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  1. Clementine

    Memorial Day

    Beautiful, Vee. Thank you for always remembering.
  2. Clementine

    Happy 110th Birthday, Frank Buckles

    Godspeed, Mr. Buckles, you've done your time in Hell. Thank you for your service and sacrifice.
  3. Clementine

    Hero's unwelcome Wounded Iraq vet jeered...

    One of my first thoughts was that maybe all of the lessons we should have learned in Vietnam are not so easily taught, especially when we are so spoiled. I always say it is a testament to those who have fought for us that we are able to take the rights we have in this country for granted. I just can't figure out why otherwise intelligent people can't seem to figure it out.
  4. Clementine

    What are you listening to right now?

    "Clementine" by Duke Ellington. I recently watched "The Pacific" and noticed this song listed in the credits and now I've got it repeating on YouTube and in my head....
  5. Vee, Like most of our veterans my Dad never liked to talk about it, except for a few funny things that happened. One of the stories I heard all of my life was about a monkey that my dad and some of his buddies found, they figured it must have escaped from a zoo. They called the monkey Adolph and the monkey traveled with them until they were getting ready to come back to the States (my dad asked about bringing him home but he was not allowed). Now Dad will talk about some of his experiences a little bit more, because we ask him about specific things. I hate to ask him to talk about the painful things, and I don't push him, but it's so important for us to know. So sometimes we are privileged to have him share some of these stories.... Thank you, Vee!! Carolyn
  6. My father did a lot of work with Patton. I had a conversation with him recently where he told me about a man he knew in his home town, the man was a WWI veteran, who would always argue with him that "no one ever went ahead of the infantry, that the infantry was always up front." My father would tell him that may be true of his experiences, but that it was his (my father's) experience that the engineers were often up front before anyone else, and he said that anyone with a gun "was infantry" when circumstances dictated. My father cleared roads for Patton, whichever way Patton wanted to go, my father said it was their job to see that he did. (I just love the image of these two veterans of these two "Great" wars together talking.)
  7. Fantastic, Marion. And loved the story of your mom and dad and The Graystone.
  8. Clementine

    No Walk in the Park

    Thank you for the link, Sgtleo! "No walk in the park," indeed. I haven't had time to look at them all, but I will. Just took a quick look, it's at once horrifying to see all of the destruction and amazing to see some of those same sites as they are today. (I keep hoping I'll stumble across my father is some of these photos one of these days.)
  9. Clementine

    Major Dick Winters passed away

    He was an example to us all, not just because of his service but because of his personal sense of integrity. There are just some people who make the world seem a little better just because they are in it, and I think Major Winters was one of those people. For Major Winters and for all of our WWII veterans - I salute you.
  10. Clementine

    Something to Think about and Remember

    My father was 21 when he was inducted into the service in 1942. I've learned my love of country and appreciation for those who serve from him. I've always known, of course, that my dad was really just a boy when he went into the service, but it was really brought home to me when my son's National Guard unit was preparing to go to Afghanistan. I looked at those soldiers and they seemed like such babies to me, and I couldn't fathom how anyone could think of sending those babies into a war zone (yes, the same thought as millions of mothers and fathers throughout the ages) and I wondered how on Earth they could stand it because they seemed so young. They did, of course, like the true soldiers they are, but it gave me an entirely new appreciation of my father and how young he was to have faced all he faced. My father was present at the liberation of Bergen-Belsen and he allowed me to write an article about it for our local newspaper. He hates to speak of it, as you can imagine, but he did it for me because I told him it is so important to record stories like his. He said it still haunts him, not just the bodies, but also the living. He said he can still see them falling and kissing their feet or of them trying to get away from the camp and just dropping in their tracks because they didn't have the strength to go on. Unfortunately, these things do still go on and there are those who would deny history (Ahmadinejad) so reminders such as these are so important. Thank you, Sgt. Leo, for posting them. And thank you for your service, I am so grateful to you and all of our veterans....(But there is a special place in my heart our WWII boys...)
  11. Clementine


    A very Happy Birthday to you...
  12. Clementine

    List of American units at the Bulge

    Marion, Sorry to jump off-topic for a moment, but I was wondering if the certificate mentioned here is the one you mentioned on my FB page? Finding the discussion very interesting, I know my father received the campaign medal and he has mentioned participating, I did not realize that it was not really one campaign. Now I need to find out exactly which my father participated in...it took so long to get him to talk to us about D-Day, that's always been our focus. Clem
  13. I did not know Mr. Grissell, but I am sorry to hear this. Godspeed and thank you to an American Hero.
  14. Clementine

    Bastogne anniversary 2010

    Fantastic photos!
  15. Clementine

    Here's to The Heroes Who Never Came Home

    Vee, My father was one of the men who landed on Omaha Beach on June 6, 1944. He was one of the lucky ones, he survived. But he could so easily have been one of the men in one of those graves that you tend. As his daughter and as an American, I cannot tell you what it means that you honor these men. I thank you. I see these men is two ways, they are my father's contemporaries. But they were just boys and young men then, and because of their sacrifice that is how they will always remain. As a mother, I feel a gratitude which is beyond words, that you remember and honor them, these mothers' sons, who died so that others might live. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Clementine