopefully someone could Idntify these other soldiers with my Grandfather. Marion would it be possible to start a page for the Solders in Iceland and hang pictures of them up, that would be a big help on my other search? Now my next mission is what Unit was he with going into France 1 July 1944. The one of him on the D-7 Dozer I believe is in France. If anyone has pic's of anybody in Iceland dring this time, please do share
  4. slinky75

    Looking for a place for my Grandpa

    You all are much to great, I happened to check on the one you posted for $17.50 as originally posted. I did see one for $40.00 as well. I called the guy in MO, although he never called me back after I talked with him. I talked with another individual who has the same book, unfortunatly he said its not a year book as you may think. In fact it doesnt speak of any units and only has 3 pics with like 2 or 3 pages about the engineers but doesnt give any info about the Units. He said for whhat Im after its not very usefull.
  5. slinky75

    Looking for a place for my Grandpa

    Sonofamp, You are a walking history book and I thank you for it. I appriciate your postings and references, along with quick responce. I think Im gonna write NARA for unit Rosters for the 21st engineers 1st bn while in Iceland between the time of 1942 and the 824th. I am unclear as to when they redesignated the group. I think giving them a unit and time frame shouldnt be to much to ask huh? I also wander, if his 1st assignment was the 21st after completing basic training, and being a draftee whats the chance he stayed with the 21st after leaving for Iceland? Problem too is it seems NARA makes things so dificult to get intentionally, gets frustrating sometimes. One thing at a time though right?
  6. slinky75

    Looking for a place for my Grandpa

    Ok, here is a high dollar question. You mentioned that 2 Companies of the 21st went to Iceland and then redesignated to the 824th EAB. what 2 companies were they and is it possible another company or relief of the soldiers of those two companies were on board such as my grandfather enrout on the 15 Jan 1942 to Iceland. were they Companies or battalions?
  7. slinky75

    Looking for a place for my Grandpa

    Thanks Larry, You have a lot of good ideas, Ill have to look into the Library one. Everything you explained I have read as for the 21st, but you made more sense out of it. Thanks to this site, I learned what the name of the ship he was on during 15th Jan 1942, I looked on a site and typed in dates from Ny to Icleand and the USS Delta (Cargo) ship and the USS borinquen (troops) ship both went on a Convoy to Iceland and beside them it says 10.1, Im assuming it was Ten days and maybe an hour or two total of time. I didnt see no manifest but hey, Now I know what ship I think he was on. I did look on the site you mentioned above, in fact I looked closely at all the EAB's and their Reports. Some didnt have any or it seems some reports may be missing and some just arent complete yet. You mentioned 818th the clue you mentioned I have seen and Ive been holding on to that possibility thats why I hold on to them. I like to mention on that site, there was a picture of 4 Soldiers doing KP 2 kneeling and 2 standingand holding a trey, I took the one pic of my grandpa standing in Iceland and compared to one of the four soldiers and they look alot alike. It had me scracting my head, they were from the 834th EAB. One thing is my grandfather had a Mole on his forehead that helps identify him in hopes to find some pics online to match. Anyway to explain him coming home early I do know he was collecting a pension from the Government from an Article of him going to court back in the day. It would be awesome to have some of these morning reports I here about. Too bad they dont post them online. I believe I emailed this guy Dave and never got a responce. I do want to say thanks to all of you to the Ladies complitmenting my grandpa, thank you. Ill take that with pride and joy
  8. slinky75

    VI Corps September 44 photo

    Ok, I like to look at pictures in hopes to maybe see what Im looking for... Hey ya never know. I cant seem to see any pics, where do you go to look at this guy's picture cause I dont see one?
  9. slinky75

    Looking for a place for my Grandpa

    Thanks for the quick responce. I have looked in Mr Little's site. Its an awesome site I might add. If I had to guess which EAB I would bet the 818th EAB or the 925th EAR. I picked them based off the dates they went into France. As I said My Grandfather left England 30 June 1944 arrived in France 1 July 1944. I understand there are errors on the discharge papers so Im basing in approximate time. I read that 818th Arrived 30th June but a group of that Unit was delayed and landed on the 2nd July 1944. The 925th arrived on the date as stated. I looked on their Rosters and pictures and could not find My granpas name. I consider that its possible he got transferred to any of these Units late and perhaps thats why I dnt see anything. Im sure there are so many Rosters and the ones he posted could be early Rosters. Anyhow, I thank you for the assistance and this site is really awesome as well, I look forward to chatting with you all
  10. ok, My name is Dwayne, Im new to this site. I have spent alot of time searching my Grandfather, and came uup with some possibilities but cannot confirm anything. I have his discharge paper however the last Unit assigned to is not the Unit he served with during his time overseas. The last none organization he belonged to was the 434 AAF Base Unit, cant find anything on that. I do know he was in the Engineers, for on his disharge paper states contstruction Machine operator -359. I have a welcome home book of a bunch of Veterans that gives a little Bio of them even though its not official Document but im sure it still holds some Value of history. In the Book it says assigned to the 21st Engineers Bn Construction (seperate). He did go to Iceland Jan 1942. What I learned is that the 21st was an Aviation engineer Unit in Iceland and later changed to the 824th EAB. Id like to find a Roster confirming this, however Im sure there were other Engineer units in Iceland as well. I have no evidence of this but a part of me thinks he was with a General service Engineer Unit as well. He stayed in Iceland till 30 May1944 arrived in England 2 June 1944, then left England 30 June 1944 enrout to France and arrived 1 July 1944 then left to go back to the States in Dec 1944, than was stationed at Hamilton field (434 Base Unit) California released 22 June 1945. Im looking for some help Confirming as to what Unit he may have belonged with during time in France. I do have pics with him and two other Soldiers, maybe someone here can Identify others. Anyhow, his name is Hamilton C Snell, SN 33012264, He was a Sgt when He got out. We do not have any other official Record of him, he died in 1963 and the State took alot of his belongings and due to the fire in 1973 I am SOL. Can I get this guy in a Unit so he could fit in? The Guy sitting is my Granpa, the Guy behind him his name is Regis J Mrosek from Pittsburg Pa area. He to is deceased! The one with him and a lady, she is a woman from France, I think Paris.